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Pope Calls For Acceptance Of Gays, Unmarried Couples, Divorced

Pope Francis called for more acceptance of gays, couples who are unmarried, and those who are divorced. The call comes via a document put out by an assembly of Catholic bishops. The bishops’ report, released midway through a landmark two-week meeting, does not change Roman Catholic doctrine or teaching, and will now be subjected to fierce [...]

Pope Francis say each of us has a guardian angel advising us. Stressing they were not imaginary, he said it was only pride stopping people hearing their voices. “Do not rebel: follow his advice,” the Pope said according to the Catholic News Agency. “No one walks alone and none of us can think that he [...]

Pope Francis married a single mother, those who’ve been married before, and those who’ve lived “in sin” at a Vatican ceremony Sunday. In another signal of the openness of his papacy, Francis asked to marry 40 people from different social backgrounds who would be a realistic sample of modern couples. Popes very rarely perform marriages [...]

Pope Francis says the many conflict around the world amount to a ‘piecemeal’ World War Three. “Humanity needs to weep and this is the time to weep,” Francis said in the homily of a Mass during a visit to Italy’s largest war memorial, a large, Fascist-era monument where more than 100,000 soldiers who died in [...]

Pope Francis — who seemed to suggest a month ago that airstrikes against the Islamic State was a viable option — now says otherwise, that war isn’t the solution to the terrorist attacks waging through Iraq and Syria. “War is never a satisfactory way to right injustices,” the pope said, during recent remarks in Belgium [...]

A car crash in Argentina killed 8-month-old  and 2-year-old grand nephews of Pope Francis, and the boys’ mother. A truck struck a car driven by the pope’s nephew Emanuel Horacio Bergoglio on a highway in Cordoba at about 12:30 a.m., Cordoba police spokeswoman Carina Ferreyra said. Emanuel Bergoglio’s sons — Jose Bergoglio, 8 months, and [...]

Pope Francis has approved the use of force in Iraq as a means to end Islamic militants from persecuting religious minorities. In these cases, where there is an unjust aggression I can only say that it is legitimate to stop the unjust aggressor. I underscore the verb ‘to stop’. I am not saying ‘bomb’ or [...]

Nice timing. The rockets were fired from multiple launchers in the North Korean port city of Wonsan and traveled 220 km (135 miles) before landing in waters east of the Korean peninsula, a defense ministry official said. The last rocket was fired 35 minutes before Pope Francis was due to arrive at an air base [...]

This is what you should hope and expect a Pope to say. It would be a better world if this pope were listened to. “Thousands of people, among them many Christians, banished brutally from their houses, children dying of hunger and thirst as they flee, women kidnapped, people massacred, violence of all kinds, destruction everywhere [...]

Pope Francis has a message for the young: Don’t spend so much time on the Internet. “Our life is made up of time, and time is a gift from God, so it is important that it be used in good and fruitful actions.” Activities cited by Francis as futile were: “chatting on the Internet or [...]

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