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Journalist Sues For Being Arrested While Covering Ferguson

The Washington-based journalist is suing St. Louis County. Gerald Yingst, a reporter and producer with News2Share, also accuses police of defaming him by announcing his arrest on Twitter and saying he had refused a commander’s order to clear the street, damaging his professional reputation… Yingst was one of two people detained on Nov. 22 during […]

Telling black journalists to be neutral, as though they should be treated differently, or even need to be told to be neutral, did not sit well after Bill Cosby said that to Stacy Brown of he New York Post. Today, the President of the National Association of Black Journalists Bob Butler rejected Cosby’s whole premise. Cosby […]

PolitiFact has decided that the biggest lie this year wasn’t by one individual, but rather by the media in general. …fear of the disease stretched to every corner of America this fall, stoked by exaggerated claims from politicians and pundits. They said Ebola was easy to catch, that illegal immigrants may be carrying the virus […]

A hostage situation that developed in Sydney, Australia on Monday ended in gunfire after a 16-hour standoff that culminated in a joint SAS/police raid during which the hostage-taker and two others were killed. During the siege, national media organizations followed police requests not to release the name of the gunman, who was later identified as […]

A conservative digital army has been amassed on Facebook reports National Journal. It’s chief is David Bozell, and the issue which led to the shutting down of the White House switchboard was the president’s executive action on immigration. In the last four years, ForAmerica has quietly amassed what it likes to call a “digital army” […]

The Daily Caller reaped a social media shitstorm Monday when they launched an “investigation” into Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery’s blackness, or lack thereof. The post was entitled “TheDC Investigates: Is WaPo’s Wesley Lowery Black?” It examined Lowery’s claim of blackness, versus a contradictory data point from an October traffic stop in Maryland. While Lowery […]

Jeremy Peters of the New York Times was introduced at 6AM. When they eventually went to him at 7:15, he wasn’t there. “Did he say anything?” Scarborough asked. “Not the entire time?” Turns out he had, one quick bit about the House GOP, but that was almost an hour prior. In fairness Morning Joe did […]

Rosie O’Donnell is reportedly not getting along with the cast and crew, offended that she is not the lead moderator on the show. We’re told Rosie came in thinking she’d be in the lead position at the table — “the moderator.” We’re told she was outraged when it became clear the title and the power […]

Don Hastings says television as we know it will be dead in less than 20 years. Netflix’s game-changing distribution strategies have irked some in the business. Plans to release the sequel to Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon day-and-date online and in Imax theaters has several exhibitors vowing to boycott the film. Hastings said it’s […]

The Indianapolis Star featured a Gary Varvel cartoon that offended a wide group of readers, and many viewed it as racist. The paper states that “Gary did not intend to be racially insensitive in his attempt to express his strong views about President Barack Obama’s decision to temporarily prevent the deportation of millions of immigrants living […]

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