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Rand Paul On Smoking Marijuana: ‘I Made Mistakes’

Rand Paul, while discussing whether drugs should be legal, was asked about his own usage on WHAS in Louisville. And in true political fashion, Paul did not give a straight answer. “Let’s just say I wasn’t a choir boy when I was in college,” he said, “and that I can recognize that kids make mistakes, […]

And so we find ourselves once again wondering when we open the box will there be a cat, an ex-cat, or just which side of any issue Sen. Rand Paul happens to be today: When asked by The Huffington Post on Tuesday morning whether he has concerns about a plan backed by President Barack Obama, which would […]

In Kentucky, you can’t run for two offices at the same time. For Rand Paul, that means he can’t be a candidate for both president and Senate in 2016. But he is working the angles to find a way around that. “They have developed backup plans for their backup plans in an all-out effort to […]

Mitt Romney leads the pack in the Bloomberg Politics/St. Anselm New Hampshire Poll. If you eliminate Romney, Rand Paul and Chris Christie tie for the top spot with 16% from likely Republican New Hampshire voters. Romney, who has repeatedly said he has no plans to run for president a third time, leads the potential pack […]

Of all the people in Congress to introduce a war resolution, the Libertarian-leaning Rand Paul would be the most unlikely choice. “The most important” part of Rand Paul’s assessment of “questions of war,” the Kentucky senator told The Daily Beast this fall, is “how you go to war.” Now he’s putting that assessment into action […]

The Keystone XL pipeline wasn’t the only piece of legislation that was killed on Tuesday. Make no mistake, it’ll unfortunately be back after the new Congress is sworn in next year, but for now it’s been blocked. The other item on Tuesday’s agenda was the USA Freedom Act, a bill designed to reform the National […]

Rand Paul: Having It Both Ways

2016 Schröedinger’s Candidate, Sen. Rand Paul, has taken another one of his principled stands both before and against a pet issue (again), and has voted against a bill that would curb some of the NSA abuses of US Citizens: Some of its opponents, like Senator Saxby Chambliss, Republican of Georgia, believe it went too far in […]

Not too long ago, Bill Maher opened the door to the possibility that he’d support Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) forthcoming presidential run, forcing many of us to ask how Maher, who’s otherwise pretty savvy, could be so thoroughly flimflammed by Rand Paul’s duplicity on a long list of issues. As we’ve covered here many times, […]

Rand Paul’s Big Problem

Under Kentucky law, he can’t run for two offices at once. So, if he runs for president, he will have to forfeit his Senate seat. While the national GOP’s resources primarily targeted the state’s Senate race, Paul focused his attention on winning control of the Democratic-controlled Legislature in Frankfort. His reasons went beyond mere party […]

In a not-so subtle dig at Hillary Clinton’s age, Rand Paul told Politico how grueling it is to run for president. the 51-year-old senator talked unblinkingly about the possibility of a run, and sought to draw a sharp contrast between himself and Hillary Clinton — none too subtly raising the issue of her age. At […]

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