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‘Culture Of Corruption': Iraq War Fraud Case Ends

When the Bush Administration emptied the U.S. coffers for their boondoggle in Iraq, there was no shortage of people ready to cash in. While the architects of the Iraq War continue to enjoy freedom, military members and contractors who took part in the massive graft are finally feeling the long arm of justice. Enter George […]

The United States is announcing this to send a signal to ISIS. U.S. forces are amassing and training 20,000 to 25,000 Iraqi and Kurdish forces in preparation for a spring attack to retake Mosul, Iraq from an estimated 1,000 to 2,000 fighters of the Islamic State, or ISIS. In an extraordinary briefing for reporters, an […]

Sen. John McCain joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe early today and outlined his plan to attack ISIS in Iraq. He’s been saying we need ground forces sent in and now he’s finally come up his own mission. I wonder if he believes he’s really the president? Scarborough: You’re the commander and chief and your mission is […]

Liberal Florida Congressman Alan Grayson won’t support the Authorization for Use of Military Force. After questioning ambassador to Turkey, James Jeffrey, about what the word “enduring” in the request referred to, he said he couldn’t support a “blank check.” GRAYSON: Thank you. Section 2C of the president’s draft authorization for the use of military force […]

If you have millions of dollars and like morbidity. The New York Post reports that Mowaffak Al-Rubaie, a former Iraqi politician who witnessed the hanging execution of Hussein, put the noose up for auction. For the past eight years, the noose has been wrapped around a bust of the former Iraqi leader in Al-Rubaie’s living […]

Iraqis, the people we purportedly went to save, aren’t seeing the movie the same way conservative Americans are. American Sniper opened at Baghdad’s Mansour Mall theater earlier this month, but after just a week, it was pulled from screens because, as one theater employee told a reporter working for the GlobalPost, “the hero of this […]

In a bit of unfortunate timing, PR-wise, former prisoner of war Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been thrust back into the news cycle even as America worships at the altar of slain Iraq War veteran and American Sniper inspiration Chris Kyle. Bergdahl was swapped for five Taliban prisoners last summer, to loud screeching from conservatives who […]

Suzie at Crooks and Liars links to Juan Cole, whose take is that the Charlie Hebdo terrorists were radicalized by U.S. actions in Iraq. …in early 2003 at the age of 20, Sharif Kouashi and his brother Said started attending the al-Da`wa Mosque in the Stalingrad quarter. They had showed up with long hair, smoking, […]

Our New Ally–Iran

Iran is allied with Iraq and the United States in the fight against ISIS. Iranian military involvement has dramatically increased in Iraq over the past year as Tehran has delivered desperately needed aid to Baghdad in its fight against Islamic State militants, say U.S., Iraqi and Iranian sources. In the eyes of Obama administration officials, […]

One hundred foreign fighters who joined the Islamic State group were killed for attempting to flee the extremist group’s headquarters in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the Financial Times reported Friday. Some jihadists who were drawn to Syria have now become disenchanted with the grueling fight, but the leaders of the militant group formerly known […]

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