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Study: Couples Who Smoke Marijuana Are Less Likely To Engage In Domestic Violence

There is less IPV, or intimate partner violence perpetration with couples who both smoke marijuana according to a study done at the University of Buffalo. These findings were robust even after controlling for things like demographic variables, behavioral problems, and alcohol use. The authors studied data from 634 couples over nine years of marriage, starting [...]

This is totally harshing my mellow, man. A Virginia man whose last name is Stoner is facing drug charges after police found more than $10,000 worth of marijuana plants at his home. 42-year-old Paul Scott Stoner of Unionville is charged with growing marijuana and having a firearm while in possession of more than a pound [...]

  Jacob Lavoro could be in jail for the rest of  his life for cooking up a batch of pot brownies. Lavoro was arrested at his home in April after a neighbor complained about the smell of smoke coming from his apartment. Police at the scene weighed the brownies, and charged Lavoro with having a [...]

A gel which is to be applied directly inside of a woman’s awesome womanly parts, contains medicinal cannabis oil (with THC and cannabinoids) from marijuana grown in California. And it’s “delicious to eat.” Earth We Are One reports: It is complemented with coconut oil, especially designed to give a pleasant fragrance and, above all, to [...]

The New York Times rocked America’s world this weekend by coming out in favor of legalizing marijuana, and NBC News’ Meet the Press celebrated by convening a panel made up of more squares than you can shake a Paul Lynde at (that reference was for the members of MTP‘s panel, who are the only people [...]

The New York Times is calling to legalize marijuana. Its Sunday editorial states: It took 13 years for the United States to come to its senses and end Prohibition, 13 years in which people kept drinking, otherwise law-abiding citizens became criminals and crime syndicates arose and flourished. It has been more than 40 years since [...]

Volunteers were asked by the government to drink and get stoned to see how marijuana and pot combined with alcohol affects drivers. They want to know how stoned is too stoned to drive. “They were happy to participate,” says Dr. Marilyn Huestis, chief of chemistry and drug metabolism at the Intramural Research Program at the [...]

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is working to reduce penalties for marijuana. On Wednesday, the likely 2016 presidential candidate introduced an amendment to explicitly allow state medical marijuana regimes. On Thursday, he proposed a stand-alone bill that would lower federal penalties for repeat marijuana possession offenses and reform how law enforcement calculates the weight of drugs [...]

Our good friends at Pro Publica cover concerns already being expressed about the possibility that the Monsanto-ADM-Cargill crowd may be interested in the marijuana business. Now read this:Couple In Their 70s Ran Marijuana Grow Operation In Florida (Apr 6, 2014) Man Arrested, Searched For Marijuana, Solely For Having Colorado License Plates (Mar 30, 2014) Congressman [...]

Dr. Sue Sisley had just received approval to study the use of marijuana to help PTSD. Then she got fired. In April 2014, University of Arizona assistant professor Dr. Sue Sisley made headlines after winning federal approval to test marijuana on veterans suffering from PTSD. That made her the only academic in America to get [...]

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