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McConnell Shamefully Poses With Netanyahu As Deal Deadline Nears

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell finds himself in Israel siding with Benjamin Netanyahu as the deadline for an Iran nuclear agreement nears. What a coincidence! With a Tuesday deadline approaching for Iran, the Obama administration, and five other world powers to strike a deal to stem the Tehran government’s nuclear program, congressional Republicans Sunday ratcheted […]

The Israeli prime minister’s comments get increasingly desperate as the deadline for a nuclear deal gets closer. “The dangerous accord which is being negotiated in Lausanne confirms our concerns and even worse,” Netanyahu said in remarks broadcast on public radio. He said the “Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis” was “dangerous for all of humanity” and that combined with […]

Possible Republican presidential candidate Louie Gohmert shocked Fox News host Arthel Neville with what she said was a “dangerous” and “volatile” plan to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites. During an interview on Sunday, Gohmert argued that President Barack Obama negotiations with Iran had already failed because he was “already allowing them to go full-blown nuclear.” The […]

A British diplomat said on Thursday that the six major powers and Tehran had made significant progress in negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program, Reuters reported. At the same time the diplomat said there are several key differences that must be resolved to clinch a preliminary deal by March 31. “We have made substantial progress in […]

John Bolton: Bomb Iran

John Bolton goes all out for war in Thursday’s New York Times. The inescapable conclusion is that Iran will not negotiate away its nuclear program. Nor will sanctions block its building a broad and deep weapons infrastructure. The inconvenient truth is that only military action like Israel’s 1981 attack on Saddam Hussein’s Osirak reactor in […]

Just two days after President Barack Obama urged the Iranian people to take advantage of an “historic opportunity” to resolve the nuclear issue, an Iranian crowd on Saturday chanted “Death to America” – and the country”s Supreme Leader agreed. According to Reuters, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spoke in northeastern Iran, where he accused the U.S. of […]

Iran Deal Close

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says a final deal is close at hand. “I believe achieving a deal is possible. There is nothing that can’t be resolved. The other party to the talks also has to make a final decision,” he was quoted as saying. The United States and Iran broke off nuclear negotiations ahead of […]

If you’re Louie Gohmert, people aren’t humans worthy to live unless they’re Christians, which is a completely un-Christian idea. He speaks of bombing Iran so casually, as if dropping tons of explosives on a country doesn’t kill the people, just their nuclear capability. During an appearance on yesterday’s edition of “Washington Watch,” Rep. Louie Gohmert, […]

Tom Friedman explains why the Netanyahu victory is historic, and it’s not good. Having won the Israeli elections — in part by declaring that he will never permit a two state-solution between Israelis and Palestinians — it means Netanyahu will be the father of the one-state solution. And the one-state solution means that Israel will […]

Amid all the consternation over the letter that 47 Republican Senators wrote to the leaders of Iran in order to scuttle a nuclear arms deal, there was heavy speculation about a possible violation of something called the Logan Act. While the White House was happy to stand by and watch the debate over this arcane […]

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