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Ben Carson Wants You To Know He Loves Israel More Than Obama Does

Given that former neurosurgeon and conservative icon Ben Carson is visiting Israel and claiming how much he loves the Jews, it’s likely he’s getting ready to announce. In his first visit to Israel, prospective Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said he is in awe of the Jewish state, inspired by its ancient holy sites, impressed […]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday sought assurances from U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that Washington would block efforts by Palestinians and Europeans on Palestinian statehood. “Our expectation is that the United States will stand by its position for the past 47 years that a solution to the conflict will be achieved through […]

Israeli Government Crumbles

The meltdown will result in new elections. Israel’s divided government fell apart Tuesday as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired two rebellious Cabinet ministers and called for a new election more than two years ahead of schedule. Netanyahu’s announcement plunges the country into a bitter campaign that seemed unlikely just a few days earlier. The election, […]

It does appear, however, that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would still remain in office. Despite sagging popularity amid economic doldrums and increasing global isolation, his divided opposition lacks a credible unifying figure. Under Israel’s political system, the leader is the elected parliament member who can show majority support in the 120-seat house… With little common […]

PARIS (Reuters) – France warned on Friday it would recognize a Palestinian state if a final international effort to overcome the impasse between Israelis and Palestinians failed, and proposed a two-year timeframe to end the conflict through a U.N.-backed resolution. Lawmakers will hold a symbolic parliamentary vote on Dec. 2 on whether the French governmentshould […]

Attack At Jerusalem Synagogue

Two Palestinians armed with a gun and axes burst into a Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday and killed four Israelis before being shot dead in the bloodiest attack in the city in years. It was a rare attack on a place of worship and sent shockwaves through the country. It came as months of unrest gripped […]

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson wants to buy the New York Times with a left-leaning friend of his, both of whom don’t believe the the publication is pro-Israel enough. In a spirited public discussion between two of America’s richest men and largest political donors, at the IAC conference in Washington DC, multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson openly challenged his […]

Imagine what would happen if an Obama cabinet member barred Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  However, during the first Bush administration, Secretary of State James Baker did just that. Baker said that administration officials calling Netanyahu “chickenshit” in The Atlantic couldn’t be a positive for U.S-Israeli relations. But he also noted that he had his own […]

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Israel’s decision to accelerate planning for some 1,000 new settler homes in East Jerusalem raises serious doubts about the Israeli commitment to peace with the Palestinians, a senior U.N. official said on Wednesday. An Israeli government official said on Monday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will expedite preparations for new settler […]

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – An anonymous U.S. official’s reported description of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “chickenshit”, or worthless coward, drew a sharp response on Wednesday from the Israeli leader – no stranger to acrimony with the Obama administration. The American broadside, in an interview in The Atlantic magazine, followed a month of heated exchanges […]

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