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David Koch: 50-50 Chance Republicans Take Back Senate

David Koch: 50-50 Chance Republicans Take Back Senate

David Koch says many Republicans want his support (ie, money), but he hasn’t decided yet who he likes best. He does think Republicans can be on the upswing. Koch was at Lincoln Center in New York for the premier of a play. Over dinner at the Youth America Grand Prix gala that followed the ballet […]

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Potential 2016 aspirant Mike Huckabee spoke at this weekend’s “Freedom Summit” conducted by the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity. The way conservatives have been praising Vladimir Putin as a way to put down  President Obama, perhaps lauding Kim Jong-un is next. Huckabee seemed especially determined to show he could compete for conservative votes against politicians like […]

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Bernie Sanders: Koch Brothers’ Bircher Agenda Goes Back Decades

I write a lot about all the connections the Kochs have to today’s dysfunctional elections and politics, but their goals are always more amorphous, it seems. At least, until now. Senator Bernie Sanders went back in time to 1980, when David Koch ran as…

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Billionaire Koch Brother Whines That Obama Stole His Freedom, Poor Baby

Evil Koch Brother Pens Insane Op-Ed, Claims Barack Obama Stole His Freedom (via Americans Against The Tea Party) It’s official: We are winning! Last week, we published an 1,800-word piece entitled “Half of Americans Still Don’t Know Who the Koch Brothers Are — We Solve THAT Problem!” Apart from being an in-depth primer on who […]

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Koch Editorial So Wonderful, Republican Read It On Senate Floor

Republican Senator actually read Charles Koch’s op-ed on the Senate floor (via FreakOutNation) Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS) read Charles Koch’s op-ed to to his fellow senators on Thursday. It’s like quoting verses in the Bible, except it’s not. Moran said on the Senate floor,  “I happened to be reading the Wall Street Journal this morning… […]

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Reich: How The Koch Brothers Are Undermining American Democracy

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich writes in the Christian Science Monitor how the Koch brothers are hurting our country. They have a right to their wealth, and a right to work legally to sell peterochemicals, but… But in using their vast wealth to change those rules and laws in order to fit their political views, […]

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Conservatives Beat Up On ‘Well-Traveled Expensive President’ Based On Koch-Funded Study

Drudge headlines the Beitbart story about how, based on a “study” Obama is the “most well-traveled, expensive president in history. The “study” is done by a Koch, Scaife and Exxon-supported organization, the National Taxpayer Union Foundation. So already the results are suspect. Having a well-traveled president is a good thing. Or would they rather the […]

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Koch Brothers Hypocrisy: They Object To Democrats Doing What They Do

A Koch brothers aide is blasting Democrats for big ad buys in battleground states that go on the attack–the very same things the Koch brothers, themselves, do. An aide to the Koch brothers on Friday ripped into a massive Democratic ad buy that attacks the billionaires across five Senate battleground states. In reaction to a […]

March 22, 2014 / More... ( comments)

Koch Bros Admit Pouring Money Into Jolly’s House Race To Battle-Test Strategy

Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-funded Tea Party group, has been pouring big bucks into competitive Senate races, and to the recently-decided Congressional race in Florida-13 won by David Jolly. But its agenda had little to do with the fate of David Jolly, the Republican candidate who won that race. The group’s ground troops — including […]

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They quietly declared class war on us years ago, and now I’m hoping that the smackdown of America’s most egregious Bircher billionaires continues straight up until Election Day: Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) is out with the first TV ad of his reelection campaign, taking aim at the conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch, who have […]

March 10, 2014 / More... ( comments)

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