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Iowa Senator Tom Harkin Says Hillary Clinton’s ‘Fingerprints Are All Over’ Obamacare

There was very little news to come out of Hillary Clinton’s appearance at Sen. Tom Harkin’s (D-Iowa) Iowa Steak Fry this weekend, other than the fact that Hillary was at it, but the political press did decide to fixate on one quote from the event, a quote that wasn’t from her, and wasn’t really news. [...]

Betsy McCaughey, the former Lt. Governor of New York who promoted the idea of “death panels.” didn’t have a good time when interviewed by Jordan Kelpper on The Daily Show. Klepper tried his best on last night’s show to find some silver lining of terror – but was incredibly unsuccessful. First, he tried to talk [...]

Those are the words of one-time Massachusetts Senator and New Hampshire U.S. Senate hopeful Scott Brown. Brown made the comments at a town hall in Hudson, New Hampshire on Wednesday. The comments were flagged by the opposition research shop American Bridge 21st Century. His comments were in response to a question about what he would [...]

I have been among those concerned about the fiscal health of Medicare.  Margaret Sanger-Katz and Kevin Quealy give us grounds for cautious optimism. The changes are big. The difference between the current estimate for Medicare’s 2019 budget and the estimate for the 2019 budget four years ago is about $95 billion. That sum is greater [...]

The Republican-led government in Florida allocated $900,000 to help the state’s residents find affordable health care through a state-backed website which was somewhat of an alternative to Obamacare.  They steadfastly refused to expand Medicaid or work with the federal government to offer subsidized insurance plans. Talking Points Memo reported: But since the launch of the [...]

Republican Governors, unlike their peers in Congress, have to work to help their constituents.  This is particularly true for ones that are up for re-election.  So it should surprise no one that Pennsylvania GOP Governor reached an agreement with HHS to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act: …the Medicaid expansion has created political complications [...]

Via Political Wire: Sam Wang notes that Republican governors who supported Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion are being rewarded for it in recent polls.“According to these data points, Republican governors who bucked their party’s stance and accepted the policy are faring better with voters–in these races, an average of 8.5 percentage points better. Considering that crusading against Obamacare [...]

This past week baseball had a bit of an embarrassment as the grounds crew for the Chicago Cubs could not get the tarpaulin on the field in time once it started raining during a game against the San Francisco Giants.  The game was called, the Giants appealed, the commissioner’s office upheld the appeal.  Why was [...]

Even though Obamacare “victim” stories have been debunked time and time again, circulating false stories, which end up being fact-checked, is still a Republican tactic. The woman in the new Crossroads GPS ad claims she had to go back to work because of Obamacare, however, her own LinkedIn Profile shows that she’s been working continuously [...]

The Medicare and Social Security trustees issued their annual report last week.  The headline was the good news that Medicare is now solvent until 2030, four years later than previously estimated.  Drew Altman points out that there was even better news buried in the details: * Contrary to conventional wisdom, Medicare appears to be outperforming [...]

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