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Marianne Williamson On Race, Repentence, And Reparations

Marianne Williamson On Race, Repentence, And Reparations

In the wake of the happenings in Ferguson, Missouri, the best-selling author and recent California congressional candidate has a terrific op-ed and analysis posted this morning to HuffPo: What is happening today in Ferguson, Missouri, had it roots hundreds of years ago, and nothing less than pulling out those roots will heal the situation today. America needs [...]

There Is No ‘Racial Divide’ On Ferguson Story, Only Stupids Vs. Everyone Else

The indispensable Pew Research Center is out with a new poll that shows what they call a “racial divide” on perceptions of, and interest in, the story of Mike Brown’s killing by Ferguson, MO police, and the subsequent turmoil. A closer look, however, shows that the only divide is between conservative white people and everyone [...]

Ammosexual Accused Of Threatening Black Childen With Gun At Bus Stop

Well, Zimmerman is back in the news. No, not that Zimmerman…Jason Zimmerman, of Georgia. Completely different group…though it must be said that the families’ coat of arms are strikingly similar. Namely, a pistol pointed at black silhouettes. Not this guy, surely! Oh yes. This was the face that recently greeted a group of students waiting [...]

Lemon Quotes National Guard: ‘You Never Know What These ‘N*ggers Are Gonna Do’

CNN‘s Don Lemon recounts what the National Guard was saying in Ferguson, MO. “I’m just going to be honest with you. Last night, one of my producers said that they — I won’t say if it’s a he or she, because I don’t want to give anyone away — said they came in contact with [...]

Ezra Klein: Obama Afraid To Rip America Apart With Ferguson Speech

Ezra Klein’s formerly useful explainer site Vox.com now appears to be chiefly devoted to explaining how President Obama ruins everything. Last week, Obama was “breaking politics,” and this week, he’s narrowly avoiding dividing the nation by toning down his remarks on the killing of Mike Brown by Ferguson, Missouri policeman Darren Wilson. This afternoon, President [...]

SCHMALFELDT’S SATYRICON: Want To End Racism? Stop Scaring The White Folks!

It really could not be more simple, you know. Racism, if it still exists in America, can be broken down into one word. “Presentation”. And whose fault is this? Is it “whitey” who is laying out the black man’s clothes for him, selecting his jewelry or forcing him to make pornographic videos with predominant white [...]

Limbaugh Stands Up For White Parents

At a time of crisis, when we have had a series of young black men killed by authorities, Rush Limbaugh feels it’s important to stand up for white folks. Limbaugh made the comment in response to Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson, who said the previous day that black parents face unique concerns about the wellbeing [...]

Larry Klayman: ‘Remarkable That Obama Has Not Renamed [It] “The Black House”‘

Right-wing activist Larry Klayman reasons that with Barack Obama and Eric Holder in charge, it should really be the “Black House” instead of the White House because of the “race war” they’ve started. A president and his attorney general were elected and appointed and confirmed to represent all of the American people, not just their [...]

Donald Trump’s Incomprehensible Take On Ferguson

It’s what you’ve been waiting for: The Donald’s take on the coverage of the aftermath of the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson. Finally, your thirst for Trump can be quenched by comments that make no sense whatsoever. “This is a racial situation,” Trump said. “It’s not covered that way in the press. It’s not even [...]

Kareem: The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writes in Time about the broader context of what we’re seeing in Ferguson. This fist-shaking of everyone’s racial agenda distracts America from the larger issue that the targets of police overreaction are based less on skin color and more on an even worse Ebola-level affliction: being poor. Of course, to many in America, [...]

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