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Gutfeld To Me: Why Do Liberals Have A Hard Time Identifying Evil

It’s not whether or not liberals (like me) can’t identify evil. It’s whether or not ISIS is a threat to the United States, and I, much to the horror of Greg Gutfeld and most viewers of the O’Reilly Factor, said they are not a threat and we should stay out of a war between Sunni [...]

Since June, a who’s-who of White House correspondents has undertaken a valiant campaign to get ISIS (or ISIL, or the Islamic State, or  ) promoted from “Junior Varsity squad,” beginning with Fox News’ Ed Henry, then ABC News’ Jon Karl. CNN’s Jim Acosta, CNN’s Michelle Kosinski, and then Karl again. All referenced President Obama’s quote during a [...]

By the time President Obama was sworn in by the Chief Catholic of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, there was already an agreement made with the Iraqi people.  Yet people’s memories are incredibly short as they forget who was responsible for the troop withdrawal. The Republicans blaming Obama for pulling American troops out of Iraq in [...]

Dan Rather says television pundits calling for war should send their own kids or “don’t even talk to me.” “All of these people on television, some of whom I have enormous respect for, it unsettles me to hear them say, listen, we the United States have to ‘do something’ in Ukraine, we have to ‘do [...]

EDGARTOWN Mass. — The United States is considering taking the fight against Islamic State militants into Syria after days of airstrikes against the group in Iraq and the beheading of an American journalist, the White House signaled on Friday. President Barack Obama, soon to end a two-week working vacation on the Massachusetts island of Martha’s [...]

This will probably put me at odds with my more pacifist, isolationist, “let’s just use our WORDS” progressive friends. But I forced myself to watch the entire video of the ISIS butcher sawing off the head of an American journalist. And they are not going to stop just because we asked them nicely. If President [...]

Outrage over the shocking murder of American journalist James Foley, broadcast on Youtube by terrorist militia ISIL, continued to build Wednesday, and found a voice in our nation’s Commander-in-Chief. President Obama took to the podium at Martha’s Vineyard this afternoon to condemn the horrific killing, and promised to “do what is necessary to see that [...]

Pope Francis has approved the use of force in Iraq as a means to end Islamic militants from persecuting religious minorities. In these cases, where there is an unjust aggression I can only say that it is legitimate to stop the unjust aggressor. I underscore the verb ‘to stop’. I am not saying ‘bomb’ or [...]

President Obama has notified Congress about air strikes in Iraq as required by the War Powers Resolution. The strikes are to help the Iraqi government retake the Mosul Dam. National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said the mission is consistent with Obama’s directive that military protect U.S. personnel and facilities in Iraq. The failure of [...]

Iraqi security forces pull down a flag belonging to the Sunni militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria during a patrol in the town of Dalli Abbas in the province of Diyala June 30. Reuters/Stringer Thousands of Twitter users turned to humor to vent their frustrations about the Islamic State, formerly known as the [...]

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