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Man Tries To Rob Convenience Store Armed With Potato

Man Tries To Rob Convenience Store Armed With Potato

Rhode Island man armed with a potato tries to rob a convenience store (via FreakOutNation) Police say a Rhode Island man carried a potato in order to pretend it was a gun while trying to rob a convenience store and a dry cleaners on Monday. The cops arrived on the scene around  2:00 p.m. and […]

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Kansas Man Looking To Remove ‘Murder’ Tattoo Before Murder Trial

Kansas man seeks to remove his “MURDER” tattoo before murder trial (via FreakOutNation) Jeffrey Wade Chapman was charged with killing a man and leaving his body in a roadside ditch in Kansas but before facing a jury of his peers, he wants a professional tattoo artist to remove or cover a prominent “Murder” tattoo which […]

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Conservative Mayor Quits After Saying The Disabled Shouldn’t Have Sex

The mayor of Swinton in the UK also called the disabled “mongols.” In a letter to Swindon Council’s Borough solicitor Stephen Taylor, mayor Nick Martin said: “It is with regret that I submit my resignation as Mayor of the Borough of Swindon with immediate effect.” The Swindon Advertiser reports he added: “Following the accusations against me, […]

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J-Woww: ‘I F*cking Hate’ Being Pregnant

One of the stars of “Jersey Shore” hates being pregnant, unlike her friend Snooki, because “I’m not a fan of…my thighs touching.” “[Polizzi] loves being pregnant right now and I f—king hate it,” Farley, 28, told Us Weekly at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards. “I’m not a fan of pregnancy right now with my thighs touching […]

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Texan Going To State Prison For Urinating On The Alamo

That’ll get 23-year-old El Paso resident Daniel Athens 18 months. Athens was also ordered to pay $4000 in restitution by District Judge Ray Olivarri. Since Athens is not eligible for parole, he will have to serve the entirety of his 18-month sentence. As detailed in a San Antonio Police Department report, an Alamo Ranger spotted […]

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Fires Shots Into Strip Club Because They Don’t Want Him Touching Dancer’s Underwear

The North Carolina man now faces 18 counts of assault with a deadly weapon. And all because he was thrown out for putting his hands inside a dancer’s pants. …33-year-old Mario Chavez had been arrested early Friday after firing more than a dozen bullets into the Leather and Lace strip club. A 24-year-old dancer who […]

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Ohio Man Ordered To Hold Sign Saying He’s A Bully

A judge has ordered this man to stand on a street corner this weekend holding a sign saying he’s a bully who picks on disabled children. For 15 years Mike Prugh says his next door neighbor — 62-year-old Edmond Aviv — has harassed his family including adopted African American siblings with disabilities. “You wonder every […]

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Woman Who Threw Shoe At Hillary Released

Alison Michelle Ernst, 36, who was booked at the Clark County Jail, has been freed after receiving a misdemeanor disorderly conduct summons. Ernst could face up to a year in the county lockup if she is convicted of violating a county ordinance during the Thursday incident at the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino. She is accused of […]

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Woman Who Lost Out On Dream Home Buys Fake Ad Telling People To Rape Owner

She took out fake ads in the name of the new owner’s wife telling people, to “force their way in and take me while I say no.” Kathy Rowe was so furious after she missed out on purchasing the Carmel Valley home, she decided to make the new owners’ lives a living hell. According to a […]

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Woman In Custody After Throwing Shoe At Hillary Clinton During Speech

It was unclear what the object was at first, but the woman who threw it said it was a shoe. The incident happened moments after Clinton took the stage Thursday at an Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries meeting at the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino [in Las Vegas]. Clinton ducked but did not appear to be hit […]

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