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House Authorizes Suit Against Obama

House Authorizes Suit Against Obama

Stupidly, the House of Representatives has authorized suing President Obama. The resolution passed the Republican-controlled House in a party-line vote of 225-201 on Wednesday. All but five Republicans voted for the measure, while all 199 Democrats voted against it. The coming lawsuit will accuse Obama of exceeding his constitutional authority as president by making unilateral [...]

Dana Milbank And The Purity Trolls

There is a line of thinking that the single-issue people take now-and-again wherein they wish for the worst possible outcome so that the masses swell up and a reform agenda—around whatever their single issue is—is swept into realization. And then a thousand years of benevolent Elves-riding-Unicorns overlords to rule us all happens and… and… well, [...]

Fun Fact: House Science Committee Has Held More Hearings On Aliens Than Climate Change

In recent years, the House Science Committee hasn’t exactly been seen as the most serious committee in D.C. After all, its members have included the likes of Todd “legitimate rape” Akin, Paul “Pit of Hell” Broun, and Dana “dinosaur flatulence” Rohrabacher. But still, membership aside, the committee is tasked with some pretty serious concerns, right? Not [...]

Republicans Complain But Never Take Reponsibilty

Our media is flooded with stories about Benghazi, the deficit and apathy towards the care of veterans.  The GOP seems to lay all the blame at the foot of the Obama Administration. The Right is quick to accuse the current administration for the very problems they caused, while the media parrots these GOP-talking points, as if they warrant any merit.  The Republicans sabotage [...]

Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold refused to even question the attorney general during a House Judiciary Committee hearing. In lieu of questioning Holder, Farenthold delivered the following statement: “I’m committed to maintaining the Constitutional balance of power and the authority that this legislative branch has, and I just don’t think it’s appropriate that Mr. Holder be [...]

Republican Senator Shows Up At Wrong Hearing, Praises Witness Before Questioning Him

Republican Senator shows up at wrong hearing, proceeds to question witness (via FreakOutNation) Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.) took a wrong turn. He began to question a witness after praising him, then after he’d finished a lengthy opening to his question at a  committee hearing, a staffer slipped Coats a piece of paper. When Coats read [...]

House Passes Environmental Bill (You Read That Correctly)

Pigs flying can’t be too far behind.  Here are the details: The Energy Efficiency Improvement Act, which overwhelmingly passed by a vote of 375-36, is similar to a bipartisan bill that was reintroduced in the Senate last week. The House bill calls for several steps to reduce electricity waste, including: Create a “Tenant Star” program, [...]

Republican Rep: ‘Give Our Nominees Duct Tape To Put Over Their Mouths’

Tennessee Congressman Phil Roe knows how important (and how likely) it is that Republicans running for office say stupid things. “I would suggest, when we nominate people, we give them a roll of duct tape to put over their mouths so they don’t say stupid things,” [Roe] said. “Maybe we can win an election. “We [...]

Will Boehner’s Backing Be Enough To Yield Immigration Reform In 2014?

Thursday’s New York Times reports that Hill sources say House Speaker John Boehner is ready to make a push for immigration reform. Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio has signaled he may embrace a series of limited changes to the nation’s immigration laws in the coming months, giving advocates for change new hope that 2014 [...]

Boehner Explodes At Tea Party

Boehner Explodes At Tea Party

You know he’s been thinking this for months or possibly even years, Frankly I think they’re misleading their followers. I think they’re pushing our members in places where they want to be. And frankly I just think they’ve lost all credibility,” he told reporters at his weekly press conference Thursday. “There comes a point when [...]

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