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Secret Emails From Possible Clinton Team Leaked

Emails among likely Hillary Clinton campaign workers knows as the “Mook Mafia” have been leaked. The listserv, which one member said reaches more than 150 fellow campaign veterans, has been a means for Robby Mook (pictured) and a close friend Marlon Marshall to stay connected with many of the operatives who would likely populate a Democratic […]

Richard Turley at orbmagazine.com says Hillary Clinton’s camp doesn’t think she can win a one-on-one match-up for president and so they’re engaged in black ops to promote a third party candidate. “They are reaching out to Wall Street allies to do ‘black-ops’ funding for a run by Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum or Herman Cain,” a source […]

Biden’s Subtle Diss

Vice President Joe Biden took a shot at the Clinton economy, a way to set himself up for 2016. At an American Federation of Teachers event in Washington D.C., on Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden subtly undercut Hillary’s oft-repeated claim that the Clinton economy sustained a vibrant middle class. “The fact is, the middle class started […]

A bunch of liberal donors got together to talk about 2016.  Vice President Biden was there. Senator Elizabeth Warren was there. Hillary Clinton was not. The annual winter meeting of the Democracy Alliance, a group of funders of liberal causes, isn’t a presidential cattle call. But speculation about the 2016 Democratic presidential race looms over […]

Ralph Nader believes the Democratic Party blew it in 2014, and they are making a mistake with an early “coronation” of Hillary Clinton. Well to sum it up, the Democratic Party is unable to defend the Republic from the worst Republican Party in history. The Republicans are as extreme, more extreme as they’ve ever been…If […]

Does George W. Bush know Jeb’s plans? They’ve come a long way since 1992, but former President George W. Bush says his friendship with his predecessor Bill Clinton will remain intact “when Jeb beats Hillary.” “Look, I’ll still like him [Bill Clinton], if Jeb—when Jeb beats Hillary,” a smiling Bush told Fox News’ Sean Hannity […]

Former New York mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani has advice for Republicans on how to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. “The wrong way is to be too aggressive, and be too mean, and to ever get personal,” he said Wednesday in an interview with POLITICO. “The right way to do it is on policy […]

In a not-so subtle dig at Hillary Clinton’s age, Rand Paul told Politico how grueling it is to run for president. the 51-year-old senator talked unblinkingly about the possibility of a run, and sought to draw a sharp contrast between himself and Hillary Clinton — none too subtly raising the issue of her age. At […]

Willie Brown writes in the San Francisco Chronicle that Democrats have to change their game. If they don’t Hillary Clinton will lose in 2016. Mostly, the Democrats who were on the ballot away ran from Obama. It couldn’t have gone any worse if they’d run into his arms — at least that might have energized […]

For one thing, if Hillary Clinton announces soon, at least other potential candidates will know. If she’s not going run and waits for awhile to announce, it makes it more difficult for others to jump in late. In interviews and e-mail exchanges, six political operatives closely aligned with Clinton offered up overlapping lists of reasons […]

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