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Billy Graham: America ‘Just As Wicked As Sodom And Gomorrah Ever Were’

Rev. Billy Graham made his comments in an article in his organization’s Decision magazine. “Even though America is just as wicked as Sodom and Gomorrah ever were, and as deserving of the judgment of God, God would spare us if we were earnestly praying, with hearts that had been cleansed and washed by the blood [...]

The father of 19 doesn’t believe in birth control, obviously. Jim Bob told The Friddle Show last month at the Values Voters Summit …that Michelle did use the birth control pill early in their marriage, reports RawStory.com. “Something we didn’t know is that the pill can allow women to get pregnant, but then it can [...]

An Illinois woman who is accused of trying to kill her three children, told police she was sending her daughters to meet Jesus Christ, according to court records, the Sun Times reports. When Montgomery police arrived after receiving two hang up calls, the children were dressed all in white. Police said 47-year-old Pamela J. Christensen [...]

Contrary to what you might glean from recently-released video of Indiana police tasing an unarmed black man after dragging him out of a smashed car window, traffic stops sometimes go wrong for white people, too. As with other police interactions, though, the results are often quite different. Take Ellen Bogan, who is suing Indiana State [...]

It can only be good for America that more religious diversity is acceptable in our politicians–make that religious and non-religious diversity. While the 2016 elections are a couple of years away (and we will be sure to hear about Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul’s religious backgrounds soon), the upcoming midterm elections have an unprecedented religious [...]

By now, you’ve probably seen the Islam debate on Friday night’s Real Time with Bill Maher. In case you missed it, The Daily Banter‘s Tommy Christopher posted a solid recap on Saturday. The primary participants in the debate were Maher, author Sam Harris, Gone Girl and Batman v. Superman actor Ben Affleck and columnist for [...]

The continuing barbarity of ISIS gave Bill Maher and Real Time guest Sam Harris another opportunity to bash the religion of Islam Friday night, and while Gone Girl star Ben Affleck did his best to push back, he didn’t quit connect the dots. Affleck ably explained why we shouldn’t blame all Muslims for the actions [...]

The NFL admits they were wrong. Again. When Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah intercepted a Tom Brady pass and returned it for a touchdown Monday night, he did what so many other NFL players do to celebrate a big play: He paused to make a religious gesture of thanks. But Abdullah, a devout Muslim, [...]

It must be that some politicians know just what is in “God’s heart,” and those who don’t must be voted against by Christians, said Mike Huckabee at the Value Voters Summit. “When the call is coming to us from God to stand, to speak, to act,” Huckabee said, “it’s going to voice-mail.” God is calling [...]

A study in Science magazine reveals religious people aren’t more moral than the non-religious.  Of course, politicians can’t run for office without telling you how religious and, thus, moral they are. In late 2007, when Mitt Romney was still uncertain whether he could win the GOP presidential primary, he made a speech on religion to [...]

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