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Open Carry Group: Support Open Carry Or Be Punished By Death As Traitors

Kory Watkins, of Open Carry Tarrant County, is a tough guy with words.  As Anomaly at FreakOutNation points out: Watkins uploaded a video in which he calls for the death of legislators who he believes are treasonous. This is the same rhetoric he used with Democratic Texas House Representative Pancho Nevarez when he called him […]

Open Carry Tarrant County is making this rash statement because Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, a right-wing Republican, says an open carry bill won’t fly right now. Dan Patrick said there is not enough support in the Senate. What?!?!!? Not enough support for the Constitution? The job they swore to uphold? We have 20 Republican Senators. […]

Guns don’t kill people, but people with guns do. Now read this:Man Second Amendments His 10-Year-Old Daughter While Cleaning Gun (Mar 10, 2015) School In Lockdown After Gun Advocate Seen With Rifle (Mar 9, 2015) Report: Missouri Auditor Fatally Shot Himself Over Rumors About His Religion (Mar 7, 2015) ‘Family Values’ Here Didn’t Include Gun […]

You can carry guns on buses and trains with a permit or with permission of the vehicle’s owner, but that isn’t good enough for Provo State Rep. Norman Thurston. While the law makes exceptions for those with permits or permission from the transit owner, Thurston said it allows someone to very easily commit a crime without […]

As Anomaly reports: It’s disturbing how armed angry white guys are treated differently by police than unarmed black men. But, to hear an Open Carry activist tell it, they’re victims… Cordova sports a Ron Paul “rEVOLution” tattoo on his right arm. In the video, he clearly states that he wants to be arrested. Wish granted! […]

An armed masked gunmen strolled through the streets of Wichita trying to find people to join a militia. According to KAKE-TV, the man who identified himself as Sam McCrory explained that he’s not trying to scare anyone. No, really. His face appears to be painted with Red, White and Blue, because nothing says America like […]

What do you do if you’re Kory Watkins and one of the members of your group Open Carry Tarrant County shoots two members of their family dead? Naturally, if you are the leader of that group, you would lie your ass off and deny everything, then plan an armed takeover of Washington, D.C. Stop laughing. Kory […]

A gun store owner in Fort Worth, Texas is putting the “Christ back in Christmas” by decorating his rooftop with a Santa Claus holding an AR 15. Because Jesus always said, “Christmas is a time for guns.” It’s not for little kids. That’s just silly libtard propaganda, duh! “We’ve got a sign on the door […]

Kory Watkins (R-Fedora), leader of Open Carry Tarrant County will meet today along with hundreds of his friends at a Kroger in a mostly black and hispanic area of Arlington, Texas for what they are calling the Massive March Against Police Overreach & Brutality. While it’s commendable that he sides with Ferguson protesters, his tactics […]

An unidentified man, described as in his 50s with likely anti-government motivations which were possibly fueled by immigration, took to the streets of Austin, Texas while openly carrying his weapon. Police say the man had targeted “multiple downtown buildings” in the gunfire before dawn, with about 100 shots ringing out into the dark streets. Jesse […]

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