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New Jersey Candidate Drops Out Of Race Over Dropping Trou And Yelling The N Word

A New Jersey school board member who was seeking a seat on the Borough Council in the November election was arrested several years ago after using racist and homophobic slurs outside a diner, while mooning customers. 29-year-old Joseph Sorrentino, a Democrat, was challenging the incumbent mayor and council candidates, but dropped out of the race [...]

A Wisconsin Republican is totally sorry for his comments in which he disparages minorities and gay people by referring to them as “fags” and “ni**ers,” according to The Gazette.  John Dorsey, a 19-year-old candidate, dropped out of the race for a seat on the state assembly on Tuesday after he admitted that he made offensive [...]

In the same news cycle where black actress Daniele Watts was falsely accused of being a hooker, three black women at a New York hotel had the same experience. In an interview with AlterNet, New York City lawyerKantaki Washington claimed that she and two friends — all three black women — were having drinks at [...]

Lakeland, Florida utility board member Steve Wade seems to have forgotten that describing African-Americans as “animals” and suggesting that African-American teen girls do nothing but get knocked up constantly isn’t exactly the best career move – but while he says he used the “wrong word,” he stands by his claims. In a September 4 budget [...]

Donald Sterling was right about one thing, he wasn’t the only owner that said things that would embarrass the NBA.  Atlanta Hawks  owner Bruce Levenson is next: In a statement, Levenson announced his intent to sell his controlling stake in the team and apologized for a 2012 e-mail regarding the Hawks’ attendance problems and inability [...]

Georgia Senator Fran Millar is fighting a plan for Sunday voting because more blacks will go to the polls that way. Millar made the comments Tuesday morning on Facebook in response to news that Dekalb County would offer Sunday, Oct. 26, as an extra voting day at three different locations for working residents. Lee May, [...]

Syracuse soccer player Hanna Strong has been suspended indefinitely after she was caught on camera yelling racial and homophobic slurs at one of her classmates, according to the Daily Orange.  The video made the rounds from Instagram to BlackSportOnline. In the footage, Strong realizes someone is filming the incident, and says, “Are you recording this? [...]

A Baton Rouge Police Officer accused of sending a string of racist text messages has resigned and criminal charges are still a possibility. Michael Elsbury, who has been with the department for about 15 years, still faces a criminal investigation even though he resigned, Cpl. Don Coppola, a Baton Rouge Police spokesman said. One of the [...]

The Economist magazine has withdrawn, and apologized for their review of Edward E. Baptist’s The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism, but took the additional step of keeping the review’s text available for transparency’s sake. Good for them, I guess, but their apology, while abject, misses the key lesson that [...]

Detectives in Ohio say there is “overwhelming evidence” to prove a former Navy SEAL lied when he claimed he was shot during an altercation with three black men outside of a  shopping center. 44-year-old Chris Heben of Medina, has been charged with misdemeanor counts of falsification and obstructing official business, according to ABC. “We have overwhelming [...]

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