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Pat Robertson Heals Viewers, One Via Text

Viewers of the “700 Club” tell tales of being healed by Pat Robertson. One young man was cured of a neck injury via text. One of the featured stories on today’s “700 Club” was that of a viewer who suffered complications after undergoing Lasik surgery, but says she was healed after watching Pat Robertson’s show. […]

The mother believes her 8-year-old is too young to receive the shot, and so the New York state school refused to let her attend class. Jamie McNicholas says her 8-year-old daughter Ceili was expelled on Monday from Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School, part of the Miller Place Union Free School District, NBC 4 New […]

Let’s talk about the reason coffee is so good for you: chlorogenic acid (CGA). It’s a powerful antioxidant not only abundant in your caffeine buzz (or not, for you decaf lovers out there), but certain fruits and vegetables as well. Diets rich in these foods promote greater health, and in obese mice, CGA can improve […]

New York’s irrepressible Daily News brings us the brouhaha over two Venezuelan charities’ hijacking of high fashion marketing to drive home a point: A display showing mannequins of pregnant schoolgirls at a Caracas mall is shocking shoppers and stirring debate over sex education in Venezuela. Two local charities have dressed up three mannequins behind a shop window as girls […]

A surgeon from Sierra Leone is coming for treatment to the United States. Dr. Martin Salia is being taken to Omaha to be treated at the Nebraska Medical Center, Sierra Leone’s chief medical officer, Dr. Brima Kargbo, told The Associated Press on Friday. The U.S. Embassy in Freetown said Salia himself was paying for the […]

Sam Simon, 59, has been battling terminal colon cancer for two years. During this time, he’s been giving away his fortune to groups like PETA and to homeless organizations. Simon did not shrink from the realities of his condition, nor fail to inject some trademark humor. ‘Cancer is a horrible disease. I am struggling with […]

Health officials in Westminster, MA are looking to ban tobacco. On Wednesday, the Board of Health will hear public comment on a proposed regulation that could make Westminster the first municipality in the United States to ban sales of all tobacco products within town lines. “To my knowledge, it would be the first in the […]

Exercise, eat healthily, and take statins is the formula. Although a ‘wonder-pill’ is not in sight, making lifestyle changes such as cutting down on sugar, salt and fat and taking drugs that already exist might work, says the Longevity Science Panel. The group, which independently monitors evidence that explain changes in life expectancy and advises […]

18,000 California nurses are planning a November 11 strike over Ebola preparedness. The walkout would affect 21 hospitals and 65 clinics owned by Kaiser Permanente, based in Oakland, California, said Charles Idelson, a spokesman for National Nurses United. The union’s contract with nonprofit Kaiser expired in August and was extended until October, he said. The […]

Treadmill gyms are hitting the New York gym market, looking to be the latest fad to lure fitness buffs, now that the SoulCycle market is saturated. …the Mile High Run Club, New York’s first treadmill running studio…opens officially on Nov. 1. But it won’t be alone for long. In early 2015, a new studio simply […]

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