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Georgia Cop Pulls Gun On Black Kids Building Tree House

Georgia Cop Pulls Gun On Black Kids Building Tree House

We all know what a danger to a community tree houses are, especially those built by black kids. “Police in Georgia are investigating reports that officers pulled a gun on African-American children who were building a tree house in their neighborhood. Omari Grant, 11, told WSB-TV that he and several friends were behind his home […]

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Female Cop Is Fort Hood Hero

An as-yet-to-be identified female police officer risked her life to save others at Fort Hood. …by all accounts, she risked her life to ensure the bedlam wrought by Spc. Ivan Lopez came to a close in the second building he entered. By then, Lopez, whom the Army chief of staff has described as a “very […]

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Mayhem In Albuquerque As Demonstrators Protest Deadly Police Shootings

It began peacefully but turned into mayhem as hundreds of Albuquerque protestors demonstrated against a spate of deadly police shootings. People are angry over Albuquerque police’s involvement in 37 shootings, 23 of them fatal since 2010. Critics say that’s far too many for a department serving a city of about 555,000. The U.S. Justice Department […]

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Body Odor Prompts 911 Call

City Hall workers in Hannibal, MO were upset by someone in the building who was stinking up the place. The Hannibal Courier-Post reports that several city hall workers on Tuesday called police to complain that a person who came into the building smelled so bad they wanted him removed. The northeast Missouri town’s municipal code […]

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Anaheim Council Woman Says Fatal Police Shooting ‘Saved Us A Trial’–Asked To Resign

Lucille Kring, an Anaheim councilwoman who is running for mayor, apologized for her remarks, but is still being pressured to resign. Robert Moreno Jr., 22 was fatally shot last Thursday by officers following a police chase. Authorities said Moreno had fired at officers and injured a police dog, Bruno. “The shooting saved us a trial. […]

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Three Secret Service Agents Sent Home After Drinking In Amsterdam

Three Secret Service agents in Amsterdam to protect President Obama were sent back to the states after a night of drinking. One of the agents was found drunk and passed out in a hallway. The hotel staff alerted the U.S. Embassy in the Netherlands after finding the unconscious agent Sunday morning, a day before Obama […]

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Cop Kills Family Dog And Is Heard Saying It Was ‘Awesome’

Oklahoma family says officer intentionally killed their dog, laughed, said it was ‘awesome’ (via FreakOutNation) Last Wednesday Cali, an Oklahoma family’s dog, jumped out of the yard and was eventually shot and killed by an Ardmore police officer in a neighbor’s yard. When Sarah Brown arrived at the scene, she says she wasn’t given an […]

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Disabled Rape Victim Says Cries For Help Were Ignored And Police Didn’t Believe Her

The woman, who has multiple sclerosis, says she was knocked out and kidnapped, taken to a house and raped and beaten. And authorities accused her of being a prostitute. The alleged victim, who asked to be identified only as Kris, said she fell asleep on a bus on Dec. 5 and wound up lost in […]

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Teen Gives Police Officer Parking Ticket

A Texas teenager saw a police car parked illegally in her neighborhood and decided to do what a police officer would do to a civilian. Annie James, a 14-year-old from Baytown, Tex., issued a handwritten $10 parking ticket to Officer Tommy King, whose patrol car was parked in a fire zone in the Bay Oaks […]

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A dashcam video shows a Dallas police officer punching and pistol-whipping a suspect he stopped for a traffic violation after a chase. Officer Rene Villanueva has been fired and is also facing criminal charges of Official Oppression and Assault. It all stems from an incident in November when Villanueva was reportedly working an off-duty job […]

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