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Nevada Republican Issues Worst Apology Ever For Racist, Homophobic Remarks

After several columns were revealed that were penned by Assemblyman Ira Hansen (R-Sparks) who was tapped to be the next speaker of the Nevada Assembly, he has apologized. Sort of. Well, not really. The Reno Gazette-Journal published his apology, in which he attributes his views to be taken out of context, which is a standard […]

Here’s another entry into the “Racism is Dead” file: a Kentucky fire chief is facing sharp criticism for the startling level of unabashed racism that he put on display after he refused to help a family of stranded motorists because they were Black, and then suggesting that an Asian-American reporter didn’t understand English. A Bullitt […]

It’s probably best for Republicans to not discuss ‘negroes,’ women, Hispanics or gay people. Case in point: Republican Nevada Assemblyman Ira Hansen who was selected as the assembly’s next speaker earlier this month, penned some jaw dropping columns which will make you want to rip your hair from your skull. His long history of racist, […]

No wonder racists are afraid. They’re dying off, that’s why. Racial majorities will no longer exist in the United States by 2050. City Lab reports: “Minorities”—or groups that are thought of as minorities now—will outnumber the white population. This isn’t a small deal. It’s going to be this century’s baby boom, affecting everything from family […]

If you’ve wondered why some white people are so fearful of black people, it might be because they think black people are literally warlocks. What spells will black people cast on us poor persecuted white people? As it turns out, some of that fear is not just founded on racism, but some people are just […]

Rob Kinnison of Phoenix, Arizona, is an open carry supporter and he’s also a misogynist, homophobe, racist and all around fun guy. Rob, or “Raging Rob” took a lot of heat after his message to Moms Demand Action in which he tells them to “Put a d*ck in your mouth and shut up.”     […]

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, 37 Texans — most of which are from Dallas and surrounding cities, all affiliated with various white supremacist groups — have been arrested on drug-trafficking conspiracy charges. Various white supremacist groups collaborated for purposes of drug distribution such as the ABT (Aryan Brotherhood of Texas), Aryan Circle, Irish Mob, […]

A Virginia family claims their loved one was called racial slurs and even physically abused at the Waverly Health and Rehabilitation Center. Police say that they and the Sussex County Social Services department are involved and call this an active investigation, according to NBC 12. “It just hurts. It hurts,”  said Diane Walker whose sister, […]

A California man is blaming his black victim after running over him and killing him.  In addition, Joseph Paul Leonard Jr. blames Obama. “Just because we got Obama for a president, these people think they are real special,” Leonard said as he sat in the back of a sheriff’s patrol car after his arrest for […]

Mayor Betsy Hodges was caught in the act pointing at a black man while the two posed for a picture together. No wait, that’s not the story. The breaking story by an ABC affiliate is that she and Navell Gordon, one of the top canvassers on voting rights for Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, were reportedly […]

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