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Kroger Execs Move Meeting To Venue Which Doesn’t Allow Open Carry (Images)

Members of Moms Demand Action along with founder Shannon Watts rallied outside of Kroger’s investor relations meeting today and a few interesting things took place. The ladies went armed with their First Amendment rights. To the Open Carry folks: That’s the amendment right before the Second one. A fearless patriot and his liberty lovin’ friends also [...]

Members of Moms Demand Action, including founder Shannon Watts, will rally outside of Kroger’s investor relations meeting and they will be armed with radio ads and billboard trucks (see image for an example). The trucks will drive around the  meeting in order to point out just how unreasonable their current policy is, and a full [...]

When an extremist group such as Ohio Carry inadvertently admits to agreeing with Moms Demand Action, the gun sense group, then perhaps they should read their own words. As reported here yesterday, to counter the Moms gun sense group gathering at Kroger headquarters, Ohio Carry is calling on gun owners to go to all Kroger [...]

Our Open Carry pals have a plan and boy is it a good one this time. Instead of the planned counter protest against Moms Demands Action when they gather at Kroger headquarters, a gun rights group is calling on fearless patriots to go to all Kroger stores nationwide with their guns. This is all terribly [...]

An Open Carry group marched today in St. Louis, with the full intention of being being given a citation in order to take their case to court, thus ridding the state of any implementation of gun sense laws. The group takes issue with a bill which they feel (but they aren’t sure) suggests that carrying [...]

After yet another school shooting, many are praying for Marysville, a small city in Washington populated with 63,269 residents. Others are wondering what can be done to prevent the next school shooting because we all know it’s inevitable. A 14-year-old boy with a grudge and a gun went on a rampage An Open Carry activist [...]

Welcome to the NRA edition of guns aren’t really guns. You see, Bill Johnson, creator of imbecilic National Rifle Association videos, says he hopes to “Demystify Guns” in their new video because of the many “dust ups” over the new open carry laws, Crooks And Liars reports.   Johnson took on open carry critics, saying, [...]

Open Carry activists would have us believe that people are not afraid of guns while they strut into family friendly establishments with military-style weapons strapped to their backs. The Angleton Mayor’s office was informed that Open Carry Texas members will attend the Brazoria County Fair Parade in Angleton on Saturday and felt it necessary to issue [...]

An armed Open Carry group in Texas marched in a parade on Saturday, and like manly men, they proudly rode on a float to display their ammosexuality in support of equal rights for guns. When will guns be able to marry? “Come And Take It Texas” was joined by Open Carry Texas members and as [...]

An Open Carry group in Texas plans an armed walk in a parade today and they’ve also booked a  float. What fun! I wouldn’t take the kids out to this parade, though. The group states that the long guns will be unloaded but only because, “The parade people are making it that way” but you can [...]

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