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Skyrocketing Obamacare Enrollment Results In Premium Cut In Half In NY

Skyrocketing Obamacare Enrollment Results In Premium Cut In Half In NY

New York: Skyrocketing Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Result in Premiums Slashed in Half! (via Americans Against The Tea Party) New York is a model for what the Affordable Care Act is meant to be. Republicans tried their best to refuse the Medicaid expansion, and require their citizens onto the federal exchanges.  Realizing that this would ultimately […]

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Police Twitter Campaign Backfires When Pictures Of Police Brutality Are Posted

The New York Police Department started a Twitter campaign asking Tweeters to put up pictures of themselves with police officers. It didn’t go well. “Do you have a photo w/ a member of the NYPD? Tweet us & tag it #myNYPD. It may be featured on our Facebook,” the department posted on its NYPD News […]

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New York Joins Effort To End Electoral College

It’s about time we elected presidents with the majority of the vote. New York and nine other states agree. Under the National Popular Vote Compact, which Gov. Cuomo signed off on Tuesday, the state has agreed to award its electoral college votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the national popular vote. Currently New York’s electoral colleges […]

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NY’s Progressive Mayor To Push For Wage Increases, Affordable Housing

Bill de Blasio is following up on the state’s funding for pre-kindergarten children to enact other progressive measures. De Blasio’s road ahead, confirmed by the mayor and his senior aides, is an attempt to tighten the focus around his campaign theme of combatting income inequality and to steady an administration that has seen its poll […]

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LA Gov. Bobby Jindal Calls NY Mayor ‘Petulant Tyrant’

So, this is the new Republican Party, eh? Calling Bill de Blasio names. On Tuesday, the New York Post published an op-ed by Jindal in which he criticized the mayor’s hostility to charter schools, saying that de Blasio’s actions have the “markings of a petulant tyrant holding low-income students hostage.” He also accused de Blasio […]

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Game Show Host Now Making Excuses About Not Running

Gameshow Host Known For Teasing About Running For Office Decides Not To Run For Office He Had Been Teasing To Run For pic.twitter.com/klNBym57u5 — Mother Jones (@MotherJones) March 14, 2014   Repost This Article Now read this:Republican Candidate Shows How Tough He Is By Hitting Obama Doll (Apr 19, 2014) Carville: GOP On Verge Of […]

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Big Republican Money Going To New York’s Democratic Governor

New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo is attracting big Republican donors. He was feted at a “Republicans for Cuomo” event Tuesday hosted by John and Betty Levin at the Pierre. According to a witness, attendees mingling with the Democratic politician included top GOP power players such as Larry Rockefeller, Phil Geier, former Ambassador to Denmark […]

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Such A Tease: Alec Baldwin Gives Up

New York magazine teased the print edition of their next issue, tweeting the cover. Both haters (just read the replies to NYMag’s tweet) and fans will have to wait until the mag’s Web site posts the article. Repost This Article Now read this:UPDATE: Alec Baldwin Savages MSNBC, Phil Griffin, Maddow, Media (Feb 24, 2014) Alec […]

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ZAP! Charged Grates, Doorknobs Shut Down Part Of NYC’s 6th Ave

Too much precipitation + way too much road and sidewalk salt + an underground electrical infrastructure that’s about five decades overdue for overhaul = Con Edison came close to zapping a whole lot of people in midtown Manhattan: Several blocks of Sixth Avenue in the 20s are currently closed off to drivers and pedestrians due to […]

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New York’s Seccessionist Movement

There is a movement in New York to divide the state between upstate and downstate, as there are very different political and philosophical differences between the two. “I’ve lived in New York all my life, and upstate and downstate have two different philosophies of life,” said John Bergener, an Albany County resident and organizer of […]

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