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In Two Years Of Polls, Jeb Has Never Bested Hillary

Polls have never shown that Jeb Bush could beat Hillary Clinton. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen, but it hasn’t yet. Jeb is now widely expected to face an uphill struggle due to conservative activist dismay at his suddenly heretical positions on immigration and education, and general voter hostility to (or fatigue with) his family […]

There are certain policy decisions that should never be left up to the American people. I’m not necessarily saying we’re stupid. Actually, come to think of it, I’m absolutely saying too many of us are stupid. 29 percent of us can’t name the vice president. Roughly 45 percent of us believe the Earth was created […]

By a 3-1 margin n a Pew poll, Americans believe that Daniel Pantaleo should have been charged in the death of Eric Garner. Nearly nine of 10 also say it would be a good idea for more police officers to wear body cameras to record their interactions. It was a cellphone video of a police […]

A CNN/ORC poll reveals that half the country believes Republicans running Congress will result in gridlock. But the poll also shows the Republican Party’s brand has improved over the past year, and they now are only slightly less popular than the Democratic Party. Democratic Party approval levels, meanwhile, have remained static. According to the survey, […]

A CNN/ORC poll reveals that for the first time in seven years, Americans believe things are going well. In the latest version of the poll, 44% think the country is going “pretty well” while just 8% think it’s going “very well.” That’s compared to 33% who say “pretty badly” and 15% who say “very badly.” […]

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New survey data from Gallup: In a recent survey, the people who are actually using Obamacare gave it very high marks: 74 percent said the quality of health care they received was good or excellent, and 71 percent said the overall coverage was good or excellent. What’s remarkable is that these numbers are nearly the […]

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We’ve asked a few more questions about what you might like in a website. We value your feedback as we make improvements and consider adding or subtracting features.  You can give multiple answers, but must be a registered user to participate. Feel free to add additional comments below. Now read this:Poll: Voters Favor GOP In […]

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Republicans are more likely than Democrats to want confrontation with the opposite party. Pew Research: “A majority of Americans would like to see Barack Obama and Republican leaders work together over the coming year. But Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to favor a confrontational approach toward the political opposition, even if that results […]

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