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New York Church: ‘Homos’ Should Get ‘Cancer, HIV, Siphilis’

New York Church: ‘Homos’ Should Get ‘Cancer, HIV, Siphilis’

The ATLAH World Church in Harlem, which spends much of its time attacking President Obama, now has a sign out side attacking gays. …apparently anyone who supports gay people should be cursed with “cancer, HIV, syphilis, stroke, madness, itch, then hell.” (Itching? They have cancer and hell in there, itching just seems like unnecessary overkill.) [...]

Video: Crazy Stuff Evangelicals Do In Church

Children are seen mimicking their parents’ behavior, as they fall on the floor, slain the spirit, getting rid of all of those icky demonic spirits. Evangelical Christians have been holding large children’s revivals where they practice an odd ritual called “anointing by the holy spirit,” “being slain by the holy spirit,” “catching the holy ghost,” or “falling out.” [...]

ISIS Destroys Jonah’s Tomb In Mosul, Iraq

ISIS continues its destruction of holy sites, this time bombing what is believed to be the burial site of  the prophet Jonah, who Christians believe was swallowed by a whale. Civil defense officials in Mosul, Iraq, told CNN that ISIS operatives planted explosives around the mosque containing the tomb then detonated it remotely on Thursday. A video [...]

Mayor Compares Atheists To Nazis, KKK

Warren, Michigan Mayor Jim Fouts feels very threatened by those who don’t believe in God. City hall has religions stations, and atheists would also like to be represented. This is the problem when the state gets involved in choosing which groups it wishes to have represented on its property, and that is why we have [...]

Atheism Gets Its Own U.S. TV Channel

There are numerous television channels devoted to religion. So, why not an atheist channel? Peter Foster in The Telegraph: …next week sees the launch of America’s first dedicated TV channel for non-believers. Atheist TV launches in New York and will broadcast 24 hours a day via Roku, the internet streaming service that allows people to [...]

Driver Lets ‘Jesus Take The Wheel,’ Immediately Runs Over Motorcyclist

Now read this:Sarah Palin Babbles: Plenty of Democrats Will Help To Impeach Obama (Jul 29, 2014) Updated: Michele Bachmann’s Great Idea For Refugee Children: Labor Camps (Jul 27, 2014) Florida Teens Arrested For Animal Torture (Jul 26, 2014) Wanted Man Taunts Police On Facebook, Gets Arrested The Next Day (Jul 25, 2014) Right Wing Heads [...]

Kids Steeped In Religion Have Trouble Telling Fact From Fiction

Via Raw Story comes this study that may explain a good deal about human behavior in what by most standards should be an age of reason: A study published in the July issue of Cognitive Science determined that children who are not exposed to religious stories are better able to tell that characters in “fantastical [...]

Latest Conspiracy Theory: Obama Bankrolling Catholic Charities

This just in from Conspiracy Central: Obama planned the refugee crisis at the American border and now he has the Catholic Church to do his dirty work. RWNJ publication Liberty News has released documents they say “proves the Obama administration was bankrolling America’s churches back in 2010. And the tens of millions were flowing in [...]

Glenn Beck Defends Book That Claims Slaves Were ‘A Cheerful Lot’ And White Slave Owners Were The Victims

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck on Tuesday defended a history book which refers to slaves as a “cheerful lot” by urging his listeners to go out and buy the book. One of Arizona’s public charter schools is under fire from Americans United for Separation of Church and State for using textbooks that actively promote religious [...]

Iowa Governor Signs Proclamation Calling For Prayer, Repentance

Republican Governor Terry Branstad signed a proclamation calling for prayer and repentance to begin on 7/14. That’s because of Second Chronicles 7:14 that says,  “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and [...]

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