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Richard Dawkins: ‘Immoral’ To Give Birth To A Down’s Syndrome Child

Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins says it’s “immoral” to carry a fetus to term if it’s known the child would be born with Down’s Syndrome. His suggestion came in response to a woman who didn’t know what she’d do if she were pregnant with a child with Down’s: “Abort it and try again,” he suggested. “It [...]

Scorpion venom may not sound like an obvious choice for a cancer drug, since stings from these animals can kill. But researchers have created nanoparticles embedded with proteins from this venom that killed two types of breast cancer in the lab, without harming human blood or other bodily cells. It was already known that this [...]

Were it so easy to introduce myself this way to you…but sadly, this can never be so. For I can see the fear in people’s eyes when I tell them that I do suffer from one of the pantheon of diseases lumped under the term “Mental Illness.” In my case, it’s Schizo-Affective Disorder…basically Schizophrenia with [...]

Nice man Gene Simmons of KISS should not be called upon to eulogize Robin Williams. His lack of empathy for the depressed shows what a great guy he is. His defends his position by pointing out that his mother was in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany, so he doesn’t want to hear from anyone [...]

Alexander Betts attempted suicide in July, 2013, and died soon after. He wanted to be an organ donor. While is heart went to a 14-year-old, his eyes were rejected. A Food and Drug Administration’s guidance for donor eligibility says men who have had sex with men in the past five years “should” be ruled as [...]

Robin Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, his wife revealed, causing “an additional fear and burden in his life,” a friend told CNN. While fans and friends have looked for answers to why the 63-year-old comedy icon would take his own life, his wife, Susan Schneider, issued a written statement about Williams’ [...]

Suburban life makes you fatter according to a new study by Norman Garrick and Wesley Marshall. In the current Journal of Transport and Health, Garrick and Marshall report that cities with more compact street networks—specifically, increased intersection density—have lower levels of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. The more intersections, the healthier the [...]

The news that comedian Robin Williams has succumbed to deep depression is sparking thousands of conversations on the airwaves and throughout the internet. Once the shock is over, once the tributes and the memories and the RIPs have been delivered, the talk turns, as it always does when someone commits suicide, to what it was [...]

Yesterday’s death of actor/comedian Robin Williams has brought the very real and fatal costs of mental illness and depression back into the headlines. An estimated 1 in 10 Americans suffer from some kind of chronic depression. Still the disorder is stigmatized by many and ignored by more. Recent studies by The World Health Organization and [...]

Roger Frisch played his instrument while surgeons operated on his brain so they could find the exact spot to implant electrodes. …Frisch, a concert master with the Minnesota Orchestra, was diagnosed in 2009 with essential tremors, a condition that occurs when sections of the brain that control movement start sending abnormal signals. Frisch’s condition was [...]

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