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NH Republicans Overwhelmingly Favor Romney For 2016

NH Republicans Overwhelmingly Favor Romney For 2016

The WMUR/Granite State Poll shows Mitt Romney is way ahead on the wish list. If Romney doesn’t run, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has the lead.  All 13 potential Republican candidates in the WMUR/Granite State Poll have either fed speculation about their plans for 2016 or allowed pundits to place their names in contention. But [...]

Republican Lawmaker: Mitt Romney Will Run In 2016 And Win

On Monday’s MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said after being asked how he’d advise Mitt Romney on running in 2016, “I think he actually is going to run for president. He probably doesn’t want me to say that. A hundred times he says he’s not.” “Mitt Romney has always accomplished what he [...]

GOP Congressman: Romney Will Run And Win In 2016

Utah’s Jason Cheffetz believes Romney’s the One. Chaffetz was on with Chris Matthews tonight, and the subject of Romney’s 2016 aspirations came up. Matthews wondered if Romney looks at all these polls showing people like him more in retrospect and rethinks trying a third time to run for president. Chaffetz said Romney is definitely considering [...]

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Thinks 47% of Americans Are Lazy Gits

It stands to reason that if you want to get elected, you should mimic a failed presidential candidate like Mitt Romney. A Republican gubernatorial candidate in Colorado went all Mitt Romney on us, echoing the infamous “47 percent” speech. Gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez toured Colorado to “build unity,” then he was caught on camera being [...]

Man Who Was Sure He’d Win In 2012, And Was Way Off, Predicts Who Will Win In 2016

Mitt Romney knows Republicans will take back the White House in 2016, and knows exactly how it should be done. In case you don’t know, this person had the same exact view in 2012. All Republicans have to do, apparently, is mock Hillary Clinton. When asked by host David Gregory what he would do if [...]

Failed Candidate Mitt Romney Blames Obama For Bush Failures

Failed Candidate Romney Blames Obama For Bush Failures (via http://crooksandliars.com) By karoli June 15, 2014 10:30 am – Comments On Meet the Press, Mitt Romney pretended George W. Bush’s failures never existed, much less that they caused today’s crisis in Iraq. To listen to Mitt Romney, George W. Bush never existed or led the country… [...]

Is The 3rd Time The Charm For Mitt Romney?

Believe it or not, there are some in the GOP who are longing for a third Presidential try by Mitt Romney. In a recent Republican fundraiser in Park City, Utah, all the candidates were received well. But the big buzz and the only guy who “could fill the room” was none other than the fellow [...]

Mitt Romney, Desperate For Relevance, Bashes Hillary

Anything for attention: Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney harped on Hillary Clinton on Friday, further criticizing the foreign policy she and the Obama administration pursued during her time as secretary of state. “The Obama-Biden-Hillary Clinton foreign policy is a monumental bust,” Romney told about 300 of his top donors, according to The Washington Post’s [...]

Mitt Romney’s Goal: Kingmaker

If you can’t be the king, kingmaker is a good other way to go. Romney has quietly sought kingmaker status in the GOP’s fight for the Senate majority this fall and its quest to retake the White House in 2016. The effort at revival is fueling whispers about a third presidential run. But those closest [...]

Romney Disses Stay-At-Home-Moms

“She didn’t just stay at home needle-pointing,” Mitt Romney said, of Iowa Senate hopeful Joni Ernst.  In the process, he, unintentionally, put down those who did, including a woman named Ann Romney. Appearing alongside Ernst in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Romney hailed the conservative upstart as a “real Iowan in a lot of respects.” “She was [...]

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