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Obama Wants Cars To Talk To Each Other

Obama Wants Cars To Talk To Each Other

The idea is to avoid collisions, and the government would like to require cars to have the technology to do it. The technology uses a radio signal to continually transmit a vehicle’s position, heading, speed and other information. Similarly equipped cars and trucks would receive the same information, and their computers would alert drivers to [...]

Robot Is Hitchhiking Around Canada

Meet hitchBOT, created by researchers David Smith and Frauke Zeller. HitchBOT is made from junk items you’d find around the house, and is being studied to see how people relate to robots. HitchBOT is the ideal road trip guest, programmed to ask and answer basic questions and to politely inform its compatriots when it needs [...]

Watch: Violinist Performed During Brain Surgery To Help Surgeons Find Trouble Spot

Roger Frisch played his instrument while surgeons operated on his brain so they could find the exact spot to implant electrodes. …Frisch, a concert master with the Minnesota Orchestra, was diagnosed in 2009 with essential tremors, a condition that occurs when sections of the brain that control movement start sending abnormal signals. Frisch’s condition was [...]

MIT Robot Can Assemble Itself

Inspired by origami, it can move without human intervention.

It’s Coming–Cellphone Use On Planes

It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be sitting next to yakkers on cellphones while you’re in-flight. Delta was one of the first carriers last year to allow passengers on domestic flights to use music players, electronic tablets, e-readers, smartphones and other devices throughout a flight as long as they are switched to “airplane [...]

Want An Orgasm? There’s An App For That

A bluetooth-enabled vibrator means you can now have computer sex. BlueMotion costs $129 and can be controlled via an app by the wearer or the wearer’s partner. …toys like OhMiBod’s blueMotion are helping to popularize teledildonics, or cyberdildonics — fancy words for sex toys controlled by computers, and therefore capable of being operated over large [...]

HIV Breakthrough: Virus Deleted From Human DNA For The First Time

Until now, once HIV entered a human cell, it would stay there forever. Now, however, scientists in Philadelphia have found a way to snip it out. The team of Temple University School of Medicine said the breakthrough marks the first successful attempt to eliminate latent HIV-1 virus from human cells – and could be a [...]

Love Connection: Science Could Find Your Perfect Match

// Now read this:Westboro Baptist Church’s Plan To Protest Robin Williams’ Funeral Thwarted By Love (Aug 16, 2014) Married Couple Discover They’re Brother And Sister (Aug 7, 2014) Woman Who Slit Husband’s Throat Claims She Was Dreaming About Filleting A Fish (Jul 31, 2014) Dissatisfied Man Sends Wife Horrific Sex-Life Spreadsheet (Jul 22, 2014) Republican [...]

Safety: Glow-In-The-Dark Bikes

I always worry that, crossing the street, I’m going to be hit by a bike. In New York City, they’re all over the place. At night, lights on bicycles are iffy. This is a great idea. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association released a report last year stating that bicycle fatalities were on the rise, [...]

New Material So Black You Can’t See It

Really black is the new black. Scientists have developed a black that is so black that it can’t be seen. A British company has produced a “strange, alien” material so black that it absorbs all but 0.035 per cent of visual light, setting a new world record. To stare at the “super black” coating made [...]

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