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Rick Perry’s Operation Border Photo Op

Rick Perry’s Operation Border Photo Op

Governor Rick Perry of Texas announced today he will deploy 1,000 members of the Texas National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border in “Operation Strong Safety,” as clearly yet another element in Perry’s carefully orchestrated build-up for the 2016 Republican Party primary season.  Perry’s notional excuse for this vainglorious grandstanding is the threat posed to the security [...]

The Rush To Deport Is Imperling Children

Without proper vetting, we are deporting children away from safety and back to sure poverty and death. …interviews over the last week with many young migrants…who made the journey to the border suggest the risks of accelerating initial screenings. Minors questioned shortly after being caught in locations, like Border Patrol stations, where they may feel [...]

GOP Candidate For AZ Governor Has No Idea Why Militia Was Hanging Out With Him At Protest

A Republican candidate for Arizona governor told TPM that he has no idea why armed militiamen were tagging along with him on Tuesday at an immigration protest in Oracle, Arizona at the rally in opposition to the arrival of refugee children. A group of armed militiamen were providing security for Riggs, KTVK reported. Armed group [...]

Oops! Anti-Immigration Protesters Mistakenly Block A School Bus Filled With YMCA Campers

Let’s recap. The kneejerk anti-immigration movement was insane enough already when a spelling-impaired vandal spray-painting a message on the wall of an Army facility: “NO ILLEAGLES [sic] HERE.” Then there was Sean Hannity and Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) who gathered on the deck of a border patrol gun-boat for a photo-op with a ridiculously huge [...]

Skeletal Remains Of Dead Migrant Among 42 Bodies Found

That is what’s being found in the fields of Falffurrias, Texas. A search of the field, located on the northern portions of the Cage Ranch by Border Patrol agents found the decomposed body under a mesquite tree not far from the natural gas pipeline being constructed through the western portions of Brooks County… Animals had [...]

Undocumented Immigrant Journalist Vargas Released

Jose Antonio Vargas, the Pulitzer Prize winning undocumented immigrant who was detained by immigration authorities, has now been released. “As an unaccompanied child migrant myself, I came to McAllen, Texas, to shed a light on children who parts of America and many in the news media are actively turning their backs on. But what I [...]

Harry Reid: ‘The Border Is Secure’

It’s not securing the border that should be the focus, says the Senate Majority Leader, it’s getting the money needed to process the undocumented children coming into America. “The border is secure,” he told reporters after the Senate Democrats’ weekly policy lunch. “[Sen.] Martin Heinrich [(D-N.M.)] talked to the caucus today. He’s a border state [...]

Tries To Hang Himself On Border Fence

The 27-year-old man survived after he tried to hang himself from the border fence in Calexo, CA. The man wrapped the rope around his neck as the agent approached, hanging himself on the U.S. side of the fence, said Border Patrol Agent Eduardo Jacobo, according to the newspaper. The agent grabbed the man by his [...]

White House: Immigrant Children In Danger Will Stay In U.S.

President Obama wants children who would be in danger in their home countries to stay in the United States. The comments come amid a growing debate over a 2008 law that allows many of the children flooding across the southern border an automatic asylum hearing. “These children will — and other immigrants who are attempting [...]

What’s the Difference Between The Death Star and the Immigration Bill Republicans are Blocking?

The Republicans’ Gran Torino-esque obsession with keeping teh illegalz off our lawn has taken center stage in the current immigration crisis, which actually has nothing to do with border security. But if you’re having trouble coming around to the idea that the GOP’s stance on immigration is completely insane, take a quick look at the immigration [...]

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