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‘I’m Not A Racist’ Says Former NY GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Who Sent ‘Run Ni**er Run’ Email

Carl Paladino, whose racist and sex-themed emails was an issue in his 2010 campaign, is threatening to take action against colleagues who’ve called him racist. Paladino (R-Tea Party) sent an email Wednesday threatening to “take all appropriate legal or other action at my disposal to do so” against all four women, who are black, according […]

Good luck with that. GOP pollster Whit Ayres told the Huffington Post that Republicans “will have to attract a record percentage of minorities to win the presidency in 2016.” Said Ayres: “That’s the stunning part for me in running these numbers — to realize that the last Republican to win a presidential election, who reached […]

They mixed up the photos of two black politicians. The website for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) appeared to have mistakenly posted a photo of Sen. Tim Scott (R-NC) in a biography for conservative activist Dr. Ben Carson, both of whom are scheduled to be speakers at the event this week. A screengrab of […]

Tuesday was another banner day in the ongoing, if intermittent, shitshow that is the Republican Party’s attempt to reach out to black voters. Buzzfeed‘s Darren Sands is reporting that the GOP commissioned a black outreach website in 2012, spent $14,000 developing it, then scrapped it because they didn’t have any other black outreach activities to […]

How else do you interpret comments about how President Obama wasn’t raised to love America? Lewis suggested there are still some racial undertones in American society, and that Giuliani’s remarks are an example of that. “It’s so strange, ever since he’s been president, people have been trying to take something from him that he is […]

Couple of excellent pieces on the state of bias from this past weekend.  First Nicholas Kristof on how our unconscious biases show themselves. Researchers at North Carolina State conducted an experiment in which they asked students to rate teachers of an online course (the students never saw the teachers). To some of the students, a […]

“Selma is now,” proclaimed Legend. Common described how he and Legend were asked to perform their song, “Glory”, on the actual bridge in Selma where Dr. Martin Luther King‘s historic march took place. “This bridge was once a landmark of a divided nation, but now is a symbol of change,” he said. “The spirit of […]

Fried chicken, collard greens and cornbread. What, no watermelon? After a menu featuring fried chicken and collard greens under a photo of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and other African American leaders for Black History Month, the president of Wright State University in Ohio and its dining services vendor have apologized. President David Hopkins […]

Civil rights groups will be outside the Oscars tonight, protesting that all 20 actor nominees are white. However small, the demonstration will revive debate about diversity at the Oscars-awarding Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, whose voting members are overwhelmingly white and with an average age in their 60s. “The goal of the protest […]

I wonder if this means that, if both of the president’s parents were black, the former New York mayor would, then, be racist. The comment in question was Giuliani’s statement, “He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up, through love of this country.” Critics suggested that Mr. Giuliani’s […]

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