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Ted Cruz: Same-Sex Marriage ‘A Real Danger To Our Liberty’

Cruz says he plans to introduce a Constitutional amendment to allow states to ban gay marriage. Ted Cruz told Iowa talk radio host Jan Mickelson yesterday that he plans to introduce a constitutional amendment to allow states to ban gay and lesbian couples from marrying because court decisions in favor of marriage equality present “a real […]

Will the real Ben Carson please stand up? Okay, why would I devote a whole post to Dr. Ben Carson? I mean seriously it’s not like he has a viable chance of winning the republican nod for president, but I was seriously baffled when he originally got hailed as the African American alternative to Barack […]

For Judge Roy Moore, once gays have marriage equality, the government is on the verge of taking your children. Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore told the audience at the Family Research Council’s “Faith and Family Summit” on Friday that if the Supreme Court rules that states don’t have the right to impose bans on same-sex […]

He would prefer contracts between people with no “marriage” at all. “I’m for tradition marriage. I think marriage is between a man and a woman. Ultimately, we could have fixed this a long time ago if we just allowed contracts between adults. We didn’t have to call it marriage, which offends myself and a lot […]

A majority of Americans, 56%, support gay marriage, up 45 points since 1988, and 8 since 2012. This is according to the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. The issue remains highly partisan, with Democrats showing significantly higher levels of support than independents or Republicans, but the gap between Democrats and Republicans narrowed considerably between […]

How’s that for family values? The viewer said that while one parent was adamant about not attending “because it’s against the Lord’s plan,” the other felt that they should attend in order to show support and love for their child.  In the past, Roberson has been very clear that Christians should not attend gay weddings […]

After the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were ratified, collectively freeing the slaves and granting them full citizenship rights (the men anyway), white supremacists concocted various subversive laws to oppress African-Americans within the new mandates of the Constitution. The laws were originally known as the “black codes” and eventually as “Jim Crow.” For example, across […]

Alabama’s chief justice was grilled on Fox News Sunday by Chris Wallace. “I could recuse or dissent as a justice from Delaware did in the Dred Scott case [affirming slavery] in 1857,” the Alabama chief justice insisted. “They ruled black people were property. Should a court today obey such a ruling that is completely contradictory […]

In fact, most Alabama judges are ignoring the state’s chief justice, Roy Moore, on his decision to defy the feds on marriage equality. Despite Moore’s orders to the contrary, at least 50 of Alabama’s 67 counties decided by Friday to issue licenses to same-sex couples. “When federal law is in conflict with state law, federal […]

The charge was “disorderly conduct.” “I have the man who runs this state’s court system telling me not to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples,” Judge Booth told USA Today, “I have the federal judiciary telling me I will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.” “I want to uphold my oath. But what law do […]

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