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New York Man’s Death By Police Chokehold Ruled A Homicide

A chokehold used by a white police officer on a black New York City asthmatic man during his arrest for selling untaxed, loose cigarettes last month caused his death, the medical examiner announced Friday, ruling it a homicide, according to the Associated Press. 43-year-old Eric Garner’s incident with the police  caused an outcry, including calls [...]

Police say a 74-year-old Long Island man has been arrested and accused of mailing a letter containing anti-Semitic remarks and a white powdery substance to an office building over two years ago. Nassau County police charged Leslie Feher on Friday with placing a false bomb or hazardous substance. The Hicksville man could face up to [...]

An asthmatic Staten Island, New York father died on Thursday after a police officer put him in a chokehold and other officers appeared to slam his head against the sidewalk, according to a video of the incident. “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!,” 43-year-old Eric Garner repeatedly screamed after at least five officers took him [...]

I do not live in New Rochelle NY, nor do I know anything about its local politics. But I came upon this piece from its Mayor Noam Branson reacting to an angry response in the community regarding the siting of a group home for disabled adults and several parts of it resonated. Because there’s a [...]

In parts of New York and New Jersey beachgoers were startled to see an image in the sky on Saturday afternoon: A plane towing a banner with a swastika-themed message. The banner had swastika imagery and promoted the website “proswastika.org, according to NBC New York. The International Raelian Movement was behind the banners, and the [...]

A Brooklyn woman was found to have been living with her mother’s skeletal remains for at least a year, according to law-enforcement sources. The rotting corpse which is believed to be that of 61-year-old Susie Rosenthal, was discovered Monday under a pile of garbage bags in an apartment she shared with her 28-year-old daughter, Chava [...]

The WestView News, a New York-based newspaper which is sold in the Chelsea and West Village-area, for some mind-boggling reason ran with an op-ed titled, “The N*gg*r in the White House.” The paper, which touts itself as “The Voice of the West Village,” ran the column in their July edition. PoliticusUSA reports, that the article, penned [...]

A good guy with guns (I’m getting them confused with the bad guys with guns) was arrested in New York on Wednesday after police found several AR-15 rifles,  hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and a possible suicide note which read “I want to die in combat, so I can go to heaven and meet God,” in [...]

What they really believe is that “Bush knew,” and they’ve been pushing this since 9/11. In other words, it’s not some foreign terror group that was behind this, it was the United States government. Some people need a hobby. However, they have a real chance of getting an the New York ballot this year using [...]

NSFW: There Was An Actual ‘Smallest Penis in Brooklyn’ Contest (Images) (via FreakOutNation) There was actually a pageant last night called The Smallest Penis in Brooklyn and small penis owners lined up for about a block to show off their family jewels, or lack thereof. According to the Gothamist, the place was packed full of [...]

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