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Paging Edward Snowden: Now the Government Wants To Collect Your Poop

It’s been a year and a half since heroic hacker Edward Snowden touched off a global firestorm with the news that the government was collecting millions of telephone records, but if you think the government is up your ass now, wait until legislators in Washington state get their way. Officials in Spokane have proposed that use of [...]

Yahoo announced Thursday that the government threatened to fine the company $250,000 a day if it did not comply with demands to go along with an expansion of U.S. surveillance by surrendering information about its users. Yahoo considered the government’s demands to be unconstitutional and challenged the government in court. “We refused to comply with [...]

A pair of decade-old legal memos released by the Justice Department on Friday reveal “the fullest public airing to date of the Bush administration’s legal justification for the warrantless wiretapping of Americans’ phone calls and e-mails,” according to the Washington Post.   The warrantless program began in secret after the 2001 terrorist attacks. The Washington [...]

A former top official for the National Security Agency says the terrorist group ISIS has “clearly” capitalized on the voluminous leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and the group is exploiting the top-secret disclosures to evade U.S. intelligence. Because they now know how to avoid detection, Islamic State killers are harder to find and [...]

Edward Snowden’s attorney announced that the former NSA analyst  and leaker has been given a residence permit for three more years in Russia. “On the first of August he received a three-year residence permit,” lawyer Anatoly Kucherena told reporters. He added that Snowden had not asked for political asylum. “He will be able to travel [...]

Intelligence workers have a really good time looking at suggestive photos of unknowing Americans, says Edward Snowden. He said NSA analysts searching for signals intelligence were examining mostly mundane – but sometimes intimate – messages and photographs sent online or through cellphones by “ordinary citizens.” “They stumble across something … completely unrelated to their work, [...]

In a new revelation, Edward Snowden is alleging that members of the spy agency routinely passed around naked photos that had been “intercepted.” In an interview with The Guardian, former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden revealed that government analysts would routinely pass around sexually explicit photos they st stumbled across. In the course of [...]

The Guardian reports that Patrick Sensburg, the head of Germany’s parliamentary inquiry into NSA activity, is considering using manual typewriters for sensitive documents instead of e-mail. The Russian government took similar measures in 2013 in response to NSA spying allegations by Edward Snowden. The Federal Guard Service (FSO) placed an order for twenty Triumph Adler [...]

Chairman of Germany’s NSA Committee of Inquiry , Patrick Sensburg told Die Welt news yesterday that the German Government is considering reverting to old-fashioned typewriters to replace computers. As reported in The Gurdian: Asked “Are you considering typewriters” by the interviewer on Monday night, the Christian Democrat politician Patrick Sensburg said: “As a matter of [...]


Podcast: Play in new window | Download In which our intrepid correspondent makes the painful admission that he doesn’t mind much being digitally probed. Now read this:Greenwald To Name Americans Spied On By NSA (May 26, 2014) ‘There Are Negotiations’ For Snowden To Return To U.S. (May 26, 2014) Counting Down To Julian Assange’s Potentially [...]

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