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Twitter Adds 30-Second Videos And Group DM’s

Twitter is rolling out two new features.  https://t.co/dyTcpQJ89V — Guardian Tech (@guardiantech) January 27, 2015 Please “like” us on Facebook Now read this:ISIS Hacked U.S. Central Command Twitter Account (Jan 12, 2015) Boxer Out, Twitter Parody Sez Scott Brown In, Maybe! (Jan 9, 2015) Texas Teen Arrested For Threatening Police On Twitter (Dec 30, 2014) […]

German scientists say they’ve cracked the code that allows teleportation, the ability to beam an object from one location to another. An object at one end of the system is milled down layer-by-layer, creating a scan per layer which is then transmitted through an encrypted communication to a 3D printer. The printer then replicates the […]

Although he’s been dead for 25 years, Liberace will delight audiences via the technology of holograms. Many will use the word hologram, but that technically isn’t correct. While it will look like a hologram up on stage, the technology is actually a signature kind of illusion, created by a mixture of software, new projection techniques, […]

A new device may help the hearing-impaired. …in the quest to find more practical solutions for the hearing impaired, researchers at Colorado State University are turning to an unlikely organ for help: the tongue. The three-person research team has developed a Bluetooth-enabled microphone earpiece along with a smart retainer that fits on a person’s tongue. […]

“The Internet of Things” will be the star of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It refers to interconnected devices that will allow you to control all kinds of equipment from your iPads and smartphones. The new devices at the event, which opens to the news media on Monday and to the public on […]

The new plane has an electric  motor, but can only stay in the air for a few minutes. The aircraft has been created by a team at Cambridge University, working with Boeing, who carried out the maiden flight at Sywell Aerodrome, in Northampton. But passengers won’t be boarding a hybrid plane any time soon, as a […]

Google is ahead of the curve with its announcement of the “first real build” driverless automobile. In announcing the update, Google said the vehicle it previously revealed in May was an “early mockup.” This version brings together all the elements of the car in what is the first fully functional form of the vehicle. While […]

This work by scientists can help those with infertility and advance understanding of age-related diseases. Researchers in Cambridge made the early-stage sex cells by culturing human embryonic stem cells under carefully-controlled conditions for a week. They followed the success by showing that the same procedure can convert adult skin tissue into precursors for sperm and […]

The anonymity that comes with consuming food from vending machines allows us to shamelessly indulge in a chocolate bar, or a few, in a single day. But the era of vending machines and their “no judgment” capabilities will soon be limited with the Luce X2 Touch TV vending machine. This is the world’s first vending […]

Computers replacing your doctor may not be good for doctors, but it may be good for you. …multiple studies have shown that software is better able to diagnose illnesses, with fewer misdiagnoses. Health wonks love this trend, known as evidence-based diagnosis, and medical doctors loathe it, because who cares about saving lives when you can […]

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