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Marco Rubio’s Alternative To Obamacare Signs Up 42 People

Anomaly at FreakOutNation details the effort to undermine what is already working. Marco Rubio set up Florida Health Choices, which is totally putting President Obama to shame. Taxpayers had to initially fork over $900,000, and Rubio’s brainiac health care alternative garnered an entire 30 sign ups. That’s in contrast to the 1.6 million sign ups […]

Obamacare is not hurting businesses as conservatives would like to believe. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — otherwise known as Obamacare — is putting such a small dent in the profits of U.S. companies that many refer to its impact as “not material” or “not significant,” according to a Bloomberg review of conference-call […]

But talk to any conservative and they’ll tell you what a failure it is.  The nation’s controversial health care exchange has enrolled 11.4 million Americans in its second year of existence, according to figures released by the White House on Feb. 17. The Obama administration’s initial figure target was 9 million, but significantly less than […]

It’s good news for supporters of Obamacare, and the country, that the case before the Supreme Court is unraveling. “The case made by the [Affordable Care Act]’s opponents is unraveling around them,” Brianne Good and Joey Meyer, legal experts from the progressive group Constitutional Accountability Center, wrote in a blog this week.The standing of the […]

Political Wire points to Rick Perry’s statement in New Hampshire. Perry proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which he called “another example of one-size-fits-all coming out of Washington, D.C.” And he noted that Texas chose not to participate in Medicaid expansion. “Texas has been criticized for having a large number of uninsured,” he said, […]

Anthony Kennedy could be the crucial swing vote that saves Obamacare. “There’s no question that Justice Kennedy regards federalism as a central value in the Constitution,” Michael C. Dorf, a law professor at Cornell University and former clerk for the justice, told TPM in an email. “Accordingly, he typically votes to sustain challenges to very […]

It is, of course, to avoid providing health care. Last year Alice*, 19, typically clocked anywhere from 25 hours to 40 hours a week at the Staples store where she works as a part-time staffer. The hours were great, she says, because she loves her co-workers and uses the job to help support her family. […]

What Republicans claimed was their “new” idea to replace Obamacare was recycled from previous, non-starter proposals. Robert Pear of The New York Times reported that the plan was “drafted with encouragement from Republican leaders,” “devised” by Hatch, Burr and Upton, and included a “potentially explosive proposal.” Pear reported that “Republicans said the need for such […]

Mississippi State Senator Tim Johnson says he can no longer be a Republican.  The Clarion-Ledger reports: “Why join the Democratic Party and run for lieutenant governor?” Johnson said before a cheering throng of supporters at a Capitol press conference. “I’ll tell you: We are all Mississippians first. Elected officials should be in the business of […]

by Karolyn Roberts Tuesday marked a milestone for the 114th Congress. The House voted to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which was signed into law in March 2010. That’s not newsworthy by itself. But did you know it was the 56th time they have done that? If you look at the House schedule […]

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