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Gun Safety Group: It Would Be Great If the NRA Represented Their Members, Not Just Gun Manufacturers (Video)

Gun Safety Group: It Would Be Great If the NRA Represented Their Members, Not Just Gun Manufacturers (Video)

National Rifle Association, meet the group, Everytown for Gun Safety. The gun sense group is sending every candidate in Congress a 10-question survey on gun laws. On Alan Colmes’ radio show Thursday night, the host interviewed the head of Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety, John Feinblatt, who explicitly states that they [...]


In a surprise move that caught much of official Washington and the rest of the nation off-guard, the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the National Education Association (NEA) today announced an historic agreement whereby the two organizations will combine forces and merge, creating a new entity: the National Rifle Education Association, or NREA. Current NRA [...]

Paging Mr. Wayne LaPierre! Mr. LaPierre, please pick up the white courtesy phone… On Wednesday night at 6:40 p.m., a 68-year-old man was getting into his car outside of Yuri’s Gun Range, which is on Percy Street, just around the corner from Philadelphia police headquarters at 8th and Spring Garden streets. A man and a [...]

Two Dead In School Shooting In Oregon

UPDATE: At a press conference at 1pm ET, police reported that a gunman entered the school, shot and killed a student, and is now deceased. This story is developing as I write this, so if details are sketchy I apologize. There are reports of an active shooter at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon. It’s [...]

When Did Guns Become A Hobby?

  In keeping with the recent tradition of a mass shooting weekly in America, Seattle Pacific University was the site of yesterday’s latest gun tragedy. How and when did it become so easy to obtain guns and ammo?  Simply look back a few decades and it’s obvious what has aggrandized gun ownership: the re-branding of firearms as a hobby. [...]

Middle Class Destruction Coincided With Rise Of The NRA

Reaganomics, without a doubt, launched the destruction of the American middle class, where one patriarchal income could actually support an entire family. A decent factory job could enable a man to raise a family while the wife helped raise the children and groom them for an eventual college education. Women, though paid less, are now forced to work. The jump [...]

Open Carry Texas Gun Fetishists Burn Their NRA Cards

Turning On Their Creator: Open Carry Groups In Texas Destroy NRA Membership Cards (via FreakOutNation) Open Carry Texas and other gun toting good ol’ boys are pissed off at the National Rifle Association over the gun organization calling groups who besiege family-friendly restaurants while fully armed, ‘weird.’ Open Carry Texas released a statement… Now read this:3-Year-Old [...]

Yeah, this is the way to get millennials hooked on guns. And putting out this video right after the Isla Vista tragedy is in really good taste. Now read this:Alabama Top Attorney: County Can’t Ban Guns At Polls (Jul 8, 2014) Ammosexuals Suing University For Right To Bring Guns On Campus (Jul 8, 2014) Brave [...]

Even The NRA Thinks Open Carry Texas Is Off Its Rocker

The NRA Slams Open Carry Groups In Texas, Calls Them ‘Weird’ (via FreakOutNation) There is nothing more telling of the Open Carry groups in Texas than to have the National Rifle Association call them ‘weird’. In this one instance, I agree with the NRA and I’ll probably never be able to say that again. The [...]

House Actually Passes Gun Safety Bill; No, Really

It’s a minor step, but it’s a step. The United States House of Representatives just passed a small appropriation that will improve the accuracy of the national database used to conduct background checks prior to many gun sales. It’s a modest step forward, given significant loopholes in the federal background system which allow many felons [...]

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