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Expect More Guns On College Campuses

Guns on college campuses are becoming more likely. Inside Higher Ed today brings an update on the status of the never-ending and inexplicable quest of gun people to ensure that guns are allowed on college campuses across America. Why is this, of all things, an issue that someone would dedicate their attention to? Why not […]

Last week the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) announced that it was indefinitely delaying a proposal to ban armor piercing bullets.  They cited an outpouring of public opposition to the proposal.  In my latest column, I argue that it’s not the public that ATF is worried about: …the comments were likely not a […]

Glenn Beck threatened to quit the NRA if Grover Norquist is elected to the board because he might be a Muslim. And the NRA is jumping to make things good with Beck. For years, Beck has accused Norquist of being associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, citing his past ties with Islamic-American groups such as CAIR, […]

A couple in Nevada is seeking a change to state law after being denied a license to raise foster children due to a regulation that bars foster parents from carrying loaded firearms. Brian Wilson and his wife Valerie applied to become foster parents in 2013. They were denied because of their refusal to comply with […]

A high school in Madison Heights, MI was placed in lockdown after a pro-gun advocate was seen carrying a rifle nearby. According to 7 Action News, the man walked near Lamphere High School with a rifle strapped to his back. The police were subsequently called. Moms Demand Action, a gun safety group, posted a video […]

If you’re having a good day, prepare to have it ruined by yet another example of the tasteless and disgusting lows the NRA will sink to in order to rile its base. This Thursday, the gun rights group fired off a sloppy tweet that seemingly mocked Gabby Giffords and her 2011 brutal attack: “Gabby Giffords: […]

Over the weekend, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson mildly freaked a few people out by telling shoppers at the consumer mecca that is the Mall of America that they should be “vigilant” over calls by Somali terrorist group Al Shabaab for sympathetic lone wolves to carry out attacks at several high-profile shopping centers. Nothing […]

Women in the United States are 11 times more likely to be killed by a gun than women in other prosperous countries. The presence of a firearm during a domestic violence incident increases the likelihood of a homicide by 500 percent. Guns are also regularly used in non-fatal incidents of domestic violence, with researchers at […]

Anomaly has the story at FreakOutNation about NRA board member Charles Cotton, He’s upset about a Florida bill that would prevent corporal punishment in schools. Once again Rep. Alma Allen (D, F) has filed a bill to prohibit the use of corporal punishment in public primary and secondary schools. I’m sure some folks are going […]

Former “Meet the Press” host David Gregory showed an illegal gun to NRA Executive Director Wayne LaPierre during an episode of the show. A Freedom of Information Act request reveals that police believed there was enough evidence to charge Gregory. Despite the request, D.C. attorney general Irvin Nathan declined to prosecute in the case. He […]

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