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Armed Man In Obama Mask Robs Dunkin’ Donuts

The man robbed a New Hampshire Dunkin’ Donuts Tuesday night. Police said the robber was wearing the presidential mask, black gloves and carried a black handgun. He demanded money from the register and left, entering the passenger side of a small, dark-colored Toyota with no rear plate, according to police. The vehicle appeared to be [...]

The Donald has spoken, warning of “hell to pay” if a soldier gets infected with Ebola. Real estate tycoon Donald Trump blasted President Barack Obama on Tuesday for his handling of the Ebola crisis overseas, telling MailOnline that putting servicemen and women in close proximity to the deadly virus is ‘morally unfair to the soldiers, [...]

Former Florida Governor and possible future Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush (R-Fla.) has joined the chorus of politicians jumping on the Ebola bandwagon, and trying to run President Obama over with it. Even as controversy continues to swirl around quarantine orders issued by governors from both parties, and political and media figures demand travel restrictions, [...]

Drew Walker loves America – his version, anyway. This angry Tea Party zealot has been posting insane rants on Facebook for quite some time, ranting about liberal “f*cking f*ggots” and our Muslim President Barry Soetoro. “Every one of these douchebag motherf*ckers in DC needs to be relieved of their duty immediately, including Obama and that [...]

We all know that the job of a president is to stand by the border and stop all diseases from coming over. Just like Ronald Reagan did with AIDS.  Laura Ingrahm blames Obama for everything. Check that, not everything. Just everything bad. Ingraham predicted that “establishment” Republican Jeb Bush would be the nominee for the [...]

Or maybe not. At the very least, the latest ad from the Republican National Committee is designed to scare the pants off nearsighted, mouth-breathing ignoramuses who are utterly clueless about what’s happening in the world and whether President Obama is legitimately to blame for all of it. And just in time for Halloween. The ad [...]

And here we thought Speaker John Boehner was acting strictly out of a sense of duty and in the public interest to challenge a full-blown constitutional crisis that presented an existential threat to The Greatest Nation On Earth®!! Why are you letting us down, Mister Speaker? Why?? WHY????</ sarcasm> It’s been months since John Boehner [...]

He may not actually worship the Dark Lord – no, not Voldemort, the other one – but he sure does listen to his advice! The man who drove his car into the controversial Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol building claims to have had divine inspiration, of sorts, for his actions: The devil [...]

The Donald has flipped out because of an Ebola case in New York. First of all, before it was confirmed that Dr. Craig Spencer had Ebola, Trump actually said that if he tests positive, President Obama should resign. No, seriously: If this doctor, who so recklessly flew into New York from West Africa,has Ebola,then Obama [...]

With mere weeks to go in the U.S. Senate race in North Carolina between Sen. Kay Hagan (D) and Thom Tillis (R), things have gotten very ugly in Fayetteville, where cars at a predominantly black church were papered with leaflets featuring a photograph of a lynching, accompanied by a threat of impeachment against President Obama. The [...]

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