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Jewish Group Calls For Resignation Of NRA Lobbyist For Remarks On The Holocaust

Jewish Group Calls For Resignation Of NRA Lobbyist For Remarks On The Holocaust

The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle is taking umbrage after a National Rifle Association lobbyist recently made remarks comparing a gun-control effort in Washington state to Nazi Germany, according to KOMO News. The group is located at the site of a mass shooting in 2006 which makes the lobbyist’s remarks even more disconcerting for the members [...]

Thomas Hobbes and the Twisted Genius of Open Carry

There’s a weird, twisted genius lurking behind the ridiculous, Walter Mittyesque Second Amendment fanboys of the so-called “Open Carry” movement, and it’s well worth paying some attention to. Open Carry is not really about guns, and it’s not really about the Second Amendment: it’s about systematically undermining Americans’ confidence in governance while simultaneously boosting the sales [...]

Here’s How We Get Better Gun Regulation

Via Being Liberal   Now read this:Obama Says Muslims Built ‘The Very Fabric Of Our Nation’; Heads Explode (Jul 29, 2014) Pregnant Woman Gets Apparent NYPD Chokehold After Grilling On Sidewalk (Jul 28, 2014) Liberals’ Favorite Troll Debates Conservative On Guns, Resulting In Civility. Wait, What? (Jul 27, 2014) 2 Men ‘Smelling Of Alcohol’ Accused [...]

We Watched This Insanely Ridiculous NRA Video So You Don’t Have To

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been responsible for countless nonsensical, totally illogical and sadistically irrational pro-gun slogans. It’s kind of what the NRA does. Its executive vice president and chief crackpot, Wayne LaPierre is a never-ending geyser of these easy-to-repeat yet easily debunkable slogans. So it came as no surprise when the NRA released [...]

NRA: Let’s Make Schoolkids Shoot Guns

The NRA wants children to learn how to shoot guns. The NRA’s Billy Johnson does’t want gun-free zones; he wants “gun-required zones.” Says Johnson: “Gun policy driven by our need for guns would insist that we introduce young people to guns early and that we’d give them the skills to use firearms safely. Just like [...]

Wayne LaPierre’s Good Guys

We all remember a time when families could go to the mall, enjoy a nice afternoon shopping, have lunch in the food court and, other than an occasional police officer, never see anyone with a gun. Thanks to the open-carry movement, backed by Wayne LaPierre and the NRA, all that is changing. Now we have [...]

Gun Safety Group: It Would Be Great If the NRA Represented Their Members, Not Just Gun Manufacturers (Video)

National Rifle Association, meet the group, Everytown for Gun Safety. The gun sense group is sending every candidate in Congress a 10-question survey on gun laws. On Alan Colmes’ radio show Thursday night, the host interviewed the head of Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety, John Feinblatt, who explicitly states that they [...]


In a surprise move that caught much of official Washington and the rest of the nation off-guard, the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the National Education Association (NEA) today announced an historic agreement whereby the two organizations will combine forces and merge, creating a new entity: the National Rifle Education Association, or NREA. Current NRA [...]

Paging Mr. Wayne LaPierre! Mr. LaPierre, please pick up the white courtesy phone… On Wednesday night at 6:40 p.m., a 68-year-old man was getting into his car outside of Yuri’s Gun Range, which is on Percy Street, just around the corner from Philadelphia police headquarters at 8th and Spring Garden streets. A man and a [...]

Two Dead In School Shooting In Oregon

UPDATE: At a press conference at 1pm ET, police reported that a gunman entered the school, shot and killed a student, and is now deceased. This story is developing as I write this, so if details are sketchy I apologize. There are reports of an active shooter at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon. It’s [...]

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