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Republican Congresswoman Asks For Obamacare Horror Stories; Opposite Happens

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) slammed the Affordable Care Act on Facebook on the fifth anniversary of President Obama signing it into law. She asked constituents to share their Obamacare horror stories but the response was not what she expected. Rodgers wrote, “This week marks the 5th anniversary of #Obamacare being signed into law. Whether […]

Cliff Kincaid had this to say on on the End Times radio show. “We’ve got somebody in the White House who effectively, peace be upon him, acts like a Muslim and a Marxist the same time,” Kincaid told host Rick Wiles, before calling Secretary of State John Kerry “an agent of Hanoi” who is just […]

Ben Carson calls President Obama a “psychopath” in a GQ article. Carson had come to the Capitol Hill home of Armstrong Williams, a conservative media impresario who officially serves as Carson’s business manager and who lately has functioned as Carson’s unofficial image-maker and political adviser as well. As the two men turned to the TV, […]

Like a bad penny, George Zimmerman pops up yet again with his tale of victimization and woe. That poor, poor baby. Is it fundraising season for him? His divorce attorney posted a video of him going on about Barack Hussein Obama’s meanness and how unfair life has been to him. I can’t post it here […]

When simply calling him a Muslim won’t do, it’s time to get creative. Warning that “our Muslim president” is “selling out the country to the radical mullahs in Tehran,” Klayman said that the president wants Iran to get a nuclear weapon because “in so doing, Obama will have furthered the will of his faux god, […]

President Obama helped a video from MSNBC’s “The Last Word” go viral. The president answers his critics directly, as you can see. The president spoke in Cleveland describing the economic success of his administration. Now read this:Ashcroft: Obama, Holder ‘Appease Some Ethnic Portions’ Of The Country (Mar 21, 2015) Billionaire Nick Hanauer Goes (Even More) […]

Senator John McCain is referring to President Obama’s attitude towards Israel as a “temper tantrum.” In an interview released yesterday, Obama said that some of Netanyahu’s pre-election rhetoric was unhelpful and contrary to Israel’s ideals, referring to Netanyahu’s pre-election opposition to a two-state solution and his comments about Arab voters turning out “in droves.” Gloria […]

Comedian and political pundit Jackie Mason is bashing President Obama for not loving Bibi enough. In a radio interview set for broadcast on Sunday, Jackie Mason complains that Obama ‘doesn’t see that Hamas is a problem. … He doesn’t care that they want to wipe us out.’ ‘I’m not saying he is on the side […]

Is anyone surprised that potential GOP 2016 presidential contender Rick Santorum did absolutely nothing to shut down some ranting wingnut at Frank Gaffney’s so-called Security Summit over the weekend? I didn’t think so. As Right Wing Watch who flagged this video noted, this is what happens when two of the members of the GOP 2016 […]

src=”//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js”> If you’re thinking of running for President, it might be best if one of your aides doesn’t call the sitting President a bitch. An operative for Ben Carson’s presidential exploratory committee magically disappeared his Twitter account which often attacked President Obama, other Democrats, some other Republicans, and others with inappropriate language. Jim Dornan, who […]

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