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Vending Machine That Can Deny You Snacks If You’re On A Diet [VIDEO]

The anonymity that comes with consuming food from vending machines allows us to shamelessly indulge in a chocolate bar, or a few, in a single day. But the era of vending machines and their “no judgment” capabilities will soon be limited with the Luce X2 Touch TV vending machine. This is the world’s first vending […]

Now there is a pocket drone. More than a decade ago, Helen Greiner was one of the three people who designed the Roomba, the cute, iconic vacuum cleaning robot that has inspired everything from a cartoon character to an introspective Twitter account. Her new startup, CyPhy Works, is now developing drones that fit in your […]

The secret, say scientists, is skincare tailored to an individual’s DNA. The new treatment, developed by one of Britain’s leading scientific innovators, is personally tailored to each individual and could revolutionise how women – and maybe even men – approach their daily skincare regime. It relies on a new microchip that allows the product’s creators […]

Researchers say they are a step closer to developing an Ebola vaccine, with a Phase 1 trial showing promising results, but it will be months at the earliest before it can be used in the field. The news comes amid the worst ever outbreak of the haemorrhagic fever, which has killed nearly 5,700 people, mostly […]

The next trend in restaurants could be automated servers. Restaurant-goers in Singapore can expect to be served by autonomous flying robots – the world’s first commercial attempt – by the end of next year. Infinium-Serve, the autonomous flying robotic waiters, will be first launched at one of Timbre Group’s five outlets in Singapore. Infinium Robotics […]

An Israeli company says it has the technology to recharge phones and electric cars in seconds. Using nano-technology to synthesize artificial molecules, Tel Aviv-based StoreDot says it has developed a battery that can store a much higher charge more quickly, in effect acting like a super-dense sponge to soak up power and retain it. While […]

Samsung is introducing a smartphone headset that produces virtual reality. First of all, the Gear VR—which will be sold for an unspecified price—uses the Galaxy Note 4’s 5.7-inch high-res screen for its VR capabilities, requiring you to actually snap the smartphone into the headset. That’s all well and good, but as soon as you upgrade […]

It sounds almost impossible that a robot can do all the things a baseball player can. However, that’s exactly the work of the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. Over the last several years, a team of researchers has been working on perfecting a range of separate robots, each able to perform individual […]

If you don’t pay your car loans you may not be able to start your car. Passtime is a device that prevents a car from starting if the owner fails to make their auto payments on time. The gadget, which attaches to the car, is marketed to people with poor or no credit. “If you […]

If a woman is unsure if she wants enhancement, she can now try it out temporarily. The New York plastic surgeon who developed the “insta breast,” a saline injection into the breast that gives the impression of implants for 24 hours, is now working on a method that would last two to three weeks. “Twenty-four […]

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