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PTA Parents Allegedly Plant Drugs In Rival Mom’s Car

In case you’re wondering why some children grow up to be haters, here’s a prime example. Kelli Peters, a PTA volunteer from Irvine, cried hysterically in an Orange County court on Thursday as rival parent Kent Easter began his retrial for the alleged revenge plot, ABC reports. Prosecutors say the 40-year-old dad conspired with wife [...]

Supporters of the police officer who shot an unarmed black teenager dead in Ferguson, Missouri last weekend gathered to show solidarity on Sunday for the officer who pulled the trigger multiple times. Warning: This will be the most idiotic thing you’ve read about all day. Jon Swaine of The Guardian has been tweeting images of [...]

After Gene Simmons of KISS offered some unwarranted advice to those who suffer from depression, he’s had a change of heart, if he actually has a heart. Dr. Simmons’ advice was to  f*ck off. and “kill yourself.” Simmons went on to say that people on buildings threatening to jump should just “have some dignity and jump.” [...]

In response to the 22-year-old black man police at an Ohio Walmart store shot dead while he was holding a toy gun, “CosmicKamikazi” decided to weigh in, and of course, it was deleted because he’s a total jerk, that’s why. Let us wallow in his wisdom: i’m sure the nigger was acting like a gangster [...]

The birther conspiracy website WorldNetDaily is questioning President Obama’s birth year, too. The title of a post reads, “Obama Turned 53 — Or Did He?” Because we all know what a tricky trickster Obama is. Also, he’s black. Ian Millhiser tweeted the image, because he’s obviously from Kenya, too.  This is an actual headline that was [...]

Dee Dee Benkie, a ‘Republican strategist,’ usually gets attention by making shallow remarks such as “If you don’t want to be called fat, then don’t be fat!” and now she’s weighing in on “whitey.” A Twitter user jumped in to call her a “vacuous idiot” and she responded by suggesting that it was racist for [...]

As reported here, the co-founders of Michigan Open Carry published a children’s book describing it as a “unique kid’s book” which “will be treasured for years to come and will be passed down to new family members.” We tend to make fun of Open Carry activists’ little peens because they make it so easy. For [...]

One speaker referred to the president as a Kenyan-born “usurper foreigner”

Alan Colmes spent some time with Ted Nugent on his radio show Thursday night and asked the rocker about that time he called Hillary Clinton a ‘worthless bitch” Colmes said, “You have used the C word against her”  as well as many other expletives to describe our elected officials including Barack Obama. Still yet, Ted [...]

One of Tennessee’s most recognized churches needs to be saved from its own congregation. Mother nature has hit the golden dome of the church with lightning in the past but to add to the structure’s woes, church members have been shooting up Central Christian Church in Murfreesboro. Why would they do such a thing to their [...]

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