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Marijuana Company Buys Ebola.com For $200K

Ebola is one of the most hyped up news topics today, as the crisis in West Africa has grown to proportions that exceed any other outbreak of the virus that has occurred in the past. As a result, plenty of frantic Google searches are in order. The domain of Ebola.com — and who owns it [...]

A Georgia man is in a lot of trouble after accidentally texting his probation officer and asking, “You have some weed?”   The Probation officer did not answer his question as far as we know, although, we cannot confirm or deny whether he smokes a blunt now and then. Alvin Cross Junior is going back [...]

You’d think they were responding to an ISIS invasion. Dwayne Perry of Cartersville tells WSB-TV (http://bit.ly/1rJ8LMq ) that he was awakened by a helicopter flying low over his house Wednesday and then some heavily-armed deputies and a K-9 unit showed up at his door. They were from the Governor’s Task Force for drug suppression and [...]

It’s been a year and a half since heroic hacker Edward Snowden touched off a global firestorm with the news that the government was collecting millions of telephone records, but if you think the government is up your ass now, wait until legislators in Washington state get their way. Officials in Spokane have proposed that use of [...]

Charlo Greene says she is a trained journalist who knew the rules, but has no regrets about profanely quitting on the air and not telling her employer about a conflict of interest. COLMES: Did it occur to you that maybe using that word would not be the best choice at the moment? GREENE: No, like [...]

Anne Armstrong is a write-in candidate whose platform is all about legalizing marijuana. Armstrong is both a cannabis provider and patient, saying in a new campaign video that she uses it “every day.” She says she uses it for help with a “physical condition” as well as a dietary supplement that helps her “focus” and [...]

Seattle will drop all marijuana tickets issued through the first seven months of 2014, says the city’s prosecutor. They were almost all issued by one officer who disagrees with legalization. In a briefing to the City Council on Monday, City Attorney Pete Holmes says he is moving to dismiss approximately 100 tickets issued by the [...]

Here’s a great way to start off your Monday: Anchorage reporter Charlo Greene of KTVA simultaneously delivered a scoop, a resignation, and an f-bomb when she revealed to viewers that she’s the co-founder of the Alaska Cannabis Club that she’d just been reporting on, and declared “Fuck it, I quit.” Greene’s resignation was not just [...]

Charlo Greene quit her job at KTVA Anchorage, live on the air, with the words “Fuck it, I quit.” She was doing a story on a medical marijuana business, one that she owned. “Now everything you’ve heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy [...]

There is less IPV, or intimate partner violence perpetration with couples who both smoke marijuana according to a study done at the University of Buffalo. These findings were robust even after controlling for things like demographic variables, behavioral problems, and alcohol use. The authors studied data from 634 couples over nine years of marriage, starting [...]

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