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Alleged Burglar Mistakes Officer For Getaway Driver

A 33-year-old Washington man was arrested last week while stealing a refrigerator from a vacant home. You see, he mistook an officer’s patrol car for his getaway ride, according to charges filed. An off-duty Pierce County Sheriff’s Office officer was driving on Nov. 6th when he stopped to talk to a woman he saw leaving […]

A campus group called PoliTech went around interviewing students for a their Youtube show, “Politically-Challenged.” The video illustrates a shocking level of ignorance among students of Texas Tech, a public college that boasts 35,000 enrolled students a year. The sample group was diverse. But the confusion about historical events was a constant that was palpable […]

The right wing media is trying to demonize President Obama’s Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch by suggesting she was involved in the Whitewater investigations of the 1990s. There’s only one problem with that. They have the wrong Loretta Lynch. You can see how they made the mistake, though. It’s two totally different people, and yet, […]

Pastor Stephen J. Anderson unleashes his sermons at the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Phoenix, and he’s on a mission to spread the good word by calling on his congregation to pray for President Barack Obama’s death.   WWJD? If this prayer of goody goodness sounds familiar to you it’s because he’s done this before. […]

St. Margaret Mary Catholic School in Kentucky put a Susan Sherman on leave for 21 days because she had just come back from Kenya. There is no Ebola in Kenya. The school, however, took steps out of an abundance of caution. They placed her on leave for a 21-day period. Sherman blasted the school’s decision […]

Authorities say that a man carrying a sawed-off shotgun inside a gym bag accidentally shot himself in the leg at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City on Saturday. The 35-year-old Worcester, Massachusetts, man was waiting in line to board a bus at about 6:00 a.m. when his foot tapped his gym bag, […]

Pastor James David Manning, who is totally not a scientist, offers his thoughts on the Ebola virus. Manning really hates Obama but there’s one thing he hates even more: gay people. He’s the Harlem pastor who believes “Obama has released the homo demons.” In the “Manning Report,” the pastor who heads the ATLAH Worldwide Church […]

A senior adviser and deputy Chief of Staff to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) somehow connected Ebola to Obamacare, then deleted the tweet after a backlash on the social site ensued. He later said he deleted it and that it was a “bad joke.” This “joke” follows the revelation of a doctor in New York City […]

On Michael Savage’s radio show last week, he argued with a caller over whether California lawmakers should rename a San Francisco tunnel in honor of Robin Williams. Savage objected, and the caller, who suffers rom post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), defended the move.   Savage claimed it would promote suicide, then after arguing with the caller, he […]

Last week, super-sleuth James O’Keefe and two of his pals tried to bait Democratic field staffers into voter fraud. O’Keefe wore a disguise, as usual, but this time donning a pornstache in an attempt to look 45-years-old. Sneaky James was certain he would catch Democrats at voter fraud with Colorado’s universal vote-by-mail program. Mother Jones […]

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