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Idaho Republican Party Hires Larry ‘Wide Stance’ Craig

Remember the GOP senator who was arrested and later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor when he got caught with his pants down, presumably soliciting anonymous, gay sex at an airport? He’s finally found a new home after years of lobbying for the timber and energy industry at his consulting firm, New West Strategies. According to […]

A group of Republicans want confrontation, not compromise and reconciliation. Tea Party Republicans want a fight. Despite Republicans’ ascension to Senate control and an expanded House majority, many conservatives from the party’s activist wing fear that congressional leaders are already being too timid with President Obama. They do not want to hear that government shutdowns […]

The Republican Party has taken a number of steps to avoid a repeat of the drawn out primary season of 2012 when attention was drawn to the (ahem) loonier section of their party.  But all signs point to a rerun: interviews with more than a dozen party strategists, elected officials and potential candidates a month […]

This could happen to any of us.  The Salt Lake Tribune reports: …a Utah voter-registration gaffe…appeared to have him shunning his Republican Party for independent status and using a home address he couldn’t legally claim since 2009… A copy of the form shows Romney’s signature with his old address listed in two places beside warnings […]

The Michigan Republican Party gave out a number for state House candidate John Fisher to express displeasure of Obamacare. The number went to his 91-year-old mother in hospice care. The mailers, which were paid for by the Michigan Republican Party, urge voters to callJohn Fisher, a candidate for the 61st state House District, and “Tell […]

Poll after poll shows how much people hate the Republican Party, but when they go to the polls, voters still pull their levers. Poll after poll shows President Obama is unpopular and the Democratic Party is a little more unpopular. Neither, though, can touch the GOP, whose congressional contingent has a whopping 72 percent disapproval […]

Neither Jenna Bush Hager nor Barbara Bush want to be known as Republicans.  Hager mistakenly signed up for the Independence Party in New York when she meant to register as independent.  Her sister, Barbara, registered to vote in Texas with no party affiliation. “Jenna registered to vote in New York soon after her daughter was […]

Political Scientist Christopher Parker has a theory as to why Republicans don’t back immigration reform. He surmises that House Republicans are balking because they “represent constituencies haunted by anxiety associated with the perception that they’re ‘losing their country’ to immigrants from south of the border.” Recent polling backs this up. Significant numbers of conservatives, and […]

  During a comprehensive interview with The New York Times, President Obama attacked modern conservatism and the GOP for being too ideological and extremist. He continued by describing the Democratic Party like so: And by the way, it generally is fact-based and reason-based. You know, we’re not denying science, we’re not denying climate change, we’re […]

  Now read this:Schlafly: Impeach Obama For Allowing Diseased Democratic Immigrants To Stay In U.S. (Nov 17, 2014) Florida Cops Terrify Students With Unannounced Active Shooter Drill (Nov 17, 2014) Six-Year-Old Is World’s Youngest Certified Microsoft Professional (Nov 16, 2014) Watch: Confused Tea Partier Exposes Us For Everything We Aren’t (Nov 16, 2014) Beck Believes […]

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