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Texas School Official Posts KKK Image On Facebook, ‘I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas’

A Texas school board member posted an image of a Klu Klux Klan member standing with his hands folded along with the words, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” emblazoned on the image. But he insists that he’s not a racist and we totally believe him.  The post was sent out by Hooks Independent School District […]

Various studies show implicit biases, ones we may not be consciously aware of, exist. How do we know implicit biases exist? In a number of classic studies, research subjects are asked to complete a seemingly simple task, such as watching words pop up on a screen and quickly categorizing those words as either positive, like […]

I have little doubt that this news will help the campaign to raise money for officer Darren Wilson’s defense from bigots and rubes. Frankly, we are not one bit surprised. The Ferguson police officer who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown had worked at a department that was disbanded by authorities over racial tensions, the Washington […]

A Kansas City cop is being investigated after spouting off about Michael Brown on his Facebook page. One of his posts was a racist meme, and the other used a photo that’s been circulating as an image of Brown, but actually shows a man accused of a killing in Oregon. Officer Marc Catron sarcastically called […]

It really could not be more simple, you know. Racism, if it still exists in America, can be broken down into one word. “Presentation”. And whose fault is this? Is it “whitey” who is laying out the black man’s clothes for him, selecting his jewelry or forcing him to make pornographic videos with predominant white […]

Rowan County, North Carolina, commissioners are launching an investigation, and the chairman is the target.  After a brief closed session Monday, commissioners took action in regard to Malcolm “Mac” Butner and the racially charged comments he made on Facebook, the Salisbury Post reports.  Butner refuses to resign after posting pro-Confederate, racist and anti-gay comments. In […]

A Vancouver police motorcycle officer in Washington who stopped a black pickup truck which was  believed to be stolen was shot seven times when the driver leaned out his window and opened fire, according to court documents released onTuesday. Officer Dustin Goudschaal survived the shooting, and he’s listed in stable condition at a local hosptial. After […]

Racist Woman Offers Worst Apology Ever After Repeatedly Calling Someone A “N***er” (via FreakOutNation) In a video gone viral posted by IAMOYAB, a woman in New York can be heard referring to black man as a n***er, among other things. She was just interviewed by WGRZ and offered a variety of excuses, beginning with calling […]

Publisher’s note: This is Bill Schmalfeldt’s view. We, at Liberaland, enjoy presenting a variety of views,  not all of which reflect those of the site’s staff and management. I learned this lesson a little too late. Too late for my health, too late for my reputation, just too late. But not too late to pass […]

Mississippi Judge accused of hitting mentally challenged man, yelling “Run N***er run!” (via FreakOutNation) A Mississippi Justice Court judge in Canton is accused of striking a mentally challenged young man and yelling, “Run, n—–, run.” According to the Clarion Ledger, the family has filed a complaint with police against Madison County Justice Court… Now read […]

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