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Ebola Racism

A Texas community college is rejecting students from countries with “known Ebola cases” which means cutting students with no risk of getting the disease. “Navarro College is not accepting international students from countries with confirmed Ebola cases.” It was with shock that 33-year-old Nigerian-American academic Idris Bello read this sentence, signaling the rejection of a [...]

Republican Senator and 2016 presidential hopeful Rand Paul (R-KY) gets a lot of credit from the media for allegedly reaching out to black voters, but when it comes to Republican voter suppression measures, Rand is still a good ol’ boy at heart. In an interview following a roundtable discussion with black leaders in Ferguson, Missouri, [...]

Forrest Lucas, founder of Lucas Oil in Indianapolis, took out a full-page ad in Thursday’s Indianapolis Star that says his wife regrets the Facebook comments in which she made disparaging remarks of minority groups and said her words were “harsh and insensitive.” Thank you, Captain Obvious. Charlotte Lucas wrote that she is“sick and tired of [...]

The recent rash of stories about excessive force by police, against black people, came to roost in Hammond, Indiana when a black man refused to get out of a car because he feared for his safety. As this amazing video shows, passenger Jamal Jones presented no threat to police when they smashed through the car window, pulled [...]

In a video captured by Argus Streaming News, St. Louis Cardinals fans are seen clashing with Ferguson protesters on Monday night outside Busch Stadium. The baseball fans began chanting the name of the white police officer who fatally shot the unarmed black teenager down. Then things turned from bad to worse. The baseball fans began [...]

Baltimore has had to pay out millions of dollars in settlements to black citizens who were beaten by police. This is the latest incident, now being reviewed by the city. [The] video appears to show Baltimore police beating Jamar Kennedy outside a bar last Tuesday night. According to CBS Baltimore, in the video…Kennedy is hit [...]

A West Virginia police lieutenant is on paid administrative leave while under investigation for making racially insensitive video recordings which feature his daughter dressed in a police uniform while dancing to a Ku Klux Klan anthem. Lt. Shawn Williams, of the Charleston Police Department, was placed on leave last week pending an investigation by the [...]

Mr. Plumber doesn’t reveal who wrote this open letter to President Obama, only that the sender wishes to “remain anonymous as they don’t really want the IRS showing up at the door.” It is replete with misspellings, misplaced apostrophes and random capitalization.  The sender couldn’t even get the racial slurs correct. I am sorry your Dad turned [...]

Sociologist Ted Nugent’s latest column is all about “black thugs” and how their existence is caused by liberalism. The overwhelming majority of violent crime across America is conducted by young, black males who, sadly, are on the self-inflicted expressway to prison or an early grave – or more often than not, both. A plague of [...]

Louis Farrakhan says our white government has had a plan for decades to “depopulate” America by getting rid of black people. CIA operatives are one way this is being accomplished, he claims. Another method is disease infection through bio-weapons such as Ebola and AIDS, which are race targeting weapons. There is a weapon that can [...]

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