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Homophobia Can Cost You Millions, College Edition

Money talks! Our pals over at Raw Story report on a gay couple that has decided not to give $15 million to their alma mater because of their state’s hostility to gays: A gay couple is withholding millions of dollars from their alma mater, the University of Alabama, over the state’s stance on same-sex marriage. […]

Odd that a male model would have a problem with gays, but one of the contestants worried he’d have to tell his friends that he lost a competition to a man in heels. Hopefully, he learned an important lesson here. A clip from the episode reveals that contestant and former football player Denzel Wells made […]

Police are investigation expletive-filled letters sent to a Long Island gay advocacy group, including one on Thursday which  threatened to burn down a planned housing center for gay seniors and kill its leader. David Kilmnick, CEO of Long Island GLBT Network, said the center received identical letters at its Woodbury center in Nassau and its […]

George Mason University Professor Walter Williams says gays, like smokers, ought to be charged more for life insurance because of their “life-shortening lifestyle choice.” Williams also stated: “According to the International Journal of Epidemiology, life expectancy at age 20 for homosexual and bisexual men is eight to 20 years less than for all men. That’s […]

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson said on Good Morning America he has the Biblical view of gays, and so he says, “I’m as much of a homophobe as Jesus was.” “I don’t hate anybody,” Robertson insisted in the interview. Asked specifically about the comments he made, in which he compared gay sex to beastiality, among other things, […]

We did a post on Burger King’s celebration of gay pride and I specifically added that it ‘got lost on a few people’. We were even kind and said a nice thing about the Daily Caller‘s author. Not to worry because that will never happen again. You’re welcome! Apparently, the Daily Caller thinks Alan Colmes […]

HBO’s presentation of The Normal Heart, chronicling the efforts of playwright Larry Kramer to bring the AIDS crisis to world attention, was beautifully cast and filmed. The reviews describe it as having a “universal message” of “hope and love.” It’s also more than that. It shows what one man can do when he feels so […]

Religious Right Pundit Lashes Out At ‘President Homobama,’ Says Hillary Clinton ‘Screams Lesbian’ (via FreakOutNation) Religious Right pundit “Coach” Dave Daubenmire comes off as totally unbiased in a column he penned today saying that he’s tired of listening to “President Homobama,” “Debbie Whats-in-her-mouth Shultz” and “low-testosterone” men on “… Now read this:O’Malley: Presidency Isn’t A […]

Already on the radar for saying President Obama might be gay, Scott Lively, appearing with radio host Michelangelo Signorile, says gays should be changed via reparative therapy or be put in jail. The author of the Pink Swastika: Because Academic Integrity Is Overrated, told the Editor-at-large of Huffington Post Gay Voice that he would like […]

A group of men assaulted a Michigan woman who married her partner during the short time gay marriage was permitted in her state, before legal challenges. “One of the males stated, ‘Hey b—-, are you that (anti-gay slur) from the news?’” according to a news release from Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office. “One of the males […]

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