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North Carolina Housing Official Refuses To Resign over Pro-Confederate, Racist Facebook Posts

North Carolina Housing Official Refuses To Resign over Pro-Confederate, Racist Facebook Posts

Rowan County, North Carolina, commissioners are launching an investigation, and the chairman is the target.  After a brief closed session Monday, commissioners took action in regard to Malcolm “Mac” Butner and the racially charged comments he made on Facebook, the Salisbury Post reports.  Butner refuses to resign after posting pro-Confederate, racist and anti-gay comments. In [...]

White Supremacist Shoots Officer Seven Times, Attacks 88-Year-Old Man, Punches Man In The Face

A Vancouver police motorcycle officer in Washington who stopped a black pickup truck which was  believed to be stolen was shot seven times when the driver leaned out his window and opened fire, according to court documents released onTuesday. Officer Dustin Goudschaal survived the shooting, and he’s listed in stable condition at a local hosptial. After [...]

‘Not Racist’ Woman Lauds ‘White Privilege Wednesdays’

Racist Woman Offers Worst Apology Ever After Repeatedly Calling Someone A “N***er” (via FreakOutNation) In a video gone viral posted by IAMOYAB, a woman in New York can be heard referring to black man as a n***er, among other things. She was just interviewed by WGRZ and offered a variety of excuses, beginning with calling [...]

Schmalfeldt Wants Hate ‘Shut Down,’ Not Argued With

Publisher’s note: This is Bill Schmalfeldt’s view. We, at Liberaland, enjoy presenting a variety of views,  not all of which reflect those of the site’s staff and management. I learned this lesson a little too late. Too late for my health, too late for my reputation, just too late. But not too late to pass [...]

Mississiippi Judge Allegedly Hits Mentally Challenged Man, Yelling ‘Run, Ni**er, Run!’

Mississippi Judge accused of hitting mentally challenged man, yelling “Run N***er run!” (via FreakOutNation) A Mississippi Justice Court judge in Canton is accused of striking a mentally challenged young man and yelling, “Run, n—–, run.” According to the Clarion Ledger, the family has filed a complaint with police against Madison County Justice Court… Now read [...]

Santa Barbara Shooter Was A Racist, Too

Elliot Rodger wasn’t just a misogynist. He was also a racist. Some of his postings showed disgust about white women with men of other races, as chronicled by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch blog. In a January message titled “Saw a black guy sitting with 4 white girls,” he wrote: Today I drove through [...]

A North Dakota parent got the Bennett Elementary School in Fargo, ND to pull the song from a talent show simply because a member of the Village People, who originally performed the song, dressed up as a Native American. The school said students should dress up like the Village People for the performance, because the [...]

New Hampshire Town’s Residents Want Police Chief Fired For Calling Obama The ‘N’ Word

Wolfeboro, NH police commissioner Robert Copeland (pictured in the pink shirt) admits he used the word while dining in a restaurant and says, “‘I do not apologize — he meets and exceeds my criteria for such.’ Resident Jane O’Toole said she overheard Wolfeboro Police Commissioner Robert Copeland use a racial slur in describing Obama… She [...]

Donald Sterling’s Pimp Says He Liked Black Women

Maseratiet, as he calls himself, says he set Donald Sterling up with black hookers, and feels no regret that he also taped a phone conversation with Sterling without his knowledge. He spoke with Don Lemon on CNN. When prodded by Lemon, Maseratimet said that Sterling did prefer “light skinned” women of color. Maseratimet confessed that [...]

Donald Sterling Tries To Help Himself By Attacking Magic Johnson Again

Donald Sterling gave an interview to Anderson Cooper and, unfathomably, took another shot at Magic Johnson. The 80-year-old billionaire slumlord, who received a lifetime ban from the NBA and a $2.5 million fine, saved his most outrageous comments for the man he insulted on the original secret recording. Of NBA legend Magic Johnson, Sterling said [...]

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