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Teen In Coma With Brain Damage After Being Tased By Cops

Bryce Masters, 17, was on his way to his friend’s house to play XBox games with him on Sunday afternoon, when unfortunately for him a woman whose name was associated with the car he was driving had an outstanding arrest warrant. As Bryce stopped in front of his friend’s house, a police car pulled in [...]

Police in Laredo, Texas (an open carry state) responded to reports of an “armed man” at a local truck stop. Responding officers unloaded more than 80 shots at Jose Walter Garza early Saturday morning – a number family members say is excessive. Investigator Joe E. Baeza, the department spokesman, told the Daily News that officers [...]

The death of Eric Garner, put in a chokehold by a New York City police officer, and that of Ronald Singleton, who died in custody four days before Garner, have been ruled homicides by the New York City Medical examiner. In a statement released by the Medical Examiner on Friday, it said that Ronald Singleton, [...]

Gregory Thompson, 53, a 30-year veteran of the Walnut Creek, CA police force, is accused of beating a woman with a baseball bat while wearing a mask. Neighbor Jason Peneyra said, “Police came knocking on our doors. They were looking for a suspect.” Richmond police said they found Thompson sitting in his car. He identified [...]

The woman involved is suing the Montgomery County, Ohio jail for the way she was treated. Emily Evans was arrested in late March for operating a vehicle impaired, but she reportedly did not cooperate during the arrest and the booking process, according to 2 NEWS. At the time, her blood alcohol level was about double [...]

Ray Albers is the St. Ann, Missouri police officer who who pointed an assault weapon at said he would “fucking kill” those who were livestreaming demonstrations and told them to perform an act upon themselves. He is now out of a job. An internal investigation into Albers—whose nickname stems from a memorable exchange in the [...]

The United Nations has turned its eye on the United States following the racially-charged events in Ferguson, MO. The U.N. racism watchdog urged the United States on Friday to halt the excessive use of force by police after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white policeman touched off riots in Ferguson, [...]

People caught up in Ferguson Missouri’s unrest after the killing of Michael Brown are suing the police for alleged civil rights violations. The suit claims citizens were treated “as if they were war combatants.” The lawsuit seeks a total of $40 million on behalf of six plaintiffs, including a 17-year-old boy who was with his mother [...]

Now we have a new crime: picking up your kids while black. The video begins as the man, identified by the Minneapolis City Pages as Chris Lollie, 27, walks through the First National Bank Building Skyway after being asked to leave a public seating area by a store employee. A female officer follows, demanding to [...]

[su_sky_ad] A Georgia man is dead after police shocked him with a taser 13 times because he said he was too tired to walk after a foot chase. Two East Point police officers discharged their tasers a total of thirteen times to make handcuffed Gregory Townes get up and walk. At a Tuesday press conference, [...]

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