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Biden: Obama Will Do ‘An Awful Lot’ On Immigration

If Congress doesn’t act on its own by the end of the year, President Obama will do “an awful lot” says Vice President Biden. Biden made the comment while speaking at reception honoring Hispanic Heritage Month in Washington, D.C. He said immigration reform was needed now and that if Congress does “get it done” before [...]

Bryan Fischer says we should do immigration “God’s way.” If we “did immigration God’s way,” Fischer said, that would mean that “those who came to our shores would be expected to adopt our religious values and traditions — that would mean Christianity and not Islam — and they would leave behind their religion and their [...]

Greg Abbott, the über Christian pro-life right wingnut, is running as the GOP gubernatorial candidate against Democrat Wendy Davis for Texas governor this November.  In order to shore up the whacko Republican vote, Abbott is suing President Obama for the crisis at the border.  The crisis stemmed from policies introduced under Reagan, whose War on Drugs was [...]

Uninvited militia members patrolling the border are considering obstructing bridges between the United States and Mexico, in particular bridges in Rio Grande City, Roma and Falcon Dam, which are located in Starr County, Tx. Law enforcement officials claim they received a tip that some militia members plan to protest illegal border crossings by blocking traffic [...]

How about that neither are a threat? But if you had to choose one, immigrants are here and ISIS isn’t. “Look, we’d better realize here that the United States itself is in tremendous long-term danger, I think, and the bleeding border along our southern border, the mass movement of people from all over the world [...]

President Obama announced, this weekend, that he will be delaying his promised executive actions on immigration until after the midterms, and needless to say, many of us were not amused. After a few days of letting the apoplexy subside, and listening to folks at the White House explain themselves a little more, I’ve moved about [...]

Freshly-minted Meet The Press moderator Chuck Todd scored a huge exclusive for his debut, and President Obama didn’t disappoint in his one-on-one with the longtime NBC News Chief White House Correspondent. The President covered a wide variety of headline-grabbing topics, but one of the things he said isn’t getting nearly enough attention. In terms of [...]

After a militia member with a rifle almost got killed by a border patrol agent doing his job, the feds are asking militias to back off. …the thick brush is teeming with hundreds of state troopers, National Guardsmen and civilian militia members, all heavily armed and often wearing tactical vests and camouflage. Since illegal immigration [...]

President Obama told Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” that the influx of children from Central America created a political environment that made it untenable to move ahead with executive action on immigration before the midterm elections. “The truth of the matter is that the politics did shift midsummer because of that problem,” Obama said [...]

Jose Antonio Vargas is a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer who has been in the United States since he was 12. This summer he was detained by border patrol in McAllen, Texas and then released because he had no prior immigration or criminal record. He explained to me on radio the plight of people like him, and [...]

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