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Restaurant Ads ‘Minimum Wage Fee’ To Checks

This restaurant owner objects that he now has to pay servers $8 an hour instead of $7.25, and so he is letting his customers know by adding an item to each check called “minimum wage fee.” Via the Star Tribune: Oasis Cafe owner Craig Beemer said the fee is needed to offset the 75-cent wage hike [...]

Raymond Burse is taking $90,000 off his $350,000 a year salary so minimum wage workers can get more. Burse told the Lexington Herald-Leader that “My whole thing is I don’t need to work. This is not a hobby, but in terms of the people who do the hard work and heavy lifting, they are at [...]

The court said collective bargaining is not a right, but rather something lawmakers can offer or withdraw at will. “No matter the limitations or ‘burdens’ a legislative enactment places on the collective bargaining process, collective bargaining remains a creation of legislative grace and not constitutional obligation. The First Amendment cannot be used as a vehicle [...]

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Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich reports that United Airlines is planning to outsource 630 gate agent jobs at twelve airports. Employees who had been earning $50,000 per year will be replaced by people paid between $9.50 to $12.00 per hour while CEO Jeff Smisek receives $8.1 million. United Airlines reports it’s outsourcing 630 gate agent [...]

A consultant from the North Carolina Growers Association, a group that provides workers who come to the U.S. from countries like Mexico on visas to work on a seasonal basis, was caught on camera punching a labor organizer in the face last week. According to Buzzfeed, the fight started after the liaison for the growers [...]

“They offered $1 per day for anyone who doesn’t go to the bathroom at all,” said Nick Kreitman, senior business agent for Teamsters Local 743

May saw 217,000 new jobs and the employment rate remain at 6.3%. The labor participation rate, which is closely watched by economists and the Federal Reserve as a yardstick for the overall health of the economy, was unchanged at 62.8 percent. In recent months, the labor participation rate has been hovering at lows not seen [...]

Vermont’s minimum wage will go from $8.73 an hour to $10.50 during the next four years. By 2018 Vermont will have the highest minimum wage in the country. “I will be proud to sign it,” Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) said of the bill. The final version will phase in the higher wage in order to [...]

Subway’s founder says raising the minimum wage wouldn’t hurt his business and that in the future it should be tied to inflation. “I’m not concerned,” CEO Fred DeLuca said on Wednesday when CNBC asked him about minimum wage hikes. “Over the years, I’ve seen so many of these wage increases. I think it’s normal. It [...]

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