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Orthodox Jewish Newspaper Cuts Andrea Merkel Out Of Paris March Because She’s Female

As a Jew myself, albeit part of the Reform movement, I understand that Orthodox Jews separate men from women in temple. But it’s quite another thing to expunge women from a picture when trying to accurately cover a news story. A small Jewish ultra-Orthodox newspaper in Israel is making waves internationally for removing German Chancellor […]

A Delta flight from JFK to Tel Aviv was delayed 30 minutes because when Orthodox Jews refused to be seated next to women, the women would not move to accommodate them, claiming discrimination. According to Israel Radio, the stand-off was eventually resolved when an American travelling to Israel offered to change seats. Ultra-Orthodox Jews cannot […]

Make that number 390. In New York, that would be maybe one building. It’s a small, but tightknit flock that makes do without a permanent rabbi and worries too few children are coming along to sustain it. Steve Benn is a doctor who serves as lay leader at Rapid City’s Synagogue of the Hills. He […]

What does “Christian hegemony” look like? Well, it looks like this: Springfield, Mass. citizens were subjected to a jaw-dropper for a pronouncement on Tuesday, during a city ceremony marking the start of the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. I’ve gone over some of the history of Hanukkah before; there’s no point in retreading what’s been said […]

Suffice it to say the Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has never been Bar Mitzvah’d. Madison.com reports that Walker, the son of a Baptist preacher, courted Jewish donors last spring at the Republican Jewish Coalition spring meeting in Las Vegas. But unfortunately for Walker, all this newfound “common ground with the Jewish faith” is dredging up […]

Police shot and killed a man who stabbed a student who was praying at a Brooklyn synagogue. Cops repeatedly ordered the man, identified by police sources as Calvin Peters, 49, to put down the nine-inch blade he jammed into Levi Rosenblatt head during a furious exchange in the basement of the Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters on […]

Two students in Enola, Pennsylvania complained because their teacher wore a Star of David. In 1949, Act 14 (Sect. 1112) prohibited public school teachers from showing any kind of religious symbol or imagery in the classroom. Now, a parent of one of the two students at East Pennsboro Middle School has issued a formal complaint […]

Polio delayed the event when he was 13, but it’s never too late. The poliomyelitis infection hospitalized Norman Alpert for weeks in 1939 while growing up in the Lower East Side. He was unable to get out of bed for the Jewish ceremony, according to the Asbury Park Press. The Spring Lake Heights resident will […]

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League says liberals defend Islam because they have two common enemies: the United States and Jews. Liberals are afraid to criticize Muslims, but that is not the only reason they support the Islamic faith, Donahue claimed. “I think there is also a sense here, a lot of these people really […]

Pre-Tweeting left in the hands of an incompetent staffer is not good. Twitter users had a good laugh Friday afternoon when RNC chair Reince Priebus sent out this gloriously unfinished message: The tweet was quickly deleted, for obvious reasons. This was cause for great fun among the political class. [Link to Funny Joke about Reince […]

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