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Mall of America Terror Threat Still Can’t Budge Gun Show Loophole

Over the weekend, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson mildly freaked a few people out by telling shoppers at the consumer mecca that is the Mall of America that they should be “vigilant” over calls by Somali terrorist group Al Shabaab for sympathetic lone wolves to carry out attacks at several high-profile shopping centers. Nothing […]

Women in the United States are 11 times more likely to be killed by a gun than women in other prosperous countries. The presence of a firearm during a domestic violence incident increases the likelihood of a homicide by 500 percent. Guns are also regularly used in non-fatal incidents of domestic violence, with researchers at […]

Anomaly has the story at FreakOutNation about NRA board member Charles Cotton, He’s upset about a Florida bill that would prevent corporal punishment in schools. Once again Rep. Alma Allen (D, F) has filed a bill to prohibit the use of corporal punishment in public primary and secondary schools. I’m sure some folks are going […]

Former “Meet the Press” host David Gregory showed an illegal gun to NRA Executive Director Wayne LaPierre during an episode of the show. A Freedom of Information Act request reveals that police believed there was enough evidence to charge Gregory. Despite the request, D.C. attorney general Irvin Nathan declined to prosecute in the case. He […]

In the latest edition of  Rolling Stone, Bryant Gumbel expressed some very strong opinions on myriad topics in the world of sports.  One of the stories he produced last season, regarding the Eat What You Kill movement, aired in October, 2014. It was an unusual story for Gumbel as he’s not an avid gun enthusiast. Gumbel admitted, “Obviously, […]

Thomas Lorey, and upstate New York sheriff, is urging citizens to disobey the state’s handgun licensing law. …Lorey told a gathering of Oath Keepers that he volunteered Fulton County to take part in a pilot program for a new state system for updating handgun licenses. “They’re going to send out 500 invitations in my county, […]

South Carolina State Rep. Alan Clemmons hates his state’s zero tolerance policy for guns. Clemmons introduced the Second Amendment Education Act to alter a mandatory high school course on the Constitution to require a three-week focus on the Second Amendment. Clemmons says he’s heard that schools gloss over the Second Amendment in the course. The […]

Hamstrung by a Congress indebted to the NRA, the Centers for Disease Control is unable to research gun violence, in spite of an order from the White House to do so. The CDC had not touched firearm research since 1996 — when the NRA accused the agency of promoting gun control and Congress threatened to […]

Actor Liam Nesson is sick of America’s gun culture. “There’s too many f—ing guns out there,” Neeson told Gulf News at the “Taken 3” premiere in Dubai. “Especially in America. I think the population is, like, 320 million? There’s over 300 million guns privately owned in America.” He called the amount of gun violence in […]

Gun Sales Surging

Gun sales have been surging, according to FBI records for last three months of 2014. Background checks totaled more than 2.3 million in December, according to the FBI, compared to about 2 million in the same period in 2013. While sales increased nationwide, there were sporadic reports of a spurt in people buying guns after […]

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