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Poll: Most Say Obamacare Working

Poll: Most Say Obamacare Working

Are you better off now than you were prior to Obamacare? Most Americans say, “Yes!” The CNN poll released Wednesday found that 18 percent of respondents said they or their family had benefited from the health care law, while an additional 35 percent said while they may not be better off, the lives of others [...]

Another Appeals Court Upholds Obamacare Subsidies Only Two Hours After A Court Struck Them Down

The GOP’s dastardly plot was foiled again! In just a little over two hours, Obamacare was back intact after two Republican judges on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ordered much of the Affordable Care Act defunded. Think Progress reports: Just two hours later, another federal appeals court, the [...]

Two Republican Judges Order Obamacare Defunded

Think Progress has the story of today’s decision in the case of Halbig v. Burwell, where two Republican judges will have to live with their decision to deny millions of Americans federal health insurance subsidies. So you can thank Judge Raymond Randolph, a Bush I appointee, and Judge Thomas Griffith, a Bush II appointee for [...]

George W. Bush-Appointed Judge Tosses Sen. Ron Johnson’s Obamacare Lawsuit

A federal judge on Monday dismissed Sen. Ron Johnson’s lawsuit challenging a requirement that congressional members and their staffs obtain health insurance through small business exchanges, saying the senator had no grounds to sue. In January, the Wisconsin Republican filed the lawsuit after the Office of Personnel Management decided a few months earlier that lawmakers [...]

Verdict: Obamacare Has Reduced The Number Of Uninsured

It’s no longer a matter of debate. Obamacare has reduced the number of uninsured Americans. Survey after survey is showing that the number of uninsured people has been going down since the start of enrollment last fall. The numbers don’t all match, and health care experts say they’re not precise enough to give more than [...]

‘Holly Hobby Lobby’ Busted In Another Lie: Son’s ‘Award-Winning’ Cardiologist Isn’t Even Certified

Now read this:The Israeli Government Is Much Like The Texas Tea Party (Jul 22, 2014) Tea Party In A Pickle Over Ex-Im Bank (Jul 19, 2014) Now Even The GOP Are Calling Tea Partiers Racists! (Jul 19, 2014) Senate To Vote On Bill To Overturn Hobby Lobby Ruling (Jul 15, 2014) Always Playing The Victim: [...]

Hagee: Obamacare Means ‘Global Dictatorship,’ ‘End Times’ and Mark Of The Beast

Matthew Hagee, son of fire and brimstone preacher John Hagee, knows that Obamacare will lead to the end of the world. Even though other countries have government-run health systems, even though ours isn’t a government-run health system,  Hagee knows that Obamacare means the government is taking over and the Mark of the Beast is upon us. [...]

Closely Held Companies Use Religion To Control Women

The Elders is a humanitarian organization working to help marginalized people worldwide. Originally founded by Nelson Mandela, the organization identifies and cares for causes that warrant our attention, such as poverty, climate change and the sex-slave trade.  With regards to women, the organization strives to mitigate the inequality inherent in so many religions. One of the [...]

Koch-Funded Group To Take Creepy Anti-Obamacare Carnival On The Road (Video And Images)

Generation Opportunity, the Koch-funded nonprofit group that created the Creepy Uncle Sam anti-Obamacare campaign last fall, is back with an extremely elaborate new anti-Obamacare ad, which they are taking on the road as a circus-type event. You can’t make this stuff up. Ironically, the first image in the ad looks exactly a coal runner, not Obamacare, [...]

Republicans Blocking Medicaid Expansion In Tennessee Destroyed This Couple’s Life

Linda Drain is being torn apart from her husband in a marriage that has lasted 33 years. She and her husband, Larry Drain, separated, so she could keep her health insurance. Linda needs insurance because she suffers from epilepsy. Linda Drain has epilepsy and has suffered so many seizures she has damaged the nerves in her [...]

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