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Obama Broke Politics Again: Sent John Boehner An Email That Got Him Hopping Mad!

Obama Broke Politics Again: Sent John Boehner An Email That Got Him Hopping Mad!

Oh, Barack Hussein Obama, do you never tire of Breaking Politics™? The Boogaloo Shrimp of Washington, DC was at it again this week, ruining any chance of bipartisan cooperation by sending an email that made Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) so mad, he couldn’t reply for fear of what he might say. Boehner [...]

Obama Expected To Take Executive Action To Help The Undocumented While Congress Vacations

While Congress is off playing on its five-week recess, President Obama will do what John Boehner told him to do: take executive action on immigration. Obama and his allies believe his authority to act without legislative approval has been strengthened by congressional gridlock over comprehensive reform. “I’ve heard not to expect anything until toward the [...]

Congress Is Gone, And Good Riddance

They’re off for five weeks, so nothing will get done. Oh wait…how will we be able to tell the difference? The problem isn’t Republicans versus Democrats. It’s Republicans versus Republicans. The 113th Congress this week took another step toward ignominy as one of the least productive, most divided in history. Vocal Republicans were empowered, virtually [...]

Boehner: Impeachment A ‘Scam’ Started By Democrats

House Speaker John Boehner is in denial that extreme elements of his own party, which are increasing in number, is where impeachment talk began, and continues. Talk of impeachment was cooked up by a White House desperate for something to rally Democrats ahead of November’s elections, House Speaker John A. Boehner said Tuesday, flatly ruling [...]

Boehner’s Lawyer Penned a Great Argument Against His Lawsuit

The lawyer who is representing John Boehner in his suit against President Obama has already argued that the suit has no legal standing. Elizabeth Price Foley wrote in the Daily Caller in February: When a president delays or exempts people from a law — so-called benevolent suspensions — who has standing to sue him? Generally, [...]

Laurence Tribe Explains Why John Boehner Has No Case Against Obama

Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe explained to my radio audience that John Boehner has no standing to sue President Obama. Tribe taught both Obama and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and weighs in on them as well. He also discusses his feelings about how and why his own opportunity the sit in the High [...]

Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Obama Begins

The House Speaker is suing specifically over President Obama’s 2013 decision to delay implementation of the employer mandate in the Affordable Care Act. This is ironic, given that the last thing Boehner and Republicans wanted was a mandate in the Affordable Care Act. Or the Affordable Care Act. Boehner’s office released a draft document on Thursday of [...]

Boehner: ‘I disagree’ with Sarah Palin on impeaching Obama

House Speaker John Boehner was wise to speak out about Sarah Palin’s “impeach Obama” media tour. Two words was all it took on Wednesday for House Speaker John Boehner to shoot down fellow Republican Sarah Palin’s call to impeach President Barack Obama. “I disagree,” Boehner told reporters at a regular press briefing. Palin, the former [...]

House Republicans Want To Make Lawsuit Against Obama Into Political Theater

And that’s what it is: a show. What it is not is a serious political play that will do anyone any good. And it will backfire on a party best known for just saying “no.” Said a GOP aide: “In theory, you could report out a resolution tomorrow and vote on it. But that is [...]

The Futility Of The Boehner Lawsuit

The lawsuit by Speaker Boehner against the President has always had the hallmarks of a political stunt.  To anyone who studies the law, however, it is clear that it has no real substantive basis: So, even if Obama was refusing to enforce the law, as Boehner suggests, successful litigation of the matter could prove difficult. [...]

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