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Josh Romney Wants Us To Believe His Dad Stood In Line Today To Pay His Taxes

Josh Romney Wants Us To Believe His Dad Stood In Line Today To Pay His Taxes

Josh Romney really wants you to see this picture of Mitt ‘paying taxes’ (via FreakOutNation) Josh Romney, son of former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney,  tweets photo-ops. It’s a thing. Last year he tweeted a picture of him being a hero, which is just what heroes do. Today, he tweeted a picture of his billionaire […]

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If ‘Corporations Are People, My Friend,’ Why Do They Pay Just 12.6% In Taxes?

Taegan Goddard at Wonkwire: Andrew Ross Sorkin provides a rundown of the tax perks available to corporations that “have famously excelled at this game.” “How well? Companies paid an average effective federal tax rate of 12.6 percent in 2010, the last time the Government Accountability Office measured the rate.” Some of the most “egregious corporate […]

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Mitt Romney Wins Stupid Caveman Award

It has been a tradition for losing presidential candidates to gracefully leave the stage after conceding defeat. The loser usually says something to the effect that “the people have spoken” and pledges his support to the winner. Willard Romney doesn’t believe in that tradition. Romney has been foaming at the mouth ever since his defeat […]

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Romney Continues His Obama-Bashing Tour

I’ve written of how classless it is of Mitt Romney to keep bashing the victor in the 2012 election. And his bashing tour continued Sunday on Face the Nation, as he referred to the president as naive. “There’s no question but that the president’s naïveté with regards to Russia and his faulty judgment about Russia’s […]

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Reince Priebus Thinks Mitt Romney Was The Real Winner Vs. Obama

Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus is a piece of work. He told Chuck Todd who the real winner was in the 2012 election. “I mean, the fact of the matter is Mitt Romney won on the message. He won on jobs, he won on the economy, he won on the question of, ‘Who do […]

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Romney Continues To Nip At Obama’s Heels

Mitt Romney, rather than gracefully accepting defeat, continues to let us know he would have been a better president. Ann Romney, too, has expended energy bashing President Obama, ungraciously. Now comes a Wall Street Journal op-ed via Mitt Romney telling us what a failed leader the president is. Why, across the world, are America’s hands […]

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Romney 2016?

Romney 2016?

Mitt Romney got his brain trust back together. Was it just a reunion or a look down the road? The 2012 Republican presidential nominee has invited his debate prep advisers and senior campaign aides to his mountaintop chalet in Park City, Utah, for a weekend of skiing later this month, according to two people close […]

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Romney To Brewer: Veto It

Romney To Brewer: Veto It

Mitt Romney wants Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill that would allow Arizona businesses to discriminate against gays. .@GovBrewer: veto of #SB1062 is right. — Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) February 25, 2014 Repost This Article Now read this:Supreme Court Won’t Hear Case Of Company Refusing Gay Couple (Apr 17, 2014) U.S. Anti-Gay Activist Arrested […]

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Conservatives Worry That Jimmy Fallon Is Too Liberal

They can’t even look at an entertainment show without playing politics. BTW, isn’t this the same Jimmy Fallon who recently had Mitt Romney on to slow jam the news? The Obamas have had few more obsequious media allies than NBC’s Jimmy Fallon. Now that he’s taking over the hallowed ground of “The Tonight Show,” Fallon’s […]

February 21, 2014 / More... ( comments)

This time Mitt Romney, who continues to exhibit bitterness about losing the presidential election of 2012, is attacking Bill Clinton. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, was asked for his thoughts on the state of 2016 presidential politics and the renewed focus on the 1990s prompted by the […]

February 16, 2014 / More... ( comments)

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