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Miley Cyrus Did Something Really Great

The twerker sent a homeless teen to accept her award for best video at the Video Music Awards. Instead of twerking her way up the stage to accept her Video of The Year award, Cyrus, 21, sent a homeless teen named Jesse to accept the Moonman on her behalf. “I am accepting this award on [...]

The Dominican Republic canceled a September 13 Miley Cyrus concert because they believe she is immoral. According to Acento.com.do, the government commission accused the 21-year-old singer of “inappropriate costumes, corruption of language, images and perverse sentences, phrases with double meanings, defend crime, violence and degrading acts for civic worship, incitement to sex, lesbian sex, improper [...]

Gene Simmons put-down of those who suffer from depression resulted in an Australian radio station banning his music. Australian station Triple M has pulled the plug on all Kiss tracks across the country — not on taste grounds — but because Simmons said depressed people should kill themselves… Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx said, “I don’t [...]

The troubled pop star attended Bible class with his ex, or his ex-ex, as the case may be, Selena Gomez. He took to Twitter later to post: ‘God is good’, which was retweeted by his fans 68,000 times… The reports come just two months after the Beauty And The Beat crooner was baptised in a [...]

Attorney General Eric Holder was dead-on when he said that Americans are cowards when it comes to the issue of race, most recently evidenced by the mainstream media’s refusal to address the root cause of the recent rash of violence at country music concerts: White Culture. The problem has gotten so bad that one recent [...]

Iconic country singer Dolly Parton is an unlikely feminist hero. In fact, she, herself, claims “I’ve never been a feminist.” But if we look at her accomplishments and some of the things she’s said over her decades-long career, it seems odd for her to say that. I think she’s always been a feminist. Dolly Parton is the [...]

Kiss singer Gene Simmons has no tolerance for those addicted to drugs or who suffer from depression. When asked by SongFacts.com if he still gets along with Criss or Frehley these days, Simmons responded, “No, I don’t get along with anybody who’s a drug addict and has a dark cloud over their head and sees [...]

This happened at a Lewiston, NY Johnny Rockets.  How about a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T? The Queen of Soul was reportedly approached by a “new and very young employee” (how young? too young?) of the burger-and-fries-and-whatever chain, to demand that she not sit down and eat her burger because she’d ordered it to-go. The employee, according to [...]

A long-lived New Orleans musician whose career spanned a remarkable nine — yes, nine — decades, as old as jazz itself, has passed away: Trumpeter Lionel Ferbos, New Orleans’ oldest jazz musician, died on Saturday days after his 103rd birthday, local media reported. Ferbos stayed active long after reaching his century and last performed in public [...]

There is no word yet on the cause of death. Winter was a leading light among the white blues guitar players, including Eric Clapton and the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, who followed in the footsteps of the earlier Chicago blues masters. Winter idolized Waters — and got a chance to produce some of the blues [...]

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