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Man Banned From Starbucks Throws Chihuahua At Store Window

I guess this means Starbucks made a good decision. Now, if only their coffee weren’t so bitter. A man in Houston, Texas is accused of picking up a Chihuahua and throwing her at the outside glass window of a Starbucks in response to the fact that he had been banned from the store three months [...]

Sean Johnson, 19, pleasured himself with a stuffed to horse in a Florida Walmart. While Johnson fled the store before he could be apprehended by Walmart security, he was subsequently arrested by Brooksville Police Department officers. Johnson–who reportedly confessed to police–was charged with indecent exposure and criminal mischief and booked into the Hernando County jail. He [...]

The bus driver was quarantined and the bus was taken after service after a masked rider yelled, “Don’t mess with me, I have Ebola!” Metro officials said they are working with Los Angeles County sheriff’s transit authorities to review surveillance footage taken from inside the bus to determine the identity of the masked passenger, who was [...]

What would the 2014 elections be without a long, disgusting misogynist rant by a GOP lawmaker denigrating a Congresswoman for nothing more substantial than her looks, even going so far as to compare her to a ‘drag queen?’ Thankfully, New Hampshire State Rep. Steve Vaillancourt has filled that void in a blog post predicting that [...]

Paul Mountain of Lancashire in Britain was found out because of DNA found on a teddy bear. Police took DNA from inside the teddy bear which matched with the 38-year-old. Mountain told police he was coming down off amphetamine and felt an ‘overwhelming need’ for sexual relief. Mountain, of Darwen, Lancashire, pleaded guilty to burglary [...]

The man, who was traveling to the Dominican Republic, was coughing on the flight, but thought it would be funny to shout that he has Ebola shortly before the plae landed. The shout caused major concern and panic among passengers and crew because of the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa that has claimed nearly [...]

Disgraced former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker got into it with fellow castaway Natalie Anderson. After Rocker pointlessly shoved another contestant during the challenge, Anderson began shouting that Rocker’s tribe needed to vote him out because he was a “bad sportsman.” She also referenced his now infamous 1999 Sports Illustrated interview, in which he made [...]

Only, at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue stands the Willard Hotel. The White House is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, which is likely the building she was trying to reference. While she wasn’t lying, and was just misinformed, she used her time at the “values voter” summit to call President Obama a liar, which of course shows wonderful [...]

Doug Adams was flying Virgin from Boston to Los Angeles, and needed to relieve his sexual tension. At one point, Adams apparently attempted to exit the plane mid-flight. According to KETV, Adams was experiencing “psychopathic episodes” during the flight and was forced to be subdued by an off-duty police officer. CBS Los Angeles spoke to [...]

When his Daytona Beach neighbors caught him in the act, they acted on it. James Bull, 62, was convicted on “two counts of felony cruelty to animals, misdemeanor animal cruelty charges and misdemeanor sexual activities involving animals,” USA Today reports. His neighbors had witnessed him in the act in March. When police were notified and [...]

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