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So How’s That Rebranding Working Out, Reince?

So How’s That Rebranding Working Out, Reince?

There are (at least) two stories that ought to be percolating up to Republican Marketing Genius Reince Priebus’ short attention span today, both of which might have an impact on his attempt to rebrand the Republican Party as new! and with lemon-scented freshness! The first is of, course, the Hobby Lobby case, of which the theocratic [...]

Ralph Reed: Preventing Gay Marriage A Winning Issue For Republicans

Ignoring that a growing number of voters, and especially younger ones, aren’t opposed to gay marriage, Ralph Reed sees opposition to marriage equality as a winning position for the Republican Party. During an interview with Bloomberg TV over the weekend, host Al Hunt asked Reed if evangelical Christians would reject any candidate who supported same-sex [...]

Ronald Reagan Weeps

Ronald Reagan Weeps

Ronald Reagan is by no means my hero. His presidency marked the beginning of the era when republicans began thinking of government not as a solution to anything but the problem with everything. Reagan spawned Grover Norquist, who wanted to shrink government down to a size where he could drown in the bathtub. Norquist the [...]

Republican Talking Point: ‘Uh, I Don’t Know’

Last week Texas Governor Rick Perry compared homosexuality to alcoholism.  This week he said he didn’t know whether gay people could be “converted.” Earlier this month, the Texas Republican Party adopted at its convention a policy endorsing “reparative therapy” for gays and lesbians who seek to change sexual orientation through counseling. Asked if he believes [...]

GOP: Bergdahl Deal Is Obama’s ‘Willie Horton Moment’ Even Though Bush Released More Detainees

Yes, the Republican leadership went there. Back in 2012, when a deal to release Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, an American POW held by the Taliban for five years, was first on the table, Republicans reportedly described the idea as President Obama’s “Willie Horton moment.” As you may or may not know, Willie Horton was the subject [...]

Purdum: Republicans Can Lose By Winning

Todd Purdum at Politico explains how defeat can be snatched from the jaws of Republican victory: If Republicans prevail in this year’s midterm congressional elections, it will be because of their party’s sharp-edged stances on topics like abortion and Benghazi, Obamacare and immigration, gay marriage and the minimum wage — issues that energize the GOP’s [...]

War On Women Killing Republicans: Dems Up By 10

Democrats are leading Republicans among women by a larger margin than 2012, and that is very bad news for Republicans. Gerald Seib of the Wall Street Journal crunched numbers. When all surveys done so far in 2014 are merged, the results show that 49% of women polled this year say they would prefer a Congress [...]

Republicans Have Blocked 500 Bills

The Party of No has blocked 500 bills says President Obama. The president, speaking at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee event Wednesday evening hosted at Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn’s home, said Republicans have been obstructionist since even before he took office. “Their willingness to say no to everything — the fact that since [...]

Republican Colonel Blasts GOP For Focusing On Benghazi Instead Of Cheney’s War Crimes

Retired. U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson is ashamed of his party. Wilkerson asserted that embassy security went underfunded, and that security at diplomatic facilities would be better if the Congress followed the recommendations of committee convened to investigate attacks on those facilities. “It’s very difficult to handle a crisis, and you take the talking points [...]

Ralph Nader On How Both Parties Can Work Together

Ralph Nader’s new book, Unstoppable, guides us through how Republicans and Democrats can agree to agree, and how that leads us to a more progressive America. I spoke to him on radio Friday night. Now read this:Ralph Nader Wants Obama Impeached (Apr 29, 2014) Carville: GOP On Verge Of Extinction (Apr 13, 2014) Not One [...]

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