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The Tamir Rice Shooting Is Rooted In Race Whether You Like It Or Not

In 1983, Los Angeles police officer Anthony Sperl shot and killed 5 year-old Patrick Andrew Mason when the child pointed a toy gun at him in a dimly-lit bedroom. The case became an instant cultural touchstone and dramatic cliché, reenacted in every cop show, and forming the crucial backstory for Sgt. Al Powell in Die Hard. “When […]

Her boyfriend was driving while police fired a beanbag round into their car, leaving her blind in one eye. Dornella Conners is now blind in her left eye and can hardly see out of her right eye after her and her boyfriend, De’Angelas Lee, stopped at a gas station in the 10000 block of Halls […]

The Colorado man lives in a town named–wait for it–Fruitvale. Nathan Channing, 27, was sent to Mesa County Jail after he pointed the piece of fruit at two sheriff’s officers Sunday and pretended it was a gun. The suspect…told the officers he was a comedian that makes YouTube videos, but the authorities were not laughing… […]

Hactivist group Anonymous is researching information about Timothy Loehmann, the Cleveland cop who killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice who was carrying a BB gun. Anonymous used BeenVerified, an online resource that conducts basic background checks using public records, to uncover some basic information on the 26-year-old cop, including his phone number and address. Police today identified […]

He is fighting the case, claiming his civil rights have been violated. In 2012, Thomas G. Smith had seen an Arena Police Department Facebook post thanking community members for helping to detain two black children. Smith responded with a profanity-laced message about how Arena officers were racists. A federal lawsuit obtained by the StarTribune said […]

Tamir Rice was shot by police last Saturday while carrying a toy gun. Hundreds protested this week by blocking city streets during rush hour. According to Cleveland.com, protestors yelled “No justice! No peace!” and waved signs, one of which said: “From Michael Brown to Tamir Rice, This Must Stop.” Part of the protesters’ anger stemmed […]

The reason Ferguson got so much national attention is because it was not an isolated incident. And in the months since, even more lives were snuffed by police. Darrien Hunt; Saratoga Springs, Utah A family friend holds the funeral program for Darrien Hunt following his funeral Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014, in Saratoga Springs, Utah. 22-year-old […]

On average, a black male suspect is killed by a white cop twice a week. Those are the findings of a USA Today analysis of seven years of FBI data, which claims around a quarter of the 400 annual deaths reported to federal authorities by local police departments were white-on-black shootings. What’s more, the analysis indicates […]

The Reason For The Season?

Now read this:Ferguson Grand Jury Witness Admitted Racist Views In Journal Entry (Nov 25, 2014) Darren Wilson Says His Conscience Is Clear (Nov 25, 2014) Black Man’s Body Found Shot to Death And Burned In Vicinity Of Where Michael Brown Died (Nov 25, 2014) Number Of Ferguson Injured: 18 (Nov 25, 2014) Calls To Bring […]

CNN’s Jake Tapper was told that a woman who had a heart attack was tear gassed by Ferguson police Monday night. Girl: There’s a girl having a heart attack and they tear-gassed her. Tapper: Come over and tell what you’re upset about? What’s your name? Girl: I’m Angel. Tapper: Angel, what are you upset about? […]

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