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Newest Version Of Windows To Be Revealed Tuesday

Chuck Bednar for redOrbit.com – Your Universe Online The newest version of the Windows operating system will be unveiled – along with a new official name for the software known internally as “Threshold” – at a Microsoft press event scheduled for Tuesday. According to Reuters reporter Bill Rigby, analysts are predicting that the company will [...]

In the future, working up a sweat by exercising may not only be good for your health – but if could also power your small electronic devices through new technology. Researchers reported last month that they have designed a sensor in the form of a temporary tattoo that can both monitor a person’s progress during [...]

When you have the urge to be in the warm embrace of a stranger, there’s an app for that. Cuddlr is a location-based app that finds people in the immediate vicinity who are game for a strictly “platonic” cuddle. Users are shown a name and picture (because cuddling compatibility knows no age) of potential snuggle [...]

The PayPal founder is on a mission to find a cure for death. …what he calls ‘the problem of death’ is a topic that he returns to often. ‘I think there are probably three main modes of approaching it,’ he says. ‘You can accept it, you can deny it or you can fight it. I [...]

A high school student has invented a gun that fires only in the hand of an authorized user. Kai Kloepfer, 17, from Boulder, Colorado, participated in an innovation challenge through the Smart Tech Foundation, a group dedicated to producing firearms that require electronic identification before use. Kloepfer took home the grant money for his fingerprint [...]

It doesn’t seem very comfortable, though. Some forward-thinking entrepreneurs have combined the promise of the Oculus Rift with the ubiquity of tablet computing, and bring you the coolest innovation to synergize the web: AirVR, a peripheral device that allows you to experience virtual reality on the cheap by wearing an iPad on your face. Toronto [...]

This would be the first blood test that could detect clinical detection. Researchers at Northwestern University have developed the first blood test that analyzes levels of nine blood biomarkers associated with adult clinical depression. The results of their study were published Tuesday in the journal Translational Psychiatry. The test looks at levels of nine RNA [...]

Cars Now Talk To Each Other

The combination of cars that drive themselves and those that talk to each other is revolutionizing the auto industry and the way we’ll handle the road in in the future. An Acura RLX sedan demonstrated an unusual way to tow another car this week: the vehicles were not physically attached. The second car drove itself, [...]

New Pizza Box Reinvents Eating

It’s called GreenBox and is a “revolutionary re-design of the pizza” box, according to GreenBox president Jennifer Wright. From the outside, GreenBox looks like a typical cumbersome pizza box. However, the box is actually perforated and can be torn into four serving plates. In addition to nixing dishes from the equation, GreenBox turns into a [...]

Researchers have taken telepathic communication out of the realm of science fiction and into reality, successfully demonstrating that a simple message can be sent directly from the brain of one person to the mind of another. In research published recently in PLOS ONE, Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, a neurologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in [...]

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