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Why Are Smart Guys Nate Silver and Ezra Klein Acting Like the GOP’s Useful Idiots?

Why Are Smart Guys Nate Silver and Ezra Klein Acting Like the GOP’s Useful Idiots?

Nate Silver and Ezra Klein, two of the left’s smartest smart guys, are saying usefully dumb stuff these days. Their down-the-middle “credibility” grab is understandable, but why is the rest of the Left so afraid to call them out? Both of these Guardians of the Wonk Universe occupy varying  degrees of heroic space among liberals, but what [...]

The Apostasy Of Paul Ryan

Earlier today House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R. Wis) noted that he would consider running for president, you know, after talking to his wife, 2014 elections, etc.  And then he said this: I see [impeachment] as sort of a ridiculous gambit by the president and his political team to try and change the narrative, [...]

Paul Ryan: I’ll Consider Presidential Run After 2014 Elections

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) says he’ll consider a presidential run after the 2014 elections, although he claims he hasn’t given it much fault. We totally believe him. Ryan said he will discuss it with his wife after the Nov. 4 midterm elections. Talking Points Memo reports: “I’ve consciously decided not to think about my personal [...]

Hillary Haters, Paul Ryan’s Had Three Concussions

Mike Allen at Politico picked it up: HILLARY CLINTON, in PEOPLE magazine, when Sandra Sobieraj Westfall asked her, “You didn’t write about the injury in the book. Any lingering effects?”: “No. I did have a concussion and some effects in the aftermath of it, mostly dizziness, double vision. Those all dissipated. Blood thinners are my [...]

Uh-Oh: Paul Ryan Is Worried About The Poor Again

If you held a hearing entitled  A Progress Report on the War on Poverty: Lessons from the Frontlines [sic], wouldn’t you expect that maybe one of your expert witnesses might be, oh, you know, poor? Ha-ha, trick question! The conveyor  was the  Zombie-eyed Granny-Starver Paul Ryan whose perennially cruel budget  proposes to cut out the social safety net. However, actual [...]

Paul Ryan To Churchgoers: ‘Usually When I Get Up This Early I Get To Kill Something’

Paul Ryan tells churchgoers,”Usually when I get up this early, I get up to kill something” (via FreakOutNation) Rep. Paul Ryan had an awkward moment at the Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church in Indianapolis, when he told ex-convicts and reformed drug dealers, recovering addicts and at-risk youth, “Usually when I get up this early, I get up [...]

House Passes Paul Ryan Budget

It can’t pass the Senate. It won’t be signed by the President. It will go nowhere. But the House has certainly made a political statement. The 219-205 vote on the nonbinding framework takes a mostly symbolic swipe at the government’s chronic deficits. Follow-up legislation to actually implement the cuts isn’t in the cards. The plan [...]

Even When The GOP Tries To Vilify The Poor, Americans Still Care For Their Fellow Citizens

It’s astounding we have such a tremendous number of homeless Americans in this country, when America is still the richest country on the planet.    So many of our homeless are veterans, who number 75,000 on any given night.  Greater than 5% of our homeless are actually veterans who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan.  We often hear of the “fraud” that’s uncovered [...]

Sarah Palin Calls Ryan Budget ‘A Joke’

And who knows jokes better than Sarah Palin? Palin took to Facebook Tuesday night to call the new budget released by Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) a “joke.” “Holy Moly! Are you kidding?” the former Alaska Governor wrote. “The latest Ryan (R, Wisconsin) Budget is not an April Fool’s joke. But it really IS a joke [...]

Ryan Budget Is Political Document With No Basis In Reality

It repeals Obamacare. It slashes non-defense spending by $791 billion less than 2011 levels while increasing defense spending by $480 billion. “This budget is the Republican declaration of class warfare — it protects the elites at the expense of the rest of the country,” said Rep. Chris Van Hollen, the top Democrat on the House [...]

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