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Republicans Are Totally Losing Their Sh*t: Impeach Obama, Because Ebola

Cognitive dissonance is running rampant, at least in Republican circles. It’s almost as if some Republicans are rejoicing that Ebola has hit the United States so that they can blame President Obama. However, the Obama administration asked for $88 million in funding to fight Ebola, but House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) agreed as [...]

Larry Klayman, the failed organizer of Impeach Obama protests, is having a terrible time ousting anyone. Klayman can’t even get a good lawsuit off of the ground and he’s a lawyer. The Associated Press reports: The Supreme Court won’t hear an appeal from a conservative lawyer and activist in his long-running dispute with a federal [...]

Late Tuesday and early Wednesday, the civilized world was horrified by the barbarous murder of American journalist James Foley. It is at times like these, when the murder of one American by terrorists shocks and disgusts human beings of every political and religious stripe, that we pull together as one people. We turn to our [...]

Florida Congressman Ted Yoho knows that if President Obama is impeached it’s his own fault, and he really really doesn’t want such a terrible thing to happen. “The last thing is impeachment of a president,” Yoho said in a recent radio interview with the Tea Party Express, also citing a lawsuit, censure, and withholding funding [...]

The man who carpetbagged his way to Illinois and then lost the Barack Obama in a U.S. Senate race doesn’t like him very much. In an interview in May with Randall Terry, the anti-choice activist behind Operation Rescue, Keyes offered hope to those who would like to “snap your fingers and Barack Obama would no [...]

At the conclusion of the White House’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit last night, President Obama held a press conference at which he addressed a number of issues, but the thing that really stood out was the absurd framing of Jonathan Karl’s question about the President’s use of executive authority. The ABC News Chief White House Correspondent [...]

Former Arkansas Governor, and past and possible future presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says President Obama deserves impeachment. Huckabee, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, told Iowa conservative radio host Steve Deace that Obama “absolutely” deserves to be impeached. He added, though, that the GOP can’t push to remove the president right now because they don’t have [...]

You might remember Congressman Steve King (R-IA) from his starring role in our Impeachment Supercut last week, but the anti-immigrant calf fetishist went all Electric Boogaloo this weekend, once again threatening to impeach President Obama over the possibility of executive action on immigration. King once again coyly tried to avoid “the i-word,” but Fox News [...]

Some sucker at Wonkette donated enough delicious dollars for another sucker at the popular site to keep track of performance artist Sarah Palin’s new grifty subscription-based show. Besides all of the other word salad the former half-term Governor of Alaska offered her viewers, her crazy-talk about impeachment was akin to a drunk at a bar feigning [...]

You see, if President Obama is impeached, it’s because he made Congress do it. Congress has no control over what it does. It is forced to do what Obama wants. If this is true, and Congress impeaches Obama, it will then be the first time Congress listened to him. Rep. Steve King (R-IA) pleaded with [...]

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