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Research: Even Casual Marijuana Use Causes Permanent Brain Damage

Research: Even Casual Marijuana Use Causes Permanent Brain Damage

Experts say it’s not a “safe” drug and should not be used by anyone under 30. People who had only used cannabis once or twice a week for a matter of months were found to have changes in the brain that govern emotion, motivation and addiction. Researchers from Harvard Medical School in America carried out […]

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Maryland Governor Signs Pot Decriminalization Bill

Governor Martin O’Mally, a dark horse candidate for 2016, has decriminalized marijuana in Maryland. The bill could improve public safety by freeing police officers to focus on more serious threats, O’Malley said. The Maryland State’s Attorneys Association sent O’Malley a letter Friday, urging him to veto the measure. The group’s president said the bill was […]

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Colorado Unveils First Marijuana Vending Machine

Video: Colorado’s first marijuana vending machine unveiled (via FreakOutNation) What’s described as the future of marijuana in Colorado, is a new vending machine for weed, which will relieve long lines and sales people. Marijuana entrepreneurs unveiled a high-tech marijuana vending machine in Eagle County Friday night, according… Repost This Article Now read this:‘First Ever’ Marijuana […]

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Maryland Gov To Sign Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

Governor Martin O’Malley will sign a bill decriminalizing marijuana. On a 34-to-8 vote, the Senate gave final approval to the legislation Monday afternoon. The bill would impose only civil fines, rather than criminal sanctions, on those caught with less than 10 grams of the drug. At least 24 other states now have either decriminalized the […]

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Woman Calls Police To Complain About Quality Of Marijuana

East Texas police arrested the woman after she called to complain the buds she bought from a dealer were of poor quality. Lufkin police Sgt. David Casper said Monday that an officer went to the home of 37-year-old Evelyn Hamilton to hear her complaint that the dealer refused to return her money after she objected […]

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Couple In Their 70s Ran Marijuana Grow Operation In Florida

This is not what you’d expect in their quiet, East Orange neighborhood. Carmelina Garcia, 75, and Omar Hernandez, 71, have been married for 52 years, and the home they shared with their two pet Chihuahuas was churning out a lot of pot, authorities said. Investigators said the couple was running a sophisticated marijuana grow operation […]

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Man Arrested, Searched For Marijuana, Solely For Having Colorado License Plates

A federal “license plate profiling” suit says a 70-year-old man was stopped, searched and arrested in Idaho just because he had Colorado license plates. Darien Roseen was driving along I-84 between his second home in Colorado and Washington state on Jan. 25 when Idaho State Trooper Justin Klitch “immediately” pulled out from the Interstate median […]

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Congressman Estimates How Many Of His Fellow Reps Smoke Weed

Colorado Democratic Congressman Jared Polis spoke with the National Cannabis Industry Association, and tried to come up with a percentage. “I don’t think more than five or ten, I would guess,” Polis said. “But, I really wouldn’t know because I haven’t seen them use it. I would just be completely guessing.” Polis is a vocal […]

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Kentucky Senate Passes History-Making Cannabis Oil Bill

The state will allow doctors to treat patients with cannabis oil, shown to be effective for patients with epilepsy. The Senate voted unanimously Wednesday, with no members voicing opposition on the floor. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Julie Denton, R-Louisville, would allow doctors at the University of Louisville and University of Kentucky hospitals to use […]

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Colorado Makes $2 Million In Pot Taxes In First Month

January figures are in, and Colorado is cleaning up from legal marijuana sales. The tax total reported Monday by the state Department of Revenue indicates $14.02 million worth of recreational pot was sold. The state collected roughly $2.01 million in taxes. The state legalized pot in 2012, but the commercial sale of marijuana didn’t begin […]

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