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Hate Messages: Perfect Harmony Editon

My position on “American Sniper” angered a few people when I pointed out some of the inconsistencies in the movie. I noted the lawsuit his family lost to Jesse Ventura for false claims and that some of what he claimed could not be verified. And, if your goal is to become a military sniper, you […]

From: Pat Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2015 9:49 AM To: Alan Subject: What kind of an Moron Asshole Loser R U? You NEVER SERVED THIS COUNTRY IN UNIFORM (U-FUCKING-PUSSY-WIMP-ASS-COWARD) , you are not educated beyond a Bachelors Degree, in knitting you are a half-baked UNSUCCESSFUL Comedienne you are an arrogant sissy and you are an […]

Chris Heben, the former Navy SEAL who made national headlines in March when he claimed to have been shot by what he described as three black assailants, has now made a video in which he acts out choking the President of the United States. Prosecutors say he lied to police when he claimed he was […]

Myrna Jan 14th, 12:16pm You say the stupidest shit. Bush was wrong when he talked about peaceful Islam. But he had an excuse. Take your head out of your ass, Millions of westerners will die because of morons like you who make Neville Chamberlain look like Richard the lion hearted.Go back to nursery school what’s […]

From: bobbi To: Show-Colmes Subject: despicable colmes Well idiot boy, I see you’re spreading your filthy hatemongering again. This time about militia’s being terrorist.  I’ll tell you who the terrorists are you totally gutless, backstabbing, lying, racist coward, (in my opinion of course) you and your slimy liberal ilk are.  Here’s hoping that you catch […]

Makes perfect sense: You want to blame Al Sharpton for an insane person killing cops, and so the logical thing to do is to threaten him. Sharpton, appearing alongside the wife and mother of Eric Garner, played a voicemail for reporters purportedly of a racist threat made against him. “Hey n—-r, stop killing innocent people, […]

Here are some lovely messages I received on Facebook recently: A. Colmes, I truly hope that when these terrorists come to this country because of liberals like you, who do not want to protect us from them, as in: don’t be naughty to them, That they come to your home first!!! Are you really so […]

From: CJ Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2014 9:52 AM To: Alan Subject: Immigration Alan I sure you have a nice big house. Why don’t you house a few of the ILLEGAL immigrants at your place? What did you say? No? Of course you won’t !  Get real you idiot. Better yet, why don’t you go […]

An Ohio State University student’s message went viral after he was the victim of a hate crime last week. Cole Ledford told NBC News he was punched after kissing his boyfriend near the OSU campus. Ledford was left with a swollen face and a black eye. Ledford took to Twitter and wrote a response to […]

From: Bob Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2014 11:28 AM To: everyone at Fox News Subject: Colmes Dear ladies and gents, well here I go again wasting my time and yours complaining about that  worthless piece of crap that you employ, colmes.  Here’s a little something that I believe that  that I may have discovered concerning the possible […]

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