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GOP Legislator: Time For A National Association For The Advancement Of White People

Once again those awful black people and Muslims are picking on a poor misunderstood not racist Republicans. This time their victim is a Tennessee House Majority Floor Leader, Representative Sheila Butt. Butt has been called upon by the Tennessee Legislative Black Caucus, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the NAACP to issue an apology […]

Carl Paladino, whose racist and sex-themed emails was an issue in his 2010 campaign, is threatening to take action against colleagues who’ve called him racist. Paladino (R-Tea Party) sent an email Wednesday threatening to “take all appropriate legal or other action at my disposal to do so” against all four women, who are black, according […]

Benjamin Cole couldn’t hold onto his job after has racist Facebook posts surfaced. A series of posts on his personal Facebook page were unearthed Thursday first by a writer for the liberal website Think Progress and then by Buzzfeed that sparked the controversy. “I am extremely disappointed by the inexcusable and offensive online comments made […]

South Pointe High School in Rocky Hill, SC had quite a launch for Black History Month as Anomaly at FreakOutNation reports. The graffiti was sprayed across a large rock that sits outside the front of the high school. The words “Happy N*gger Month” were written across the rock in spray paint, and it was signed, […]

Anomaly reports that Tommy Dean Gaa of Missouri is now in custody. “Like” this joint on Facebook Now read this:Conservative Mag: ‘Netanyahu, Not Obama, Speaks For Us’ (Mar 3, 2015) GOP Lawmaker Billed Taxpayers For Private Plane To Football Game (Mar 3, 2015) Husband Gets 2 Years For Making Wife Sign Slave Contract (Mar 2, […]

A Texas school board member posted an image of a Klu Klux Klan member standing with his hands folded along with the words, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” emblazoned on the image. But he insists that he’s not a racist and we totally believe him.  The post was sent out by Hooks Independent School District […]

Various studies show implicit biases, ones we may not be consciously aware of, exist. How do we know implicit biases exist? In a number of classic studies, research subjects are asked to complete a seemingly simple task, such as watching words pop up on a screen and quickly categorizing those words as either positive, like […]

I have little doubt that this news will help the campaign to raise money for officer Darren Wilson’s defense from bigots and rubes. Frankly, we are not one bit surprised. The Ferguson police officer who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown had worked at a department that was disbanded by authorities over racial tensions, the Washington […]

A Kansas City cop is being investigated after spouting off about Michael Brown on his Facebook page. One of his posts was a racist meme, and the other used a photo that’s been circulating as an image of Brown, but actually shows a man accused of a killing in Oregon. Officer Marc Catron sarcastically called […]

It really could not be more simple, you know. Racism, if it still exists in America, can be broken down into one word. “Presentation”. And whose fault is this? Is it “whitey” who is laying out the black man’s clothes for him, selecting his jewelry or forcing him to make pornographic videos with predominant white […]

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