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Woman Suffocates Fiancé’s Daughter After He Breaks Up With Her

Now read this:Student Faces Jail And Fine For Porn Video Recorded In School Library (Feb 1, 2015) Cop Draws Gun On Kids Throwing Snowballs (Feb 1, 2015) Man Bites Off Part Of Girlfriend’s Ear And Beheads Her Cat (Feb 1, 2015) More Offensive Comcast Letters Revealed (Jan 31, 2015) Man Who Had Sex With Dolphin […]

Now read this:Texas ‘Patriots’ Shout Down Muslims Singing National Anthem (Jan 31, 2015) Cops Shot Virginia Man Whose Hands Were Up (Jan 31, 2015) Woman Born As Man Gives Birth To Twins (Jan 31, 2015) Woman Gets Snake Venom Instead Of Botox (Jan 31, 2015) Bigots Hurl Islamophobic Insults At Texas Muslim (Jan 29, 2015) […]

Now read this:Your Brain On Facebook (Feb 1, 2015) Rap Mogul Suge Knight Arrested For Murder (Jan 30, 2015) 5 People Call 911 When Facebook Goes Down For An Hour (Jan 29, 2015) Cliven Bundy’s Son Jailed For Resisting Arrest (Jan 29, 2015) Video: Seattle Police Apologize To Black Vet For Arresting Him For No […]

Anomaly reports that Tommy Dean Gaa of Missouri is now in custody. “Like” this joint on Facebook Now read this:New York Cops Take Down Black Man For Supposedly Tossing A Cigarette (Jan 29, 2015) ‘Friendship Nine’ Convictions Overturned 54 Years Later (Jan 28, 2015) Bruce Jenner Ready To Declare Who He Is (Jan 28, 2015) […]

The Stockton, CA robber didn’t do his job well. Please click and “like” us on Facebook Now read this:3-Year-Old Shoots Parents With Gun Found In Pregnant Mom’s Purse (Feb 1, 2015) 4-Year-Old Shoots Uncle After Finding Gun On Floor (Jan 31, 2015) Texas Law Would Permit Teachers To Kill Students (Jan 31, 2015) Fatally Shoots […]

The now-suspended Twitter account targeted Delta flight 1156 and Southwest flight 2942, both bound for Atlanta. They were escorted by F-16 fighter jets before landing.  “Like” Liberaland on Facebook Now read this:God, Guns and Gadsden Flags: Delusions Of The Modern Conservative (Jan 25, 2015) JFK To Open World’s First Terminal For Animals (Jan 17, 2015) […]

Michael Moore is the latest target of the American right. He Tweeted that “snipers are cowards” because they shoot you in the back. He explained that his war veteran father passed that sentiment on to him, likely because Moore’s uncle was killed by a sniper in WWII. Sarah Palin wants you to know she doesn’t like […]

Four people are sitting behind bars tonight after a rash of robberies across two counties. It was the last stop in Aiken South Carolina for Bradley Parrish, David Dempsey, Breanna Dudley, and Autumn Cooper where one shot ended it all. “All of a sudden he goes give me all your money, so I started pulling […]

That will learn him!  Because President Obama isn’t screaming the world “Muslim” that means he’s “chicken” according to Sarah Palin. Anomoly writes: Republicans are trying to dissect Obama’s label of the terrorists. I think we should call Domestic Terrorists ‘Republican Terrorists’ just to see how that works out for them. George Bush didn’t use the […]

The Lawrenceburg, KY man is accused of tattooing the word “slut” on his wife’s back while holding a gun to her. In May 2014, Michael Aaron Joseph, 30, allegedly returned to his home with his wife after driving from Lexington to Lawrenceburg. Joseph reportedly accused his spouse of texting her ex-boyfriend while they were in […]

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