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Futures Market Gives GOP 69% Chance Of Taking Senate

Betfair in Britain seems to be doing what the late Intrade used to do. Justin Wolfers at the New York Times writes: As I’m writing, you can buy a security, which pays $100 if the Republicans take control of the Senate, at a discount: The security is going for around $69, which suggests a 69 [...]

An NBC/WSJ poll reveals that 45% of Americans want to use ground troops in the Middle East and 72% believe it will happen. Per NBC News, “45 percent are in favor of using [combat troops] if military commanders think they’re the best way to defeat the ISIS army, while 37 percent are opposed.” (It could [...]

It’s not blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews or anyone else according to Pew. It’s white evangelicals who are the oppressed minority, say white evangelicals. Among religious groups, fully half of white evangelical Protestants (50%) say evangelical Christians face a lot of discrimination compared with 31% of the public overall saying this… [E]vangelicals are less sanguine about [...]

Watching the polls over the past six months, I can’t help but to wonder whether presidential terms should be limited to one six-year term. Frankly, in the internet age, I don’t think voters have the patience or an attention span long enough to carry through two four-year terms. We’ve re-elected all but three presidents in [...]

Sam Wang of Princeton isn’t following the conventional wisdom. Linda Killian at The Daily Beast reports: Wang says he thinks the Democrats have a 70 percent chance of holding control of the Senate. As of Monday afternoon, Nate Silver thinks the Republicans have a 58 percent chance of winning, and The Upshot gives Republicans a 52 [...]

Poll after poll shows how much people hate the Republican Party, but when they go to the polls, voters still pull their levers. Poll after poll shows President Obama is unpopular and the Democratic Party is a little more unpopular. Neither, though, can touch the GOP, whose congressional contingent has a whopping 72 percent disapproval [...]

Congressional Approval At 14%

It’s one of the lowest measurements ever for congressional ratings before a midterm election by Gallup. Most observers believe the Republicans are in little jeopardy of losing control of the House this year, so more of the focus has been on the states with Senate races. Given the idiosyncratic nature of the particular senators and [...]

34% Say Remove God From Pledge

The American Humanist Association says 34% of Americans don’t want God in the Pledge of Allegiance, and 66% want it to stay. Respondents were told that the words “under God” were added by the U.S. government. “There’s a lot more we could have said,” said Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the American Humanist Association. “We [...]

Apparently, our Liberaland community was not surveyed. In a report released Tuesday, the Pew Research Center found that most people who regularly use social media sites were actually less likely to share their opinions, even offline. The findings run counter to how many people view social media. But a survey that asked some 1,800 adults [...]

If you’re a Republican, you’re probably over-confident in your party’s chances in the forthcoming midterms. Of course you are. The common wisdom online and on cable news is that the Democrats are headed toward another 2010-style shellacking due to President Obama’s responsibility for everything that’s wrong in the world, not to mention the (non)reality that [...]

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