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Missouri’s Felons Can Now Have Guns

Anomaly at FreakOutNation explains: It all started in 2014, when the Missouri General Assembly asked voters to approve a constitutional amendment that said “the right to keep and bear arms is an unalienable right” in the state. Law enforcement officials warned that this would open a door for felons to possess guns. But never mind […]

Thanks to a gun rights group and Sen.Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia) who sponsored the bill, felons are challenging the Missouri Supreme Court for the right to carry firearms. This is due to the effects of the state constitution’s newly strengthened gun-rights provision, even as opponents of the amendment are urging the court to declare the […]

About 50 activists marching from Ferguson to Jefferson City encountered hostility from Darren Wilson supporters in Rosebud. The protesters were met with racial slurs, a display of fried chicken, a melon and  and a 40-ounce beer bottle which had been placed in the street. A Confederate flag flew and racial epithets were shouted, according to […]

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency, ahead of the anticipated grand jury’s decision into the death of Michael Brown. In an executive order, Nixon said there’s a possibility of expanded unrest regardless of the outcomes of federal and state criminal investigations, according to MarketWatch. The signed Executive Order reads: WHEREAS, the […]

After 70 days of protests, Ferguson demonstrators gathered outside the St. Louis County Police Headquarters in Clayton Wednesday afternoon, saying they came to express their democratic voice on the, “National Day Against Police Brutality.” The protesters had plans to speak at a scheduled public meeting of the St. Louis County Police Commission, but it was […]

A St.Louis police officer called an activist’s boss in an attempt to get her fired, so she filed a formal complaint “to return the favor.” According to the officer’s union he was within his rights. The police department says it is investigating the matter. Leigh Maibes, a real estate agent who tweets under the alias “Short […]

A Missouri teenager first claimed her toddler was kidnapped but according to documents, Desiree Ann Marie Cozzoni gave her baby away to a known heroin user because she, “wanted to live the life of a normal teenager.” Cozzoni is charged with endangering the welfare of a child, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and making a […]

A Republican Missouri official explains that she used a poor choice of words in a post on her personal Facebook page in which she called for a military coup. How does one accidentally call for a military coup? According to Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds Debbie Dunnegan, she meant “no ill intent” when she referred to […]

A former Chesterfield, Mo.,  police officer used a secret camera  installed in a gas station men’s room to take close-up video images of a teenage boy’s genitals while he detained and searched the boy, according to authorities. After 6-years on the job, 33-year-old David Cerna was fired from the Chesterfield Police Department and faces a […]

The U.S. Justice Department is planning to take a top-to-bottom look at the Ferguson, Missouri, police department, according to what officials told CNN.  A Missouri official and a federal official said on Wednesday that the civil rights division of the Justice Department is preparing to launch a new investigation into the Ferguson police department. According […]

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