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Ebola Army Nurse: Strawberries Saved My Life

Corporal Anna Cross, a British Army nurse who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone, says her life was saved by strawberries. Cross was the first person in the world to be treated with MIL 77, after choosing to do so following ‘careful consideration’. But when asked what helped her pull through, she said: ‘Strawberries. I reckon […]

A Monsanto lobbyist was giving an interview to a French host proclaiming that Monsanto’s weed killer is safe to consume. But he wouldn’t try a nice, fresh glass of it when offered, proclaiming, “I’m not stupid.” While being filmed by French cable channel Canal+, Monsanto lobbyist Dr. Patrick Moore claimed that the chemical in the […]

It was a good kind of shock. Tait Sherman, who is now 10, suffers from a brain abnormality called Bilateral Perisylvain Polymicrogyria, which affects the part of the brain that controls language, reports the Mirror. His mother, Reama, says she has fought for years to have her son diagnosed and get him help, but that […]

The human body has two different ages: a chronological age and a biological age. Chronological age refers to the actual time a human has been alive, while biological age refers to how old that human seems. “Most of us have all had the experience of being surprised to find out that someone is far younger […]

German Professor Axel Mecklinger says bursts of brain activity during sleep “significantly” increases recall. A short doze helps you to retain information you have learned and ‘significantly’ improves recall, scientists said – meaning naps really could help students revising for exams. Participants in the study learned 90 single words and 120 unconnected word pairs such […]

It turns out that the longer a baby breastfeeds, the more it will achieve as an adult: Breastfed babies are more likely to turn into well-educated and higher-earning adults, according to a major long-term study. Researchers in Brazil have followed nearly 6,000 babies from birth for the past three decades, enabling them for the first […]

This probably means you’d need a better retirement plan. “If you ask me today, is it possible to live to be 500? The answer is yes,” Bill Maris says one January afternoon in Mountain View, California. The president and managing partner of Google Ventures just turned 40, but he looks more like a 19-year-old college […]

So, take note! What your primary activities are at prime hours of concentration can tell you a lot about yourself. Are you prioritizing the things you tell yourself are most important in life? Or do they invariably fall at the end of your to-do list, only becoming important once you finish smaller tasks? …What is […]

They’re going to remove the whitening agent in powdered sugar. Environmental protection and corporate responsibility advocacy group As You Sow announced that Dunkin’ Donuts officials had agreed to alter the formula for its powdered doughnuts on Thursday, releasing a Feb. 25 letter from Dunkin’ Brands Group’s director of corporate social responsibility that pledges the company […]

Wandering through life without direction or goals could be detrimental to your health, a new large-scale study finds. People who reported a lack of meaning in their lives faced a 23 percent greater risk for all causes of death and a 19 percent greater risk for those related to conditions of the heart. It isn’t […]

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