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Phil Robertson: ‘I’m As Much Of A Homophobe As Jesus Was’

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson said on Good Morning America he has the Biblical view of gays, and so he says, “I’m as much of a homophobe as Jesus was.” “I don’t hate anybody,” Robertson insisted in the interview. Asked specifically about the comments he made, in which he compared gay sex to beastiality, among other things, [...]

Phil Robertson has declared that more God-fearing politicians must be voted into office. During his appearance at the “Rock the South” music festival in Cullman, the reality television star stated it’s time to vote those “ungodly” politicians out of Congress. “Whatever you do, go register to vote, especially on this next presidential election. Register to [...]

The state of Louisiana incentifies  television production in the state, and so gives a government handout to the show, featuring a family that speaks out against government handouts.  Inqusitr reports: One industry insider estimates that the Duck Dynasty cast, which is paid $200,000 per week to appear on the popular reality show, receives government benefits [...]

Phil Robertson’s nephew, Zach Dasher, is a Louisiana Republican running to replace the kissing congressman, Vance McAllister, in the House. Dasher, a 36-year-old Republican who has never run for office, said in a statement Monday announcing his candidacy for the Nov. 4 election that he opposed the federal health overhaul and abortion and supports a [...]

We kid you not. It will be a King James Bible with added commentary by Phil Robertson and his son, Alan. The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible will be released by Christian publisher Thomas Nelson, and will focus on five values of the Robertson family: “Faith, Family, Fellowship, Forgiveness, and Freedom.” The two Robertsons [...]

Alan Robertson knows why he and his family were put on God’s green earth. Alan told host Cherylyn LeBon that “there is always going to be a cost for doing the right thing,” referring to his father’s brief suspension from A&E for his remarks about Jim Crow and gay people. “We’re against an enemy that [...]

Try Not To Laugh: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star To Speak At Republican Leadership Conference (via FreakOutNation) Phil Robertson, the “Duck Dynasty” star will speak at the Republican Leadership Conference on Thursday,  according to the Republican National Committee. I suppose Cliven Bundy wasn’t available since he abandoned the Republican Party today and… Now read this:Tuxedoed Gun Owner Shoots [...]

Gays are sinners and the media is to blame for his troubles. That was Phil Robertson’s Easter Sunday message. In the fiery speech, Robertson defended his controversial comments on homosexuality and blasted the media coverage that followed as “absurd” and of “blurring” the lines between “sinners” and homosexuals… “They were mad at me,” he tells [...]

Boy Exorcist and noted volcano scholar Bobby “Bubba” Jindal gave the commencement address at Jerry Falwell’s  Liberty University and he took the opportunity to talk about… cable teevee: He then discussed the Duck Dynasty controversy. “You may think that I was defending the Robertsons simply because I am the governor of their home state, the [...]

It looks like Evangelical America’s Favorite Fake Hillbillies© are no longer as popular following the media attention garnered by Phil Robertson’s Tourette’s-like intolerant outburst to GQ, followed by the discovery of several YouTube videos of ol’ bearded Phil preaching hate. Well the numbers have come in, and, to reword the old cliché, the ducks have [...]

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