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Autopsy: St. Louis Officer Shot Myers From Behind

An 18-year-old killed in early October by a St. Louis police officer was shot from several times from behind, an autopsy reveals. Pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, who conducted the autopsy at the request of Vonderrit Myers Jr.’s family, outlined his findings at a news conference. Attorneys for the family say the findings suggest that Myers [...]

A Missouri state senator was arrested Monday night in Ferguson, Missouri in the latest round of protests over the police killing of an unarmed black teenager, NBC reports. Jamilah Nasheed, a Democratic State Senator from St. Louis, was arrested outside the police station for walking and standing in the street in violation of a city [...]

Police, it seems, have been overstepping the boundaries between law enforcement and brutality excessively this year, from the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., to the choking death of asthmatic Eric Garner in Staten Island, N.Y. Incidents like these have overshadowed other common police tactics, and for obvious reasons, but that doesn’t mean the [...]

Amanda Henderson and her husband’s beloved dog was shot and killed by Cleburne police. “I see a murder,” The Texas woman said after seeing a video of the incident. “I see him murdering my puppy, our family.” It August police responded to a report of Henderson’s pit bulls aggressively roaming the neighborhood. They’d escaped from [...]

A St.Louis police officer called an activist’s boss in an attempt to get her fired, so she filed a formal complaint “to return the favor.” According to the officer’s union he was within his rights. The police department says it is investigating the matter. Leigh Maibes, a real estate agent who tweets under the alias “Short [...]

On October 8, an off-duty police officer shot 18-year-old Vonderrick Myers, sparking off a wave of violent protests in the Shaw Neighborhood of St. Louis when initial witness reports claimed Myers was unarmed. In an area still fraught with tension over the unresolved case of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, citizens were already on [...]

A Florida deputy was arrested on Monday after he used his position to accept sexual favors from a woman in exchange for keeping her out of jail, Broward County detectives said. “Its discouraging and demoralizing to the men and women that work so hard for BSO,”  Sheriff Scott Israel said. Deputy Ted Arboleda was arrested [...]

If you’re a homicide sergeant, it’s probably best not to wear the jewelry of the victim of a homicide. Alex Vinson got himself in trouble. Detroit Police Chief James Craig [pictured] confirmed that several months ago, Vinson was the officer in charge of a case involving an unknown murder victim who was found wearing an [...]

Supporters of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown, are selling t-shirts to wear at the St. Louis Cardinals game. According to Raw Story, “Go Cards’ is hand-painted on the front and “Darren Wilson 6″ on the back, the latter of which is a military expression meaning “I’ve got [...]

Just as the National Association of Black Journalists decries the exodus of black talent away from CNN, the network has invited conservative Blacksphere host Kevin Jackson on to tell protesters in Ferguson that their protesting might make cops not want to protect them. In a segment related to renewed protests in Missouri over the shooting [...]

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