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MSNBC Helpfully Explains How To Keep Your Teenagers From Joining ISIS

With the news that three teenage girls have been detained and returned home after apparently trying to run away and join ISIS, Americans have a whole new thing to freak out about: your damn kids signing up for global jihad. Three girls from Colorado, aged 15, 16, and 17, were apprehended at Frankfurt airport in Germany [...]

Ben Bradlee Dead At 93

Long-time Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee has passed away at age 93. From the moment he took over The Post newsroom in 1965, Mr. Bradlee sought to create an important newspaper that would go far beyond the traditional model of a metropolitan daily. He achieved that goal by combining compelling news stories based on aggressive [...]

On Michael Savage’s radio show last week, he argued with a caller over whether California lawmakers should rename a San Francisco tunnel in honor of Robin Williams. Savage objected, and the caller, who suffers rom post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), defended the move.   Savage claimed it would promote suicide, then after arguing with the caller, he [...]

Our Anosognotic Media

It goes without saying that a Hollywood biopic is going to aggrandize its subject — Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, General Patton, whomever. No one wants to star in, direct, fund, or produce a motion picture whose tagline would be, “Joe Shmedlap: A Real Dick.” They’re like memoirs; no former President is going to write in [...]

NY 1 was interviewing black and Latino students who were being hustled out of the white neighborhoods where they were attending school. According to their sources, kicking minority students out after school was a common practice among the NYPD’s school safety officers, and several students confirmed that it had happened to them. However, whenever they [...]

Disgraced former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker got into it with fellow castaway Natalie Anderson. After Rocker pointlessly shoved another contestant during the challenge, Anderson began shouting that Rocker’s tribe needed to vote him out because he was a “bad sportsman.” She also referenced his now infamous 1999 Sports Illustrated interview, in which he made [...]

President Obama learned about being on an elevator with an armed ex-convict only minutes before it became public Tuesday. That was the death knell for Secret Service head Julia Pierson. Ms. Pierson’s support in the West Wing began crumbling late Tuesday, in large part because she did not tell the White House of a security [...]

Try To Read All About It

Once again, we learn about a newsroom layoff at the 800-pound gorilla of all the daily papers, the New York Times: The New York Times plans to cut about 100 jobs from its newsroom, Ravi Somaiya reports. “We hope to meet this number through voluntary buyouts. But if we don’t get there we will be [...]

Piers Morgan Has A New Job

The former CNN host will be U.S. editor of London’s Daily Mail. Piers said of his appointment: ‘I am very excited to take on the role of Editor-at-Large (US) at MailOnline, which has become the most successful and dynamic platform in the world of news. ‘The site is an addictive pleasure, that offers an extraordinarily [...]

Chelsea Clinton announced the birth of her daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, on Twitter early Saturday morning and since then, Republican Twitter users have not exactly welcomed the baby into the world with open arms. Meet Charlotte, Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton’s new baby. How Conservative pro-lifers celebrate the birth of a baby. “Why is Chelsea [...]

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