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Some Liberaland Changes–What Do You Think?

We’re playing around with some ideas, some of which you’ve suggested to us. You want more interactivity and open threads. Done. Each day we give you an off-topic thread where you can say what you want and post images and videos. You also suggested we repost that thread so it stays on the front page. Done. When I […]

Business magnate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg reportedly has his sights set on owning the New York Times. Near the end of his time as mayor, Mr. Bloomber told the Times chairman and publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. that he was interested in buying the newspaper, according to a source with direct knowledge […]

In the first few weeks of 2015, we have been reminded of just how far back in time religious extremists would like to set back the progress that humankind has made. Even in celebrating unity against the terrorists who attacked French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish Israeli newspaper published a photo from last weekend’s […]

On Friday, the news was rightly dominated by the dual standoffs between French police and terrorists involved in the murders of 13 people earlier in the week, standoffs which ended in violent death for three of the suspects, while one remains at large. Two of the suspects, brothers Cherif Kouachi, 32, and Said Kouachi, 34, […]

If it’s Sunday, it’s time for a long line of lying Republicans to meet the press. That suits the GOP just fine of course, They love coming on the Sunday shows to schmooze with the hosts. After all, their entire ideology is based on myths and fueled by lies, so to be able to talk […]

BBC’s Quentin Somerville was covering a story in Afghanistan near a pile of burning narcotics. “Burning behind me is eight-and-a-half tons of heroin, opium, hashish and other narcotics,” stated Somerville, who began to giggle … Somerville, a respected reporter who has braved gunfire in the Middle East, tried a second and third take, but kept […]

The gruesome murders of foreign journalists by the Islamic State group contributed to 2014 being a particularly deadly year for international correspondents, an annual review by the Committee to Protect Journalists reported Tuesday. The CPJ study found that an “unusually high proportion” of the 60 journalists who died reporting from the world’s trouble-spots in 2014 […]

The Washington-based journalist is suing St. Louis County. Gerald Yingst, a reporter and producer with News2Share, also accuses police of defaming him by announcing his arrest on Twitter and saying he had refused a commander’s order to clear the street, damaging his professional reputation… Yingst was one of two people detained on Nov. 22 during […]

Telling black journalists to be neutral, as though they should be treated differently, or even need to be told to be neutral, did not sit well after Bill Cosby said that to Stacy Brown of he New York Post. Today, the President of the National Association of Black Journalists Bob Butler rejected Cosby’s whole premise. Cosby […]

PolitiFact has decided that the biggest lie this year wasn’t by one individual, but rather by the media in general. …fear of the disease stretched to every corner of America this fall, stoked by exaggerated claims from politicians and pundits. They said Ebola was easy to catch, that illegal immigrants may be carrying the virus […]

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