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Another President Without A Strategy

As President Obama gets criticized for not having a strategy to deal with ISIS, Matthew Dickinson reminds us that President Roosevelt was similarly criticized in 1941. My guess is that he appreciates the repercussions of acting – and of not acting – more acutely than do his advisers, and hence is understandably a great deal [...]

I wasn’t going to write about the media buzz surrounding the Quinnipiac poll question listing President Obama as the Worst President since World War II.  However, Matt Dickinson captured my thoughts effectively, so I thought it was worth reposting: Conservative pundits such as the Wall St. Journal’s Peggy Noonan continue to cite the recent Quinnipiac [...]

The lawsuit by Speaker Boehner against the President has always had the hallmarks of a political stunt.  To anyone who studies the law, however, it is clear that it has no real substantive basis: So, even if Obama was refusing to enforce the law, as Boehner suggests, successful litigation of the matter could prove difficult. [...]

Yesterday, The Daily Banter‘s Tommy Christopher covered a new Quinnipiac Poll showing that a plurality of Americans believe that President Obama is the worst president since World War II. At the risk of sounding like an Obamabot (I’m not, but that won’t prevent trolls from going there), the poll is complete hooey and I don’t [...]