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Bernie Sanders Suiting Up

The Vermont Senator is gearing up to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, believing she’s too cozy with Wall Street. He will speak at an AFL-CIO breakfast hosted in Manchester, New Hampshire, over Labor Day weekend and then travel to Iowa in mid September, when Clinton will be there building support for her own [...]

Rand Paul labeled Hillary Clinton a “war hawk” on “Meet the Press.” Paul predicted a “transformational election” if the Democrats nominate “a war hawk like Hillary Clinton.” “I think that’s what scares the Democrats the most, is that in a general election, were I to run, there’s gonna be a lot of independents and even [...]

A VP Named Castro?

The Clintons are courting San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro. The behind-the-scenes maneuvering illustrates how the Clintons are trying to acclimate themselves into a Democratic Party that has evolved and nurtured new stars in the years since they ceded the stage to Barack Obama in 2008. For the Clintons, there are clear advantages to building an [...]

Once again, the Clintonian war machine is back in action, criticizing the foreign policy of President Obama. The President’s plan to not do stupid “stuff” was criticized as a weak, insufficient strategy for dealing with the volatile Middle East with the rise of ISIL.  Vile right-wing king of hate speech, Rush Limbaugh even noticed the [...]

Right now, Hillary Clinton is as sure a lock as there’s ever been to be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, but if you thought she squandered inevitability in 2008, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Up until recently, I’ve had to roll my eyes any time some media idiot compares Hillary Clinton’s monster lead [...]

MoveOn.Org is criticizing Hillary Clinton for taking stances much too hawkish on Syria and Iraq. “Secretary Clinton, and any other person thinking about seeking the Democratic nomination in 2016, should think long and hard before embracing the same policies advocated by right-wing war hawks that got America into Iraq in the first place and helped [...]

  In another indication that she is running, Hillary Clinton has attacked President Obama’s foreign policy. Speaking to The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg, Clinton says Obama’s failure to go after ISIS in Syria has led to the current crisis. “The failure to help build up a credible fighting force of the people who were the originators [...]

That’s because Hillary Clinton has rented office space in New York City for two years. Hollywood Life reports: Hillary has leased office space on a high-level floor of a corporate New York City office building, overlooking Times Square, for what sources are saying, is her campaign headquarters. It looks like Hillary Clinton has officially begun [...]

And, was there a veiled jab at President Obama’s foreign policies?

Taegan Goddard points to Andrew Sullivan’s very good questions about Hillary Clinton’s potential candidacy. What compelling reason does she bring to the table for her candidacy? What is she passionate about? What issues can she embrace that will inspire? I’d like to find a reason to believe she’s a political force who stands for something [...]

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