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New York Cops Take Down Black Man For Supposedly Tossing A Cigarette

It’s not clear at all what the man did, but it certainly didn’t seem as though his actions required ten cops taking him down and handcuffing him. “Like” Liberaland on Facebook Now read this:Video: Seattle Police Apologize To Black Vet For Arresting Him For No Reason (Jan 29, 2015) Cops Turn Dogs Loose On Restrained […]

Nine black men who sat at the counter in a whites-only restaurant had their convictions overturned. Five of those men are pictured in December at the counter of the Five & Dine restaurant in Rock Hill, S.C. “Like” us on Facebook, please Now read this:Feds Don’t Find Enough Evidence To Charge Darren Wilson (Jan 22, 2015) […]

Lutheran clergy in Florida have offered their photos as targets for North Miami Beach police officers after it was discovered that police snipers were practising their marksmanship with mug shots of young black men. In a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #UseMeInstead, the clergy have begun tweeting photos of themselves in clerical collars to substitute […]

Lee Babout, an assistant professor at Arizona State University, is angering conservatives by teaching this course. “Like” this joint on Facebook Now read this:What Was Buried In the State Of The Union Address (Jan 24, 2015) White People Riot; Authorities Behave (Jan 13, 2015) College Referee Karl Hess Fired Over Racist Remark (Jan 12, 2015) […]

Maybe they now realize they don’t all look alike. Police in St. Louis County, MO are apologizing for beating up and handcuffing a 22-year-old student who they mistook for a suspect in a car chase Thursday afternoon. But the college junior, Joseph Swink, has been left with severe damage to his ear and a totaled […]

This gun range has been applauded by gun lovers for banning Muslims. Can you imagine if the NRA were a black group? Guns would be immediately banned in America. Anomaly gives us the latest on gun range owner Jan Morgan. An Arkansas firing range that declares itself to be a “Muslim free zone” turned away […]

Congressman Steve Scalise, voted against a resolution apologizing for slavery when he was a Louisiana state legislator. A 1996 article from the New Orleans Times-Picayune says that Scalise later backed a watered-down version that expressed “regret” for slavery. But the article identifies him as one of two lawmakers who tried to kill the original resolution, […]

The terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters that killed 12 people has completely dominated the news since Wednesday morning, understandably so. Aside from the cold newsroom calculus about what leads, the apparent motivation for the attack was a uniquely offensive one for Americans, particularly for American journalists, and fed into an already-roiling American debate […]

No injuries occurred because a gasoline can next to the bomb didn’t detonate. An “improvised explosive device” was set off against an exterior wall of the NAACP building, the FBI’s Denver field office said in a statement. “A gasoline can had been placed adjacent to the device, however, the contents of the can did not […]

Conservative radio icon and honorary Hutt Rush Limbaugh really, really hates it when people call him “racist.” Just ask him. He hates it so much that, two weeks ago, he went off on a rant against the very idea of a black actor portraying fictional character James Bond, not because Rush Limbaugh is racist, but […]

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