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Herman Cain: Half The Black Voters In Georgia ‘Are Clueless’

This might not be a way to endear yourself in your home state. Fox Business’s Stuart Varney asked what effect Ferguson would have on the black vote in Georgia. Many of my listeners are from Georgia, and I do have a lot of black listeners to my radio show. The good news is, a lot […]

Former pizza king and presidential candidate Herman Cain wants the world to know how potent the Tea Party still is. “The tea party movement, in terms of its impact, is still very strong,” Cain said on Fox News. “The key thing is it’s called many of the incumbents to move more towards the right relative […]

Herman “9-9-9″ Cain says there are too many stupid people here who are ruining the country by voting. Cain pointed out that only 58% of registered voter actually voted in the last presidential election. “What about the 42% that stay at home?” he asked. He’s not so sure they should be voting in the first […]

If God wants him to, and he might, Herman Cain says, he’ll throw his hat in the 2016 presidential ring. “I do not know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future. And I trust in God,” the Georgia restauranteur said at the annual Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, as quoted […]

Republicans have a “branding problem,” says one-time presidential candidate Herman Cain. The Democrats,” Cain [said], “they stick together even if they’re wrong and even if they lie. At least they all to can it consistently. Just look at Obamacare.” He then pointed out his belief that the party is unable to establish itself with certain […]