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Man Attempts Gun Trick From ‘Tombstone’ And Shoots Sister Dead

The Sunshine State and Texas have more in common than not, so maybe a particular love for the mythos of the Old West isn’t unexpected. Neither, in that sense, is a particular fetish for playing with guns. And either of those can be fine, in themselves. Just like everything’s fine…until some idiot shoots his sister [...]

The candidate, 19, apologized for the offensive language he used on social media. On Sept. 11, Jacob Dorsey apologized for a “hurtful” tweet that said, “f*gs need 2 leave my favorite state alone.” He dropped out of the race Wednesday after admitting he’d used other offensive language while referencing black people and gay people in [...]

Lakeland, Florida utility board member Steve Wade seems to have forgotten that describing African-Americans as “animals” and suggesting that African-American teen girls do nothing but get knocked up constantly isn’t exactly the best career move – but while he says he used the “wrong word,” he stands by his claims. In a September 4 budget [...]

We all know that the way to deal with a child making noise by playing music is to grab your rifle and point it at the younger. Cheryl Ann Pifer, 60, was arrested Wednesday afternoon at her Grand Junction home and charged with menacing, child abuse, and prohibited use of a weapon. The boy told [...]

A teacher at a Washington, D.C. public school thought it would be a good idea to ask students to compare President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. The assignment was given out this week at McKinley Tech Middle School in Northeast and has angered at least one parent who complained about the homework. A copy of [...]

The Minneapolis worker noticed him alright, but not in the way he’d hoped. John R. Lind faces two counts of criminal sexual conduct for incidents that allegedly happened since late February. Charges were filed in Ramsey County. According to the criminal complaint, an employee at Beisswenger’s hardware store in New Brighton called police on Aug. 26., [...]

Here is yet another inane attack on President Obama that ignores ISIS being bombed and its top leaders being killed as the president works to build an international consensus to further attack the extremist group. “One person asked me about this foolishness where the president is trying to change the name of the Washington Redskins. [...]

Susie at Crooks and Liars discovered this one via The Smoking Gun. The couple told cops that they were walking on a downtown street after 2 AM when they happened upon Paul Hunter, 64, receiving oral sex from a woman. After being spotted by the duo, the woman “immediately left,” according to a Seattle Police Department [...]

This time it’s dangerous driving and assault, as there was a crash between a minivan and an ATV that led to a physical confrontation. It all happened Friday afternoon near Bieber’s hometown of Stratford. He was released, and is slated to be in court on Sept. 29. This isn’t the first vehicular bust involving Bieber. [...]

Here’s yet one more reason to avoid this fad. A woman needed hospital treatment after screaming so hard doing the ice bucket challenge she dislocated her jaw. Isabelle Roberts, 20, was taken to A&E to have her jaw put back into place when the internet craze for tipping cold water over yourself went painfully wrong [...]

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