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32-Year-Old Woman Dead Because Her State Refused To Expand Medicare

32-Year-Old Woman Dead Because Her State Refused To Expand Medicare

The true death panel consists of Republican governors and legislators. Charlene Dill, a 32-year-old mother of three, collapsed and died on a stranger’s floor at the end of March. She was at an appointment to try to sell a vacuum cleaner, one of the three part-time jobs that she worked to try to make ends [...]

Boehner Vs. Tea Party . . . Again

John Boehner used procedural maneuverings to pass an increase in payments to doctors receiving Medicare money, to bypass the more conservative members of his caucus.  These Tea Party acolytes were not happy: Many Republican House members wre not even on the floor. Here, Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) complains about what transpired, comparing it to what [...]

Pharmacists Paid AIDS Patients Not To Take Medicine, Then Charged Medicaid

The Bronx pharmacists then charged Medicaid for the full amount and pocketed the money. When arrested, pharmacist Mohamed Hasan Ahmed buried his face in officers’ clothes. Pharmacy owner Ahmed Hamed was calm as he was led away in handcuffs. A third owner of the 184th Street Pharmacy in the Bronx’s University Heights, Tarek Elsayed, was [...]

Arkansas House Votes To Kick 96,000 Poor Off Health Care Plans

The Arkansas House voted not to fund a continuation of Medicaid expansion, meaning 96,000 people who depended on Medicaid are left without coverage. Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe (D) (pictured) worked out a compromise with the Republican-controlled legislature last year to pass an alternative to Medicaid expansion that uses federal money to help people earning up [...]

Charlie Crist, the former Republican turned Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida, goes for incumbent Rick Scott’s jugular early on. Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (D) said in an interview on Friday that the state’s current Tea Party Gov. Rick Scott (R) is to blame for the deaths of six Floridians every day due to [...]

Obamacare Changing End Of Life Care, Could Be Revolutionary

One out of every four Medicare dollars is spent on people in their last year of life, much of it for treatments that do little but prolong suffering.  The original attempts to make end of life care in the Affordable Care Act more humane were derided as “death panels.”  Well, some provisions stayed in the [...]

Democrats Need To Own Obamacare And Fight For A More Progressive Plan

Democrats running away from Obamcare are only hurting their re-election chances. As Duncan Black notes, voters already have someone like that to vote for, and they’re called Republicans. Democrats own healthcare reform.  And a number of those who answer pollsters with objections to the Affordable Care Act object from the left. They want a more [...]

Republicans Wrong If They Think They Can Run Against Obamacare

Greg Sargent points out that Obamcare is actually a weapon that can be used against Republican governors. Democrats are currently using a major pillar of the health law — the Medicaid expansion — as a weapon against Republican Governors in multiple 2014 races. Many of these Governors opted out of the expansion or have advanced [...]

Here’s Why Right-Wing Pols Fear Obamacare

Salon‘s Brian Buetler crunches the data in parallel with the latest developments in the upgrades to healthcare.gov, and it does not look good for the Ted Cruz-Rand-Paul-Michele Bachmann hard-right wing of the Republican Party: For the past couple of months, the Healthcare.gov failure allowed Republicans to ignore the moral imperative they face to direct these [...]

Bush’s Medicare Part D Was Much Less Popular Than Obamacare On Rollout

Jon Perr shows us the math, courtesy of the Kaiser Family Foundation. As it turns out, the numbers show that President Bush’s Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, a program that now enjoys 90 percent approval from America’s seniors, was far more unpopular during its launch than Obama’s Affordable Care Act is now. The charts [...]

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