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Disgraced Televangelist Now Selling ‘End Of The World Biscuits’

Jim Bakker, whose sex scandal ended his ministry and whose fraud conviction put him in prison, is now hawking Apocalypse survival gear. On his website for his latest TV program, “The Jim Bakker Show,” the 74-year-old sells everything from bulk “End of the World Biscuits,” “Extreme Survival Bottles” — two for $57 — and extreme [...]

Sam Harris’s new book, Waking Up is about being spiritual without being religious. In a related blog post, Harris addressed a question he is often asked about Israel, a state based on religion. “We have to get out of the religion business,” Dr. Harris told me, and that applies to states like Israel. But he [...]

We can solve America’s problems if we just “vote the Bible” says former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. Huckabee was on a conference call with right-wing evangelicals. He blamed abortion rights laws on the failure of conservative Christians to get involved in politics, leaving him to wonder, “how do we face God [...]

An Arkansas pizza restaurant will continue to give special privileges to churchgoers, despite warnings from atheist groups that the discriminatory practice was against the law. In August, Bailey’s Pizza took a page from a restaurant that offers a 15% discount for praying in public (in direct violation of explicit instructions in Matthew 6:5 not to [...]

God Seen At Oklahoma Drive-In

Some attendees believe God showed up at the Airline Drive-In movie theater in Ponca City, Okla., last Saturday. A Christian radio station arranged for a screening of the pro-Christian, anti-Atheist film “God’s Not Dead” at the drive-in, which is scheduled to be demolished. A housing development will reportedly be built where the theater has sat [...]

There is growing scholarly research into the existence of the historical Jesus.  Former evangelical Valerie Tarico at Alternet: A growing number of scholars are openly questioning or actively arguing against Jesus’ historicity. Since many people, both Christian and not, find it surprising that this debate even exists—that credible scholars might think Jesus never existed—here are [...]

Neurosurgeon and Republican icon Ben Carson, famous for telling President Obama, to his face, at a prayer breakfast, how bad Obamacare is, says if Republicans don’t win the Senate this year, it could be curtains for America. If Republicans don’t win back the Senate in November, he says, he can’t be sure “there will even [...]

This is good fodder for those who believe religion is being taken out of our schools, as if it belongs there in the first place. Or maybe it’s just discrimination against those who have colds. A professor at a small public college in Brunswick, Georgia, has reportedly banned students from saying “bless you” in class [...]

The former “Growing Pains” actor has a movie, “Saving Christmas,” which will surely do just that, taking it away, finally, from the heathens who are preventing good Christians from enjoying the celebration of the birth of their savior. Cameron, who is also one of the film’s stars, told TheBlaze that he decided to make “Saving [...]

The troubled pop star attended Bible class with his ex, or his ex-ex, as the case may be, Selena Gomez. He took to Twitter later to post: ‘God is good’, which was retweeted by his fans 68,000 times… The reports come just two months after the Beauty And The Beat crooner was baptised in a [...]

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