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Open Carry Activist To Moms Group: ‘We Will Drive You Away By Force’

An Open Carry activist who brought a loaded weapon into a Kroger store in Kentucky with a baby in his arms has now threatened Moms Demand Action through a message sent via Facebook.   Tyler Lance Craddock previously tweeted, “GUN DOWN the illegal immigrants as they cross and they’ll get the message.” Because murder is [...]

Over the weekend members of The Right To Bear Arms-Richmond unnerved residents by marching with long guns through Creighton Court, a predominantly African-American area. The police were called by neighbors witnessing the event and at least 6 officers responded.  Jason Spitzer of the Open Carry group was wearing a body camera and he informed the responding officers that [...]

Women with Open Carry Texas held a rally on Saturday called “Goddesses with Guns” in which mostly men showed up. The group made an appearance in San Antonio to prove that all Moms do not support gun control. You see, they feel that gun laws are too lax in ‘shoot ‘em up’ Texas. In their honor, [...]

Women with Open Carry Texas held a rally on Saturday in San Antonio to prove that all Moms do not support gun control. Naturally, the Mom in the picture does not support gun safety laws. This Mom feels it necessary to openly carry her rifle while holding her baby. That begs a few questions: If [...]

A Washington elections office will remain a firearms-friendly zone even though a certified election observer tasked by the county Republican party with overseeing people counting votes, unnerved people when he showed up packing a .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol. There were no altercations when Gerald “Rick” Halle showed up armed, but later, some of the elections [...]

Outside of Hillsboro High School in Nashville, an Open Carry activist was spotted walking around with a bulletproof vest on Wednesday, hanging flyers which referred to his rights not being infringed upon. It’s almost as if these activists have no memory of the Columbine High School shootings in which 13 people were killed and more [...]

Three “cop watchers” who are also Open Carry activists, have been arrested and are facing criminal charges for filming and interfering with a traffic stop in Arlington, Texas on Monday. The group routinely follows and films police officers on duty but this time, they took things a little too far. Kory Watkins (R-Fedora) of Open Carry [...]

The bakery-cafe chain Panera announced on Monday that it is asking customers not to bring firearms into any of its 1,818 outlets in 45 states. The move was voluntary, following what Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America said was “months of discussions” with the company, Detroit Free Press reports. Panera joins Starbucks, Chipotle, [...]

Police in Laredo, Texas (an open carry state) responded to reports of an “armed man” at a local truck stop. Responding officers unloaded more than 80 shots at Jose Walter Garza early Saturday morning – a number family members say is excessive. Investigator Joe E. Baeza, the department spokesman, told the Daily News that officers [...]

Open Carry intellectuals in Richmond, Virginia went to a protest for Michael Brown, the teenager who was shot down in Ferguson Missouri by a police officer. The only problem is that Jason Spitzer thought the victim’s name was “Chris Brown” then he clarified that he at least knew that Michael’s last name was “Ferguson.” In [...]

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