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New York Cabbie Suspended For Nazi Armband

New York Cabbie Suspended For Nazi Armband

The name of the cab driver was not released, but he was suspended for 90 days by the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission for wearing a Nazi armband with a swastika while working. The photo was brought to the attention of the T&LC by the Anti-Defamation League via a letter that said that it [...]

Porn Actress Kicked Out Of Neo-Nazi Party For Miscegenation

Sex, race, Nazis and porn–what else must a story have to get attention? German actress Ina Groll left the pornography industry in December, re-inventing herself as a cheerleader for the National Democratic Party (NPD), Germany’s premier Nazi cosplay club. Now she’s been kicked out of the NPD because some horny skinhead onanist found a clip [...]

Protective Sevices Takes Neo Nazi’s Daughter–Named Eva Braun

Heath Campbell doesn’t have custody of any of his nine children with five different women. He appeared in court in June to fight one of his cases in full Nazi regalia. Campbellā€™s latest furor was set in motion Nov. 11 when his girlfriend, Bethanie Zito, gave birth to little Eva Lynn Patricia Braun at a [...]

Greece Cracks Down On Neo-Nazis, Fascists

Down With Tyranny blogger Howie Klein draws a strong contrast between Greece, whose citizens and government have had it with the rise of fascist movements, with the United States, where John Boehner stands by passively as a radical fringe hijacks his caucus: Obama and Boehner are both victims of the rise of far right populism [...]

Neo-Nazis’ Plan To Settle In North Dakota Down The Toilet?

Liberaland has been following the story of a white supremacist Neo-Nazi group that has been threatening to take over the small town of Leith, North Dakota. It started when one of their leaders, Paul Craig Cobb, started buying properties in the town and moved in. But his plans may have just gone down the crapper [...]

Neo-Nazis Overwhelmed by ND Protesters

It seems that the citizens of the Leith, North Dakota, population about two dozen, are not the only people who are unhappy about the plan by a couple of white supremacists to turn their town into a haven for racism and hate. Members of the National Socialist Movement had planned to hold a public “town [...]

Nazi Invasion: ND Town Braces For Racists

  Needless to say, the citizens of the very small rural town targeted for “settling” by a white supremist and his followers are furious: The tiny town of Leith in North Dakota is bracing itself for a potentially turbulent weekend. Its 24-strong population is set to be overrun by opposing busloads of neo-Nazis attempting to [...]

North Dakota Town Fearing Neo-Nazi Invasion

Busloads of neo-Nazis are staging a demonstration in Leith, ND, populaiton: 24, in an effort to create an all-white town. Jeff Schoep (pictured), commander of the American National Socialist Movement (NSM), is preparing to travel from Detroit to Leith to hold a town-hall meeting and press conference on Sunday afternoon. On the NSM website, he [...]