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Dan Rather Goes After Pundits Calling For War

Dan Rather says television pundits calling for war should send their own kids or “don’t even talk to me.” “All of these people on television, some of whom I have enormous respect for, it unsettles me to hear them say, listen, we the United States have to ‘do something’ in Ukraine, we have to ‘do [...]

They may not even realize the contradiction. These contradictory decisions don’t necessarily make the lawmakers hypocrites. Many of them reluctantly cast that vote, and others are fine with funding ALS research so long as the funding comes from private sources and not federal taxes. But the contradiction does expose the curious ways in which government [...]

I didn’t now that depression was a liberal disease, or had anything to do with one’s political beliefs. But I did know that crass people will use anything to advance a political agenda, or maybe just to create outrage. Limbaugh began by discussing the left’s “worldview” as one of “pessimism and darkness” before turning more [...]


Now read this:3000 U.S. Troops To Africa To Fight Ebola (Sep 16, 2014) Study: 99.999% Certainty That Humans Cause Global Warming (Sep 4, 2014) Obama Pursuing International Climate Accord Without Congressional Help (Aug 27, 2014) Scott Brown Flip-Flops On Climate Change (Aug 25, 2014) No, Congressman Crazy, Illegals Aren’t Bringing Ebola (Aug 25, 2014) New [...]

John McCain says the rise of ISIS is Obama’s fault. And, yet, a picture circulating on the Internet purports to be a selfie of McCain and his ISIS pals. It’s complicated. The shots were taken in Syria last year, when McCain made a secret trip into that civil-war-torn country to meet with leaders of one [...]

House Republicans vowed to “pay as you go” and not approve measures that add to the debt. But that pledge has gone the way of immigration reform. More than a dozen bills with costs that are not fully offset elsewhere in the budget have passed the Republican-controlled House and threaten to add nearly $1 trillion [...]

Via Sarah Jones: Now read this:Police Capture Man Who Fled As Guilty Verdict Was Read (Sep 19, 2014) Alan Keyes: Oust Obama Or ‘Armed Conflict’ May Be Necessary (Sep 19, 2014) Revealed: The 1987 Bernie Sanders Folk Album (Sep 19, 2014) Man Attempts Gun Trick From ‘Tombstone’ And Shoots Sister Dead (Sep 18, 2014) Gun [...]

There has to be a special place in Hell for those who preach about Hell and damnation and then commit the most heinous crimes, using religion as a cover. // < ![CDATA[ var icx_iframe_id = "6c4208b5-af9e-416b-ad6f-14d0a920591a"; // ]]> Now read this:Goodell: I’m Sorry (Sep 19, 2014) Is Spanking Your Children Sexual Assault? (Sep 18, 2014) [...]

These unfortunate incidents take place in all political parties. No political party or religion is immune from bad actors. So, maybe it’s time for the right to stop acting holier-than-thou. Now read this:Man Does Something Unthinkable To Coworker’s Coffee To Get Her To Noticed Him (Sep 4, 2014) Miley Cyrus At War With The Dominican [...]

It’s in the Bible. And while we’re at it, better not wear two different fibers. If you are sporting a cotton/poly blend, you are disobeying the word of God. Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! is fighting the good fight to keep things consistent. can someone start a “boycott Bubba Gump [...]

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