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Inclusionist Or Exclusionist. Which Are You?

Robert Reich believes there are two kinds of Americans: Inclusionists and Exclusionists. When it comes to citizenship, there are two kinds of Americans: exclusionists and inclusionists. Exclusionists don’t want a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers; they want to deport children who traveled from Central America seeking refuge from the violent war on drugs we [...]

Governor Nathan Deal assumed one of the immigration activists questioning him was undocumented, and it was not pretty. During an appearance on Tuesday, a group of four immigration activists from the Undocumented Student Alliance asked Deal about the policy of categorizing undocumented students who live in the state to attend college as international students — [...]

Marco Rubio hinted at it, and now Iowa Congressman Steve King does more than hint. Since this worked out so well for Republicans last time, it surely makes sense they think it will work the next time. King, R-Kiron, said “all bets are off” on a continuing resolution if President Barack Obama follows through with [...]

Florida Senator Marco Rubio who, himself, has not been consistent on the immigration issue, hints that President Obama’s actions on immigration could result in a government shutdown. “There will have to be some sort of a budget vote or a continuing resolution vote, so I assume there will be some sort of a vote on [...]

Be scared.  Be very very scared of the little children coming to America without documentation. On her weekly radio show yesterday, RNC committeewoman Tamara Scott of Iowa warned that child migrants from Central America may have been “highly trained as warriors” and could “rise up against” U.S. citizens. “When we see these kids, you and [...]

For all of the conservatives who hollered at little kids on buses and demanded soldiers be deployed to scare away said children and basically flipped shit over the invading hordes of adorable children fleeing murder and violence in Central America, have we got some good news for you. Since there’s obviously no way to turn [...]

One of the immigrants was dead in the container from Belgium that was unloaded in England Saturday. “As a result of the ferry docking, staff at the port became aware of screaming and banging coming from the container,” Essex Police Superintendent Trevor Roe said. It is unclear where the container originated. Authorities launched a homicide [...]

I’ve been watching Ric Burns’ documentary on New York City and came across the following quote about the Irish immigrants in the 19th Century: All Europe is coming across the ocean, all that part at least that cannot make a living at home, and what should we do with them they increase our taxes, eat [...]

Political Scientist Christopher Parker has a theory as to why Republicans don’t back immigration reform. He surmises that House Republicans are balking because they “represent constituencies haunted by anxiety associated with the perception that they’re ‘losing their country’ to immigrants from south of the border.” Recent polling backs this up. Significant numbers of conservatives, and [...]

There’s an old saying in Texas: Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again. Drudge and the far-right media have been suckered into promoting another James O’Keefe prank, taking the fraudster at face-value despite his lengthy track-record of selectively edited videos. This time, O’Keefe tackled the [...]

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