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Thousands Of Washington State Gun Proponents Vow To Break The Law

Gun rights activists are promising a crowd of 5,000 or more armed activists to gather at the Washington state capital’s lawn to protest stricter laws about gun ownership laws that will go into effect after voters approved ballot initiative i594. The rally, scheduled for 11 a.m. Dec. 13 at the state Capitol, is being put […]

One of the most confusing arguments I’ve ever seen is the argument that more guns will some how mean less crime. Now, I’m not one to make appeals to common sense (enough of the world violates “common sense” that I don’t bother making appeals to it; see: the Banach-Tarski paradox), but it seems to me […]

Rob Kinnison of Phoenix, Arizona, is an open carry supporter and he’s also a misogynist, homophobe, racist and all around fun guy. Rob, or “Raging Rob” took a lot of heat after his message to Moms Demand Action in which he tells them to “Put a d*ck in your mouth and shut up.”     […]

Rob Kinnison of Phoenix, Arizona (R-Gun Humper) uploaded his latest angry rant to YouTube on Monday. Rob is really mad and his anger is directed toward Moms Demand Action, the gun sense group that gun fetishists regularly target. Rob details his “fucking” feelings about the recent campaign launched by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense […]

A Michigan father open carried his firearm into his child’s school and that action concerned the parents of children attending the school. The school district is trying to find a way to respect the Second Amendment while keeping the children safe, since obviously, this unidentified man only cares about the former. The district will now […]

Members of Moms Demand Action along with founder Shannon Watts rallied outside of Kroger’s investor relations meeting today and a few interesting things took place. The ladies went armed with their First Amendment rights. To the Open Carry folks: That’s the amendment right before the Second one. A fearless patriot and his liberty lovin’ friends also […]

Members of Moms Demand Action, including founder Shannon Watts, will rally outside of Kroger’s investor relations meeting and they will be armed with radio ads and billboard trucks (see image for an example). The trucks will drive around the  meeting in order to point out just how unreasonable their current policy is, and a full […]

When an extremist group such as Ohio Carry inadvertently admits to agreeing with Moms Demand Action, the gun sense group, then perhaps they should read their own words. As reported here yesterday, to counter the Moms gun sense group gathering at Kroger headquarters, Ohio Carry is calling on gun owners to go to all Kroger […]

Our Open Carry pals have a plan and boy is it a good one this time. Instead of the planned counter protest against Moms Demands Action when they gather at Kroger headquarters, a gun rights group is calling on fearless patriots to go to all Kroger stores nationwide with their guns. This is all terribly […]

An Open Carry group marched today in St. Louis, with the full intention of being being given a citation in order to take their case to court, thus ridding the state of any implementation of gun sense laws. The group takes issue with a bill which they feel (but they aren’t sure) suggests that carrying […]

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