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There’s Something Really Phishy About Open Carry Texas

Open Carry Texas’s website appears to have been hacked and infested with Malware. So, who will their fearless leader C.J. Grisham blame this attack on? Benghazi? The IRS? Obummer? The NSA?   Naturally, the group is blaming gun control advocates, just because. #guncontrolextremists have attacked the OCT website. We are aware of the issue. It [...]

Open Carry activists are planning a protest at a Whole Foods store on August 30th after finding a sign outside one of the stores which states that firearms are prohibited. The chain store has had a gun ban in place for quite  awhile now so the news has taken awhile to sink into the gun [...]

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s indictment on felony corruption charges means he can no longer carry a concealed weapon under state law. Federal law also prohibits him from being able to buy more guns or ammunition, as long as the indictment is pending, Reuters reported. The 2016 GOP presidential hopeful is an avid gun rights supporter [...]

In a follow-up on our earlier post about an Open Carry activist who brought a loaded weapon into Kroger with a baby in his arms, let’s take a glimpse into his highly disturbed train of thought. This is how Tyler would handle the border crisis, with children fleeing from violence. Tyler just had a baby [...]

Target, Chipotle, Sonic, Chili’s Grill & Bar, Jack in the Box and Starbucks have all implemented gun policies due to the extreme efforts of Open Carry groups bringing long guns into family-friendly establishments. Kroger is another target for Open Carry activists. The groups appear to be running out of stores to inundate with their self-defeating [...]

Group says, “certain individuals in the area were intentionally pitting us against the community.”

It’s not like we didn’t warn them. Open Carry Texas had this nifty plan to march in Houston’s Fifth Ward, a predominately black area. The braintrusts from the Open Carry group created so much tension at a meeting over their plans to hold a gun protest there on Saturday that one person shouted, “You are not [...]

When they’re not intimidating a ladies’ brunch, or pointing guns at babies, or joking about killing the President, Texas’ Open Carry Surrogate Dick Display Engineers like to make good old contemptuous fun of women’s bodies, as the he-men of something called Katie Austin did recently when two topless women went weapons free on them. In [...]

A philosophy professor offers an amazing response to open carry activists who enter family-friendly establishments with guns strapped to their backs. He notes,”As many have pointed out, there is no way for bystanders to know whether the people with guns are “good guys” or “bad guys.” It is rational to be afraid of someone with [...]

An anti-child refugee event is planned for Saturday in Dallas which will be attended by many well known members of the Open Carry community. The group states on their Facebook page, “Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins proposed housing thousands of illegal immigrants in two facilities, one in the city of Dallas and another in Grand [...]

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