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Cell Phone Captures Police Abusing Homeless Man

You can see the Fort Lauderdale  officer senselessly pushing the man to the ground. In the video, which was posted to YouTube on Sunday, Officer Victor Ramirez grabs Bruce Laclair by the arm and pushes him to the ground. Laclair tells the officer that he needs to pee, as Ramirez repeatedly tells him to get […]

Get ready for the United States government to sue the Ferguson Police Department for racial discrimination. The Justice Department is preparing to bring a lawsuit against the Ferguson, Missouri, police department over a pattern of racially discriminatory tactics used by officers, if the police department does not agree to make changes on its own, sources […]

On April 14, 2014 Cortez Bufford was stopped by the St. Louis police, dragged from his car, kicked, and tased before one of the officers noted that the dashcam was running and told everyone to hold all action until it was turned off. Police had stopped his car which did not fit the exact description […]

Kenya Harris went to the Albany, GA police station to pick up her minor son who’d been arrested. After waiting five hours, she said she had to get home to take care of her other children. Officer Ryank Jenkins said he didn’t like her “tone.” “Defendant Officer Jenkins stated that he did not appreciate the tone […]

The amount is $3.9 million of taxpayer dollars that could be better spend in 3.9 million ways. You are hereby permitted to “like” us on Facebook Now read this:Coldest February In 21 Years (Feb 28, 2015) Possible Sale Of New York Daily News (Feb 26, 2015) New York Mayor Calls For U.S.’s Highest Minimum Wage […]

Now read this:Husband Gets 2 Years For Making Wife Sign Slave Contract (Mar 2, 2015) ‘Guru’ Convinces Followers To Remove Testicles To Be ‘Closer To God’ (Mar 2, 2015) LL Flashback: South Carolina County Republicans Required No Premarital Sex Or Pornography Pledge To Get On Ballot (Mar 1, 2015) CPAC Speaker Calls Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth […]

Lonnie Jenkins was beaten by police at a Pittsburgh halfway house. “The use of force, we’re looking at very closely,” Beth Pittinger, director of the Citizens’ Police Review Board, told WTAE. “I mean, at one point, I think an officer used his baton nine times to hit the complainant here, this gentleman that’s the subject […]

The officer claims the man tried to run his wheelchair into him. “Like” us on Facebook Now read this:79-Year-Old Woman Shoots Nephew Over $20 (Feb 27, 2015) Texas Bill Would Put Transgenders In Jail For A Year For Using Public Restrooms (Feb 26, 2015) Boehner Sarcastically Makes Kissing Faces At Reporter (Feb 26, 2015) British […]

You can hear onlookers yelling “Why are you punching him?” and “You’re punching him for no reason.” Officer Tyrone Pugh didn’t seem to care. According to The State, the video…was shot outside the Columbia Soundstage, a concert venue, and shows Officer Pugh kneeling on an unidentified man and striking him at least five times after […]

Maybe they now realize they don’t all look alike. Police in St. Louis County, MO are apologizing for beating up and handcuffing a 22-year-old student who they mistook for a suspect in a car chase Thursday afternoon. But the college junior, Joseph Swink, has been left with severe damage to his ear and a totaled […]

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