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Right-Wing Already Attacking New ‘Daily Show’ Host

Drudge headlines, “Does Trevor Noah” have a Jewish problem?” It links to PJ Media taking him to task for a Tweet questioning Israel’s desire for peace. When can we begin to criticize Israel’s policies without hints that we’re anti-Semitic (or, in my case, a self-hating Jew)? Yesterday, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency appeared to be the […]

Benjamin Netanyahu is still screeching against a nuclear deal. “It appears the deal being formed in Lausanne will leave Iran with underground facilities, the nuclear reactor in Arak and with advanced centrifuges,” Netanyahu said at a parliamentary ceremony. “The breakout time for Iran to obtain fissile material for nuclear bombs will not take years as […]

It’s not Iran, Saudi Arabia or Yemen that is the worst violator of human rights according to the UN; it’s Israel. Last week, Israel was the U.N.’s number one women’s rights violator. This week it is the U.N.’s all-round human rights villain…. There were four resolutions on Israel. And one on North Korea — a […]

Isaac Herzog’s Zionist union will have 24 seats in the 120-member Knesset.   He says “I’m pleased with the result, and I’m not pleased with the outcome. We’re already moving on. People stop us in the street all the time, stop me and say thank you for giving us hope and make sure Netanyahu doesn’t screw […]

Ever since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won reelection last week, White House has been offering blistering criticism of Netanyahu over some of the desperate rhetorical measures he took in the waning days and hours of his reelection campaign, including a racist appeal to counter Arab voter turnout and a pledge not to allow a Palestinian […]

You can be amazingly proficient in one area, as Ben Carson was as a surgeon, but be amazingly ignorant in another, as Ben Carson is. This should disqualify someone from being President of the United States. Luke Brinker in Salon pulls  a portion of Carson’s GQ interview that is alarming. For starters, he has a tendency […]

At a joint press conference with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in the East Room Wednesday afternoon, President Obama took two questions each from the American press and Afghan reporters, one of which provided him with a golden opportunity to lead Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in from the cold a little bit. The White House […]

Defenders of Benjamin Netanyahu will stop at nothing to defend his reprehensible behavior, but good for the WSJ for reporting it. Israel spied on private talks the United States held with Iran over its nuclear ambitions, and used the inside information in an attempt to lobby members of Congress against the deal. The report cites […]

In an interview with Sam Stein of Huffington Post, President Obama strongly expressed his dissatisfaction with the rhetoric coming from the Israeli prime minister. At issue was Netanyahu’s comment expressing concern about Arab voters turning out in droves, as well as him taking a firm stand against a two-state solution before Election Day (a stand […]

Congressman Steve King of Iowa questioned how any Democrat could love Israel, prompting a strong rebuke from Congressman Steve Israel. I don't need Congressman Steve King questioning my religion or my politics. I demand an apology from him & repudiation from GOP. #dangerous — Steve Israel (@RepSteveIsrael) March 21, 2015 Good to know @SteveKingIA has […]

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