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Hillary Clinton Applauds President Bush

Hillary Clinton Applauds President Bush

And, was there a veiled jab at President Obama’s foreign policies?

Andrew Sullivan: What Does Hillary Stand For?

Taegan Goddard points to Andrew Sullivan’s very good questions about Hillary Clinton’s potential candidacy. What compelling reason does she bring to the table for her candidacy? What is she passionate about? What issues can she embrace that will inspire? I’d like to find a reason to believe she’s a political force who stands for something [...]

Martin O’Malley In The Bullpen

With all the Hillary talk, little attention is being paid to other Democrats who would be good nominees, should she decide not to run–or even if she does. “The visit had all the trappings of a full-fledged presidential campaign: a speech at the state Democratic convention, a pep talk to door-knocking volunteers, breakfast with labor [...]

Marco Rubio believes he’s got it going on. Rubio told radio host Hugh Hewitt, “Multiple people can beat her…” “I’d ask her: You were the secretary of State during the first four years of the Obama administration, name one significant foreign policy achievement, now or after you left?”, he said. “The reset with Russia has [...]

Woman Finds Stack Of  ‘Lewinsky’ Bumper Stickers At GOP Office Attacking Hillary For Her Husband’s Affair

This is sweet. A woman in Virginia told Talking Points Memo on Friday that she discovered a stack of anti-Hillary Clinton bumper stickers, which of course, places the blame of the former President’s infidelity onto his wife. You see, it’s the woman’s fault if her husband cheats. Of course, when he was the President, it was [...]

Sarah Palin Suggests ‘The View’ Should Hire Her Because She Would Make It ‘Fun’ And ‘Go Rogue’

The Hollywood Reporter asked half-term Governor of Alaska if she has any interest in doing a political talk show, either on TV, radio or the Internet to which she responded,”maybe” then added that she would want it to be “fun.” I’m sure it would be a real knee slapper because we all know what a [...]

Reince Priebus Calls Bill Clinton A ‘Hypocrite’ And The Clintons ‘Obnoxious’

Bill Clinton hurt Dick Cheney’s feelings for saying he shouldn’t be blaming Iraq’s problems on President Obama, and now Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus is attacking the Clintons on Meet the Press. REINCE PRIEBUS: There’s Hillary fatigue already out there. It’s setting in. People are tired of this story. And I just happen to [...]

Conservative Columnist Urges Elizabeth Warren To Take On Hillary

Jonah Golberg at the National Review Online says Hillary Clinton is ripe for being picked off, just as she was when challenged in 2008 by Barack Obama. A more populist candidate, Elizabeth Warren, says Goldberg, could do the trick. Of course Republicans are right to promote an “anybody but Hillary” campaign. Goldberg recalls the year [...]

Arkansas Republican Who Joked About Hillary Being Shot Resigns

Johnny Rhoda, a Republican district chairman in Arkansas, said earlier in the week that Hillary Clinton would be shot if she ever came back to the state. Rhoda at first claimed he was taken out of context. Congressman Tim Griffin put out a statement. Griffin condemned Rhoda’s remark as “offensive” and said the decision to [...]

Hillary: I Don’t Need Bill To Defend My Record

Well, we are on a first name basis with the them now, right? And it’s true: Hillary Clinton is fully capable of standing up for herself. To suggest otherwise is sexist. Hillary, who’s received a ton of flak for her comments downplaying her personal wealth, told Gwen Ifill that she regretted the way she phrased [...]

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