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Racist Meme Goes Viral

Conservatives on social media have adopted a line of defense against liberals who offer differing opinions on their posts and memes.  “Its[sic] all Bush’s fault and your[sic] a racist” has become their mantra, accusing liberals of fixating on these two points alone rather than offering anything of substance that could be worthy of discussion.  A [...]

Colorado Congressman Doug Lamborn says Generals who don’t like the way President Obama is conducting the war should resign. At a liberty group meeting this week, Lamborn was asked about supporting the military and troops “despite the fact that there is no leadership from the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House.” Lamborn said, “Let me [...]

It’s nice to have a unifying figure like Sarah Palin remind us how important it is to do away with divisive politics. In the process, she had some very lovely things to say about President Obama. “It’s time to end the politics of division, the left’s politics of demographics and identity groups and their tactic [...]

Convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza says he is the victim of a government that wants to shut him up. Despite finally admitting that he broke the law, D’Souza still claims that he is the victim of a government hit job. “I didn’t want the government to to [sic] be successful in shutting me up.” He told WorldNetDaily: [...]

Conservatives are freaking out (and even openly weeping) over a White House Instagram video that shows President Obama saluting a U.S. Marine on his way down the steps of Marine One…with a latté in his hand! Even the normally liberal Alec Baldwin had a curiously intense negative reaction: Actually, “latté” and “coffee cup salute” are [...]

SaluteGate! The usual suspects are in a tizzy over photographs of President Obama disembarking from Marine One, the presidential helicopter, and saluting Marines with a coffee cup in his hand. Perhaps they should be. As a veteran, I am bothered by the cavalier way in which Obama rendered the hand salute. If a recruit in [...]

This proves, says America’s right, that Barack Obama hates the military. President Obama returned a formal military salute by saluting with a coffee cup he had in his hand as he stepped off his U.S. Marine Corps helicopter in New York on Sunday. They’re calling it the “latte salute.” Now read this:White House Intruder Was [...]

Louisiana Senator David Vitter says President Obama is lying about the threat posed by the Khorasan Group to help Democrats in the midterm election. Vitter spoke to Newsmax’s J. D. Hayworth. “Are you afraid the administration cries wolf once too often in these situations?” Hayworth asked. “Yes, particularly right before an election,” Vitter responded. Later [...]

The Congressman who was critical of President Obama for wearing the wrong colored suit and who would prefer that David Cameron were president, suddenly believes we all have to support the president. “This is a very, very positive step,” King said of the coalition of Arab countries involved. He said it was now necessary for Americans [...]

Allen West is upset that President Obama won’t divulge the precise strategy that he will employ to degrade and destroy ISIS. He says, Obama delivered his 15-minute empty speech which focused more on what he was not going to do along with self-righteous indignation in dismissing ISIS’ Islamic ideology. These folks on the Right want [...]

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