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Foreign Policy Scholar: Stop Overhyping ISIS

Michael Singh, of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, says we have to stop treating ISIS as if it’s 10-feet tall. “ISIS poises a major threat to our interest in lots of different ways,” Singh said. “But I do think it’s important that we not treat them as though they’re ten feet tall. This [...]

We’ve tortured people. There are pictures. Under a 2009 law, more than 2000 photo taken at American military facilities have been kept from view. On Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union won an important victory for transparency when a federal district judge in New York City, Alvin Hellerstein, rejected the government’s blanket claim of privilege [...]

Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole, on “This Week”, made more sense than any of President Obama’s critics in both political parties. “Frankly, there’s way too much emphasis on acting now and doing something immediately, instead of being smart about what we do,” Cole said. “The elements of strategy are already there. We know were going to [...]

The U.S. military has released video of the destruction of an IS truck in the northern city of Irbil. The US military said the strike was conducted under authority to support Iraqi security forces and Kurdish defence force operations, as well as to protect critical infrastructure, US personnel and facilities, and support humanitarian efforts. As [...]

ISIS Reacts

ISIS has reacted to President Obama’s “no strategy” speech and wants to know why we’re spending so much time talking about them. Several Twitter accounts widely believed to be ISIS-affiliated live-tweeted the president’s speech, even commenting on how much air time he has given the militant group. 1. This is the 6h speech to Obama [...]

It’s not whether or not liberals (like me) can’t identify evil. It’s whether or not ISIS is a threat to the United States, and I, much to the horror of Greg Gutfeld and most viewers of the O’Reilly Factor, said they are not a threat and we should stay out of a war between Sunni [...]

Since June, a who’s-who of White House correspondents has undertaken a valiant campaign to get ISIS (or ISIL, or the Islamic State, or  ) promoted from “Junior Varsity squad,” beginning with Fox News’ Ed Henry, then ABC News’ Jon Karl. CNN’s Jim Acosta, CNN’s Michelle Kosinski, and then Karl again. All referenced President Obama’s quote during a [...]

By the time President Obama was sworn in by the Chief Catholic of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, there was already an agreement made with the Iraqi people.  Yet people’s memories are incredibly short as they forget who was responsible for the troop withdrawal. The Republicans blaming Obama for pulling American troops out of Iraq in [...]

Dan Rather says television pundits calling for war should send their own kids or “don’t even talk to me.” “All of these people on television, some of whom I have enormous respect for, it unsettles me to hear them say, listen, we the United States have to ‘do something’ in Ukraine, we have to ‘do [...]

EDGARTOWN Mass. — The United States is considering taking the fight against Islamic State militants into Syria after days of airstrikes against the group in Iraq and the beheading of an American journalist, the White House signaled on Friday. President Barack Obama, soon to end a two-week working vacation on the Massachusetts island of Martha’s [...]

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