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32-Year-Old Woman Dead Because Her State Refused To Expand Medicare

32-Year-Old Woman Dead Because Her State Refused To Expand Medicare

The true death panel consists of Republican governors and legislators. Charlene Dill, a 32-year-old mother of three, collapsed and died on a stranger’s floor at the end of March. She was at an appointment to try to sell a vacuum cleaner, one of the three part-time jobs that she worked to try to make ends […]

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GOP Lawmaker To Elderly Woman: You’re ‘A Waste Of My Time…All You Liberals Are The Same’

A contentious email exchange between a Virginia state lawmaker and an elderly woman became quite ugly. “How intellectually lazy are you?” state Delegate Tag Greason (R) [pictured above, at left] wrote Susan Merk as part of a series of emails between the two. “You are the problem. Good luck to you. You can not insult […]

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Pharmacists Paid AIDS Patients Not To Take Medicine, Then Charged Medicaid

The Bronx pharmacists then charged Medicaid for the full amount and pocketed the money. When arrested, pharmacist Mohamed Hasan Ahmed buried his face in officers’ clothes. Pharmacy owner Ahmed Hamed was calm as he was led away in handcuffs. A third owner of the 184th Street Pharmacy in the Bronx’s University Heights, Tarek Elsayed, was […]

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Florida Illegally Stopping Medicaid Patients From ER Visits

Florida has been limiting Medicaid visits to six times a year per patient, which is not legal, as caps are not permitted. As a result, the federal government intends to penalize the state by withholding a portion of Medicaid funding. “We hope the state will realign their Medicaid program with federal standards to avoid this […]

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Arkansas House Votes To Kick 96,000 Poor Off Health Care Plans

The Arkansas House voted not to fund a continuation of Medicaid expansion, meaning 96,000 people who depended on Medicaid are left without coverage. Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe (D) (pictured) worked out a compromise with the Republican-controlled legislature last year to pass an alternative to Medicaid expansion that uses federal money to help people earning up […]

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South Dakota Republicans Prevent Voters From Deciding On Medicaid Expansion

Republicans in South Dakota don’t want voters to have a say in whether Medicaid should be expended to provide more people with health care. They know if it’s up to the legislature, it will never pass. The Senate State Affairs Committee voted 7-2 against the resolution. Gov. Dennis Daugaard recently asked the federal government to […]

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Arkansas Wants To Strip People Of Obamacare Coverage

Last year, Arkansas was one of the states to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. This year, they look to be the first one to take away Medicaid benefits from people who have gotten used to receiving them. The revanchist Republicans are setting up their state, one of 25 to expand Medicaid this year […]

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Scot Rosenzweig of Allentown, PA confronted Tom Corbett outside a $1000 a plate dinner, holding a picture of his late fianceé, wanting to know why he rejected expanding Medicaid. Rosenzweig: “You’re trying to work on the Healthy PA initiative, and — understand, I am a Republican. [inaudible] I think maybe we should consider accepting the […]

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Republicans Scaring The Poor Out Of Signing Up For Obamacare

Igor Vosky at Think Progress exposes the sly maneuver Republicans are using that prevents those who need health care the most from signing up. Using scare tactics, they are telling older Americans that the government can take their assets when they die, and they’re depending on a little-known part of the 1965 Medicaid law to […]

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Klein: A ‘Huge Win’ For Obamacare

Ezra Klein points out one “huge win,” as he puts it, in Obamacare signups, and that is the number of poor people who will now get Medicaid. In October and November more than 4 million signed up, and the December numbers haven’t even come in yet. It’s “the biggest ACA success story that has not […]

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