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FingerReader Lets The Sightless Read Printed Text

A new gadget called FingerReader allows the sightless to read printed text in books and even on electronic devices. Currently in prototype phase, the FingerReader is essentially a ring that you can use to follow a line of text in a book or on a screen. Thanks to the built-in camera, the gadget can detect […]

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Statins: The New Miracle Drug?

Widely prescribed to lower cholesterol, recent studies are giving hope that statins may have even more health benefits. One study shows that a particular statin, simvastatin, seems to reduce the risk of both dementia and Parkinson’s disease in an older patient population (65 years and over.) … Some research has shown that statins might not only be able […]

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Researchers Clone Cells From Two Adult Men

This is a step toward being able to regenerate replacements for diseased or damaged cells. In this case, cells from a 35-year-old man and a 75-year-old man were used to generate two separate lines of stem cells. The process, known as nuclear transfer, involves taking the DNA from a donor and inserting it into an […]

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Changing The Shape Of Your Furniture With A Wave Of The Hand

Designers at MIT are developing furniture that can change shape when you wish. Imagine a table that can become a bed, or a bed that can then become a chair. We’re probably a long way away from that, but MIT’s Tangible Media Group — an arm of the US university that’s dedicated to exploring “the […]

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Airline With Wider Seats Appeals To Wide Americans

And it’s helping the bottom line, and the bottoms of wide Americans. Allegiant Air passengers flying to Hawaii can now say “aloha” to “Giant Seats.” The airline has supersized some economy rows on Boeing 757 airplanes for long-haul flights to Honolulu, Maui, and some western U.S. cities. Although they’ve only been offered for a couple […]

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Artificial Blood Could Be Used In Transfusions

Scientists at the University of Edenburgh  are testing artificial blood that could one day be used in transfusions. The process involves using adult skin or blood cells that have been genetically modified into stem cells, known as induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. These iPS cells are then cultured in biologic conditions that mimic the human […]

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There’s Now Viagra Ice Cream

A Welsh ice cream maker has created the flavor, which contains 25 mg of Viagra in each scoop. The Arousal flavour contains around 25mg of Viagra per scoop. It was created on specific request from a celebrity customer of South Wales ice cream company, Lick Me I’m Delicious. Inventor Charlie Harry Francis added the Viagra […]

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First Successful Organ Regeneration In A Mammal

Immune-system organs, called thymuses, have been regenerated in mice. After the researchers’ treatment, the mice’s thymuses grew more than twice as large. The thymuses, which normally change in structure and become less efficient as animals age, also returned to a more youthful structure. This is the first time anybody has been able to get a […]

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‘Breakthrough’ Electronic Stimulator Lets Four Paralyzed Men Regain Movement

UCLA and University of Louisville researchers have published a study on a new treatment for spinal cord injuries. …four paralyzed men — the only patients so far to undergo the treatment — have all regained movement in their lower bodies, as well as bowel, bladder and sexual control…. The findings…could open a new area of […]

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Machine Tells You Whether You’re Liberal Or Conservative

John Hibbing, a political scientist at University of Nebraska-Lincoln came up with this in his “Political Physiology Laboratory.” …conservatives tended to focus their eyes much more rapidly on the negative or aversive images, and also to dwell on them for a lot longer. The authors therefore concluded that based on results like these, “those on […]

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