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Gene Simmons Manages To Bash Obama While Praising His Policy

In other words, what Obama did was good and will work, but it’s wrong because Obama did it. “If you notice President Nixon, when he was in charge, went to China and was considered weak,” he said. “I remember as a young man reading about this and I said, why are we going to China? […]

Florida Senator and hopeful presidential candidate Marco Rubio greeted news of the release of Alan Gross by calling President Obama the “worst negotiator in modern U.S. history.” “My interest in Cuba has been the furthering of democracy and freedom,” Rubio said. “Nothing the president will announce today will further that goal…It’s part of long record […]

Vivek Murthy is the new Surgeon General of the United States, even though the National Rifle Association did all it could to stop the nomination. Murthy is a Harvard- and Yale-educated physician, and has identified obesity and chronic disease as areas of focus for his tenure. He will be the first Indian American to hold the position. […]

This is a really good use of these wing nuts’ time. William Gheen unveiled his plan to get Louie Gohmert or Steve King installed as president by removing President Obama and Vice President Biden from office and then getting Gohmert or King named speaker of the House. Now Gheen is trying to get his fellow […]

The former soldier is now with the far-right Family Research Council. Speaking on a panel about “Obama’s assault on the military” at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend last month, Family Research Council executive vice president Jerry Boykin lamented that “people are not paying enough attention” to “the destruction of our military” under President Obama, adding, “thank […]

You only have to visit the White House a few times to become acclimated to the array of harmless, nutty, and attention-starved folks who gather there to protest one thing or another, but occasionally, the nuts aren’t so harmless. Barely a year after Tea Party protesters flew a Confederate flag in front of the White […]

Alan Keyes went on one of his rants on Rick Wiles’ radio show. Keyes told host Rick Wiles that while the government should follow God’s laws, Obama wants to become God and appoint himself Führer: “We are not, as citizens, always supposed to be trying to lift up some Fuhrer the way the Germans thought. […]

President Obama’s approval ratings have been stuck in the low-to-mid 40s for a good long while now, and while the breakneck pace at which Democrats ran away from the president during this year’s midterm campaigns didn’t help, a new poll from Bloomberg News may offer another clue to Obama’s persistent public approval woes. On several […]

Republicans will now begin blaming everything on Hillary Clinton when they’re not blaming things on Barack Obama. Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus crowed that Louisianans had “rejected the Democrat agenda and the Obama-Clinton policies that have produced higher healthcare costs and job-killing regulations.” Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a likely Republican presidential contender in 2016, […]

Rush Limbaugh thinks the left must be happy with police officers who took Eric Garner down and then choked him to death. To him, it’s always the left that is responsible for every terrible thing that happens. Limbaugh appeared on Fox News Sunday to bemoan the “grievance industry” that is “literally ripping our fabric apart.” […]

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