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U.S. Kills Three ISiS Leaders In Iraq

The Pentagon says three ISIS leaders have been killed by the U.S. in the past month-and-a-half. They were identified as Haji Mutazz, a deputy to the ISIS leader; Abd al-Basit, the top military commander; and Radwin Talib, who is in control of ISIS in Iraq. They were described as mid- to high-level leaders. One official […]

American troops are fighting ISIS on the ground in Iraq, something we were told would not happen. American forces were involved in their first ground battle with Islamic State fighters, according to Kurdish media outlet Shafaq News, near the Ain Al-Assad base in the Anbar province of Iraq early Sunday. The report could not be […]

FORT DIX, N.J. (Reuters) – President Barack Obama used a holiday season visit to a U.S. military base on Monday to issue a tough warning to Islamic State militants, saying a U.S.-led coalition will permit no safe haven to the group and will destroy it eventually. Obama spoke to hundreds of camouflage-wearing troops in a […]

BASHIQA, Iraq — At a small military base just outside of Mosul, a few hundred Iraqi troops stand at attention in three neat rows. Within a prefab office nearby, a group of US officials is sitting down with some local commanders. They make introductions and exchange pleasantries, before the Americans ask the question they came […]

The former soldier is now with the far-right Family Research Council. Speaking on a panel about “Obama’s assault on the military” at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend last month, Family Research Council executive vice president Jerry Boykin lamented that “people are not paying enough attention” to “the destruction of our military” under President Obama, adding, “thank […]

ISIS wants money for the remains of one of the Americans it executed, James Foley. Middlemen with ties to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have turned to a grim new method of trying to secure funds in recent days. With the group having failed to strike deals to ransom the U.S. hostages […]

Secretary of State John Kerry appeared before Congress Tuesday to make the case for giving the president expansive war powers to fight the Islamic State. [Kerry requested] a war authorization that would even allow the Pentagon to commit American combat troops to the fight. Though Mr. Obama doesn’t want combat troops, he won’t have Congress tie […]

Al Qaeda has banned beheadings, saying it is not good for their image. The terrorist group issued a 43-minute interview with a senior al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula field commander to make it clear that it neither endorsed nor approved of such acts. “No doubt, some of our brothers were affected by seeing scenes of […]

BAHRAIN – In the early hours of Saturday morning, American Osprey aircraft whirred over the Yemeni coast from the Gulf of Aden, flying above the rugged mountains of Shabwe province. The aim of the 40 Special Forces soldiers on board was to mount one of the most difficult of all military operations, namely a rescue […]

Photojournalist Luke Somers, a hostage held captive by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula for the past fifteen months, was killed by his captors as U.S. Special Forces attempted a rescue Saturday morning. According to The New York Times, Seal Team Six went into a village in southern Yemen to rescue Somers and South African […]

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