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DOJ Unearths Huge Number Of Racist Emails From Ferguson Police Department

The Department of Justice released a full report of their investigation into the Ferguson Missouri Police Department today, and it was revealed that department employees routinely sent each other emails with crude and racist jokes about Obama, abortion, and welfare. The evidence showed Ferguson PD’s “intentional discrimination on the basis of race.” According to Mediaite, […]

Even as we draw to the end of Obama’s second term, the insanity and overtly racist antics from extreme members of the Tea Party are still a political reality. During a recent broadcast of her radio show, Tea Party host Andrea Shea King took aim at the Congressional Black Caucus, basically saying that they should […]

How else do you interpret comments about how President Obama wasn’t raised to love America? Lewis suggested there are still some racial undertones in American society, and that Giuliani’s remarks are an example of that. “It’s so strange, ever since he’s been president, people have been trying to take something from him that he is […]

When we first say this story, we were shocked. But we then saw it was in Texas, and we weren’t so shocked anymore. According to a report from WFAA, a racial incident at a basketball game in Lewisville has the community abuzz and color lines divided down the middle between the mostly white Flower Mound […]

Ethan Czahor was ousted for having put out racist, sexist Tweets. Rushing to delete them didn’t save his job. …a Bush spokesperson announced that the technologically-impaired tech chief had stepped down, saying Czahor’s dumb words were “regrettable and insensitive” and “do not reflect the views of Governor Bush.” … it seems that what ultimately sealed […]

Benjamin Cole couldn’t hold onto his job after has racist Facebook posts surfaced. A series of posts on his personal Facebook page were unearthed Thursday first by a writer for the liberal website Think Progress and then by Buzzfeed that sparked the controversy. “I am extremely disappointed by the inexcusable and offensive online comments made […]

Think Progress reports on Benjamin Cole, senior advisor for policy and communications to Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock. Cole, a former Baptist pastor and energy industry spokesman, posted a series of videos and comments on October 13, 2013 mocking two African Americans outside his DC apartment. In the first, he compared them to animals escaping from […]

Congressman Steve Scalise, voted against a resolution apologizing for slavery when he was a Louisiana state legislator. A 1996 article from the New Orleans Times-Picayune says that Scalise later backed a watered-down version that expressed “regret” for slavery. But the article identifies him as one of two lawmakers who tried to kill the original resolution, […]

Karl Hess lost his temper with a Wake Forest fan during a Seton Hall game in Louisville last week. The booster, Mit Shah, the former chairman of the Wake Forest board of trustees, used his Twitter account to post a quote he attributed to Hess during the game. “Karl Hess to me at the Wake-Louisville […]

Conservative radio icon and honorary Hutt Rush Limbaugh really, really hates it when people call him “racist.” Just ask him. He hates it so much that, two weeks ago, he went off on a rant against the very idea of a black actor portraying fictional character James Bond, not because Rush Limbaugh is racist, but […]

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