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Here Come The Feds: Probe To Be Launched Of Ferguson Police Department

The U.S. Justice Department is planning to take a top-to-bottom look at the Ferguson, Missouri, police department, according to what officials told CNN.  A Missouri official and a federal official said on Wednesday that the civil rights division of the Justice Department is preparing to launch a new investigation into the Ferguson police department. According [...]

Convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza used the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, following the death of an unarmed black teenager at the hands of a police officer to compare that to actions being committed by ISIS militants. D’Souza said that now we are seeing “a complete flip” so that now white people cannot get justice under President [...]

A police officer in Missouri was suspended on Friday after he left five Facebook posts on the Ferguson protesters, including one that read,”These protesters should have been put down like a rabid dog the first night.”  According to MSN, the police department in Glendale, another St Louis suburb, said on Friday that it had suspended one [...]

When you write something on a social site, the rest of  us can see it.  A Houston woman’s Facebook post on the Ferguson protests, resulted in her being fired. The woman wrote on her personal Facebook page, “The police need to just start mowing them down with machine guns, purge them.” “Very racist,” one man who [...]

The LAPD killing of unarmed 25 year-old Ezell Ford has been overshadowed, nationally, by the events surrounding the Ferguson, MO killing of Mike Brown, but the police in Los Angeles are paying close attention to the real danger it poses: finger-gun gestures. The investigation into the death of Ezell Ford, the mentally-challenged 25 year-old who [...]

The Mayor of Ferguson, Missouri, was called out by CNN host Chris Cuomo after he repeatedly referred to Michael Brown’s body as an “it.” Mayor James Knowles (R) said in explanation of why the slain teenager’s body had been left on the street for so long, “The body was covered for a while, and so [...]

After the fatal yet another officer-involved shooting of a black man, St. Louis police released video footage of the incident. Chief Dotson released cell phone video Wednesday that showed police shooting 25-year-old Kajieme Powell, according to KMOV.   The suspect wasn’t 3 or 4 feet away as some previously believed. According to the video, he was [...]

A Poplar Bluff city councilman (R) in Missouri, is under fire for posting racist photos of President Obama on his Facebook page but, he explains that he didn’t mean to offend anyone. Of course not. When the issue was brought up at Monday night’s city council meeting, the following day councilman Peter Tinsley apologized saying, “At one [...]

A Ferguson Police officer who threatened to kill protesters while aiming a rifle at them has been taken off duty after a complaint from the Missouri ACLU, the organization announced on Wednesday. The ACLU tweeted, “SUCCESS! In response to our letter, officer who threatened to kill #Ferguson protesters has been removed from duty.” Just before his [...]

OnTuesday,  Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder (R) argued that the curfew in Ferguson should be reinstated because “Anglo-American civilization” is working in Ferguson. “I don’t understand an argument for not reinstating it,” he told MSNBC host Ronan Farrow. “I don’t understand that. I’m not trying to be overtly political. I am saying, the people of [...]

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