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Robert Reich: A Few Hundred Joining ISIS Not A Big Deal

As an economist, Robert Reich understands numbers. In the grand scheme of things, a few hundred people joining up with Islamic State forces is “not a big deal,” economist Robert Reich said Friday evening on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show. “We’ve covered it during the headline of all these westerners joining ISIS. I don’t understand […]

CIA Director John Brennan says ISIS is no longer “on the march.” Clearly ISIS’s momenutm inside of Iraq and Syria has been blunted, and it has been stopped. So they are not on the march as they were several months ago,” Brennan said on “Fox News Sunday,” using an acronym for the group that has […]

Remember when ISIS was the terrifying Islamic Godzilla…that was going to kill us all? Ever since the specter of Hillary Clinton’s email reared its Republic-threatening head, you hardly ever hear about them anymore, but they’re still out there, and things have gone from bad to worse for them. Just one reporter, The Associated Press‘ Nedra […]

Iraqi forces backed by Sunni and Shia militiamen have completely encircled and cut off the roads in and out of the ISIS-held city of Tikrit, as the terror group’s remaining militants in the city centre prepare to make their last stand. As Iraqi troops edge closer to the city centre, the battle for central Tikrit […]

It’s truly appalling to see how this nation swings over the span of 6 years from being war-weary to having a bloodlust for more of it. I’m sure Roger Ailes is patting himself on the back for his contribution to the war effort. A recent Fox “News” poll showed that 65 percent supported military action […]

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday during a visit to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that Washington was keeping an eye on Iran’s “destabilizing” actions in the Middle East, a gesture meant to reassure the Gulf kingdom that ongoing nuclear talks with the Islamic Republic would bring stability to the region. Iran’s involvement in the […]

It might seem like Hillary Clinton’s emails are the biggest story in the world right now, but prior to this week, there was an even greater threat to humanity than a MacGyvered-up Hotmail account, and it was called ISIS. This week, Iraqi forces have been conducting an assault on ISIS-held Tikrit, hometown of late Iraqi […]

When the Bush Administration emptied the U.S. coffers for their boondoggle in Iraq, there was no shortage of people ready to cash in. While the architects of the Iraq War continue to enjoy freedom, military members and contractors who took part in the massive graft are finally feeling the long arm of justice. Enter George […]

The United States is announcing this to send a signal to ISIS. U.S. forces are amassing and training 20,000 to 25,000 Iraqi and Kurdish forces in preparation for a spring attack to retake Mosul, Iraq from an estimated 1,000 to 2,000 fighters of the Islamic State, or ISIS. In an extraordinary briefing for reporters, an […]

Sen. John McCain joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe early today and outlined his plan to attack ISIS in Iraq. He’s been saying we need ground forces sent in and now he’s finally come up his own mission. I wonder if he believes he’s really the president? Scarborough: You’re the commander and chief and your mission is […]

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