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California Man Urged To Remove Swastika Display From His Home

Lawmakers in California on Thursday demanded that a Sacramento man take down poster-size swastikas displayed in front of his house, The Associated Press (AP) reported. While calling the signs racist and vulgar, the lawmakers also acknowledged, however, the person had a right to free speech. On the front door of the Sacramento house is a […]

But it wasn’t because he caught anything from the mailbox. …Paul Bennett was found dead early Sunday behind a Chinese restaurant in Wigan, Greater Manchester, the Mirror reported. The 45-year-old had pleaded guilty just a month after cops busted him for having sex with a big red letter drop as a shocked woman watched in disgust. Investigators […]

And this is a Republican lawmaker who runs a health care business out of her home. Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R) recently claimed that cancer is a fungus and could be flushed out of the body. Fiore, who runs a health care business out of her home, made the claims on her local radio show […]

Wyoming State Rep. Harland Edmonds doesn’t like gays. …Edmonds (R) was kicked out of a House Labor, Health and Social Services meeting after proposing an amendment to a bill protecting gay and transgender people from discrimination that would make it effective when “hell freezes over,” instead of the date of July 1, the Casper Star […]

Here is a future talk radio star. And some of the comments: The Savage Nation Way to go, young man. You’re welcome on The Savage Nation anytime. Send us a message we’d love to have you on the show… Denise White This young man, CJ Pearson, is a free thinker, and I am so proud […]

You are ready for another round of “No Real True Christian?” (or “I Can’t Believe It’s not Florida?”) WOOD-TV reports that a Kalamzoo man set fire to an adult bookstore as part of a mission given to him by the LAWD to eliminate all adult materials in his neighborhood. The fire occurred at the store […]

The Texas child sent a friend a shirtless picture of himself holding what looks like an AR-15 rifle, as Anomaly reports. Using social media, the boy allegedly made a threat against other students. Lt. Jeff Caponera with the Anna Police Department told News 8 Friday that the 8th grader sent a message to a friend […]

That probably won’t get him off the hook. According to Channel 9 News in Colorado Springs, Colorado, police just arrested Thaddeus Murphy in connection with the bombing of an NAACP office earlier this year.Details are forthcoming, but early reports state that Murphy claims he wasn’t trying to harm the NAACP office, but a local tax […]

She could have at least gone to the rest room. One overexcited moviegoer seeing “Fifty Shades of Grey” was reportedly arrested for doing exactly what people expected someone to do one once the movie was out. Reports say that a 33-year-old woman in Sinaloa, Mexico was sitting in row 12 of a local movie theater […]

It’s a shirt that makes it look like you have a gun, for those open carry fetishists who can’t get an actual gun. [Seller Paul]Leibe said he’s a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and open carry, but he also believes in staying safe, which makes no sense ever really because the shirts could (and […]

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