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‘I’ve Never Felt Pretty Enough To Be A Model’

So says Pamela Anderson. Please “like” us on Facebook Now read this:Miss Lebanon Slammed For Selfie With Miss Israel (Jan 18, 2015) Britain’s Oldest Person Dead At 114 (Jan 17, 2015) Red States Rank High On List Of States With The Most STDs (Jan 16, 2015) Scientists: Hidden Brain Injuries Responsible For Veterans’ Psychological And […]

Good Americans don’t get measles anymore. Only those dirty illegals do. “Like” us on Facebook  Now read this:Ex-Mexico President: Undocumented Immigrants ‘Trapped’ In U.S. (Jan 26, 2015) Father Of Two Living In Denver Church To Avoid Deportation (Jan 25, 2015) Disabled Man Kicked Out Of Movie Theater Because Of Noisy Ventilator (Jan 15, 2015) Why […]

Governor Terry Branstad was at an event at DuPont Pioneer. An ambulance was called and Branstad was transported to Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines, said Jimmy Centers, Branstad’s communications director. “The governor was conscious and alert during the transport to the hospital. The governor had been suffering from the effects of a cold […]

The fervor of our New Year’s resolutions may be wearing off, but this doesn’t mean our body won’t still change. The World Science Festival has rounded-up the number of visceral (inner) changes the human body goes through each year, from producing pounds of skin to gallons of saliva. Specifically, the body will shed eight pounds […]

The fitness guru, who’s been out of sight for a year, is fine. “Like” Liberaland on Facebook Now read this:Most Obese Workers In America Are–Cops (Dec 17, 2014) Computers Could Replace Your Doctor (Dec 16, 2014) How To Tell If Someone’s Lying (Dec 12, 2014) Study: Coffee Cuts Diabetes Risk, Gives You Smaller Waist (Dec […]

Here’s what to do at the end of your hot morning shower. “Like” us on Facebook Now read this:President Has Acid Reflux (Dec 7, 2014) World’s Fattest Man Dead At 44 (Dec 5, 2014) The Healing Powers Of Om And Amen [Video] (Dec 4, 2014) You’re Not Sleeping Enough (Dec 2, 2014) Research Reveals Ingredients […]

The Las Vegas couple, Buck and Michelle Miller, spend more than $6,000 a month on gym memberships, haircuts, manicures, pedicures, and the right kind of food. “Without a doubt we are America’s best-looking couple – that’s a fact – hands down,” Buck, who clearly has a healthy sense of self, claimed. “If there was a competition […]

A new device may help the hearing-impaired. …in the quest to find more practical solutions for the hearing impaired, researchers at Colorado State University are turning to an unlikely organ for help: the tongue. The three-person research team has developed a Bluetooth-enabled microphone earpiece along with a smart retainer that fits on a person’s tongue. […]

Sam Warde has the story. Thursday’s announcement includes: Calling on Congress, as well as States and cities, to pass legislation that would allow millions of working Americans to earn up to seven days of paid sick time per year; Proposing more than $2 billion in new funds to encourage states to develop paid family and […]

The Mississippi doctor treats poverty-stricken patients out of a Toyota Camry. The Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure recently asked Dr. Carol Frazier Landrum, a private physician with more than 55 years experience, to hand over his medical license. Landrum said he thinks the reason for the request is the board learning he openly practiced […]

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