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Just Another Racist, Sexist Fraternity

How about we do away with these Klan-like groups. If you have to go through hazing to make friends, get new friends. After offensive behavior put fraternities in the spotlight at the University of Oklahoma and Penn State, the heat is now on North Carolina State University. Two fraternities at the institution have been suspended […]

I could suggest that cops, who work for Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, might be more prone to assume minority students have “fake” IDs – but then, outraged conservatives would accuse me of playing the race card. Well, at least I don’t play mine with a nightstick. A video showing the bloody arrest of a […]

Good luck with this one. Just days after two members of Oklahoma University’s defunct SAE chapter were expelled from the school, the fraternity is lawyering up: “They should not be tarred and feathered as racists,” their attorney says… KFOR News reports: The group has hired high-profile attorney, Stephen Jones to represent them… Jones says the […]

The emergence of video featuring University of Oklahoma fraternity members singing a racist song aboard a school bus has shocked many people this week, but viewers of Wednesday’s Morning Joe were treated to an even bigger shock when the crew decided who was really to blame: black people. More specifically, Joe, Mika, and the gang […]

Cornell University closed down its chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon after a black pledge died. George Desdunes, an aspiring doctor, was a 19-year-old sophomore from Brooklyn, New York, and the son of Haitian immigrants. His hands and feet were tied with duct tape and zip ties. Blindfolded, he was given so much alcohol that he died […]

KKK Was Also In Selma

KKK Distributed Flyers In Selma For Bloody Sunday Observance When I first visited the South, I was intrigued by the almost religious devotion the residents have to their interpretation of the Civil War, and how much of their identities are tied up in it. Another thing that struck me is the proliferation of Civil War […]

All this, while this humble progressive site is banned from Reddit. One section of the Web forum is dedicated to watching black men die, while another is called “CoonTown” and features users wondering if there are any states left that are “nigger free.” One conversation focuses on the state of being “Negro Free,” while another is […]

In case you’re wondering where students at the University of Oklahoma captured chanting racist language learned to be racist. In a 2013 Vine discovered by the University of Oklahoma’s student newspaper, a seemingly intoxicated Sigma Alpha Epsilon house mother chants “nigger, nigger, nigger” along to Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything.” …Earlier Monday, Gilbow was interviewed, […]

Anomaly at FreakOutNation reports on a University of Oklahoma fraternity caught on video singing a racist chant on a chartered bus. An excerpt of the chant, which includes suggesting a lynching: There will never be a n***er SAE There will never be a n***er SAE You can hang ‘em from a tree The Oklahoma Daily […]

The former secretary of state told George Stephanopolous that his own party and America itself is not free of racism. I still see it in the Republican Party,” Powell said. “And I still see it in other parts of our country. You don’t have to be Republican to be touched by this dark vein.” “America […]

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