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Joe Scarborough Schools GOP Senator About ISIS Coalition Strategy

Welcome to another in our long-running yet rarely-necessary series, Joe Scarborough Is Right About A Thing. Episode IV: A New Dope. On Monday morning, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) appeared on Morning Joe to spew Republican derp about how President Obama shouldn’t be taking “options” off the table because it’s not “inspiring,” while also maintaining that the [...]

130,000 Flee To Turkey

As 130,000 Syrians, mostly Kurdish elderly, women and children, have fled to Turkey, Turkey has now closed its border. They were being fired on by ISIS as they were escaping, with weapons stolen from the Iraqi army that were supplied by the United States. Yesterday, heavy clashes broke out between IS militants and Kurdish fighters [...]

Add Peter King to the list of right-wing war hawks. “I don’t see how ultimately we can avoid putting combat troops on the ground in some capacity,” King said during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.” “I don’t why the president says up front we will not put boots on the ground. Why take that [...]

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on CNN‘s “State of the Nation” that Western nations will have to put boots on the ground to combat ISIS. Blair, currently the official envoy of the Middle East Quartet, said that the Sunni insurgents and their followers will not be defeated by airstrikes alone — boots on [...]

Republicans are revving up the base by once again claiming that Democrats are soft on terrorism because of their reluctance to send ground troops into war. Let’s hope the Republicans run on this. More war! More troops! More weapons! And let’s hope Democrats sharply remind voters the folly of repeating the mistakes we’ve been making [...]

ISIS fighters believe if they’re killed by women they won’t go to heaven. “They have many female battalions, as you know who fought very bravely,” Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), who chairs the House International Relations Committee, told The Post of the Kurds. Royce, who met this week with the foreign minister of Kurdistan, cited recent [...]

Long Island Congressman Tim Bishop wants to scare us so we can support war. ‘One of the concerns is the number of U.S. citizens who have left our country to go join up with ISIS,’ he said. ‘It is believed there have been some number up to 100 that have done that.’ ‘It is also [...]

There is a growing rift between President Obama and the military about how to fight ISIS reports the Washington Post. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel tried to reassure the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday that civilian and military leaders at the Pentagon were in “full alignment” and in “complete agreement with every component of the [...]

Rand Paul becomes the sanest person in the room. “When there were Republicans in office, there were loud voices on the other side,” he continued. “I see an empty chamber. There will be no voices against war because this is a Democrat president’s war.” “The hypocrisy of that should resound in this nearly empty chamber,” [...]

For weeks, the White House has been trying to explain to the media that,while ground combat troops in Iraq and Syria are not on the table, they actually are on the table, and on Thursday, someone else finally noticed. The gold star goes to ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl, who got White [...]

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